Tips for Making Breakfast a Daily Habit

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 937 times: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? You just spent eight hours without food or water while your body continued to use energy. You’re dehydrated, your blood sugar is low and you have little energy. And now it’s time to start a hectic day.
Breakfast eaters typically cruise until lunch, while beaming with energy compared to those who skip the meal and tend to snack before lunch and throughout the day, and tend to be drawn to unhealthy, high-calorie options. While quick and healthy breakfast ideas help with meal selection, they don’t help make breakfast a habit. If breakfast isn’t part of your morning routine, use these three tips to help you develop a new daily habit.
Set a goal – The first step to any new habit is setting a realistic goal. If you are not eating breakfast at all, it is unrealistic to believe you will suddenly starting eating it every day. Think about your weekly lifestyle when deciding on your end goal for breakfast. Do you like to be up and at it on the weekends or do you enjoy a leisurely morning or two? Is your work week consistent or is every day different? Are you a person that thrives on routines or do you enjoy a more free-flowing schedule? Answering those questions will help you decide what end goal is best for you and whether it will be to eat breakfast every day or five days each week. Once you have decided on the long term goal, start with a third of that as your beginning goal. Once you achieve that beginning goal several weeks in a row, increase by one day for the next few weeks. Continue increasing your short term goal until your long term goal is achieved.
Make Time – Now that you have the goal, the next step is to set aside time to achieve it. There are a variety of activities or tasks that take up the morning. Identifying how you spend your time can help determine where you can make time to eat breakfast. Do you hit the snooze several times before actually getting out of bed? Frequently get lost in social media updates or checking e-mail? Try to fit in household chores like emptying the dishwasher or throwing in a load of laundry before leaving the house? How about being busy managing the time of other people in the home? Do a time audit regarding how you spend your time each morning for several days. Review your audit to determine what you might be able to change in your routine to claim 15 minutes in the morning for your breakfast.
Plan Ahead – Now that you have identified the need for change in the morning routine in order to reach your goal of eating breakfast, you need to develop a plan. Perhaps you will plan to avoid checking e-mail or social media until after you have had your breakfast. Maybe you have to plan ahead and pack lunches or get the backpack together and next to the door the night before so you have time to sit down with the others in the family at breakfast. Breakfasts will never just happen, it has to fit into a plan that becomes a new routine. Another major part of your plan will include the food you will eat. Spending a little time before grocery shopping to plan your breakfast meals for the week will ensure you have quick, nutrient rich meals on hand each day. Here are some helpful resources to develop your breakfast meal plan.
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Setting a goal to eat breakfast followed by identifying time and establishing a plan is the best way to develop the habit of eating breakfast. If you are having trouble meeting your weight loss goals and breakfast is not a part of your routine, this could be the missing piece to the puzzle to help complete your weight loss picture.
What specific steps will you take to put these tips into action?

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FISHGUT3 7/20/2020
thanks Report
PATRICIAANN46 5/25/2020
Thank You............. Report
BOB5148 5/20/2020
Thanks Report
thanks Report
NELLJONES 3/19/2020
I can't imagine a day without breakfast. Report
1CRAZYDOG 3/17/2020
I happen to love breakfast. I plan ahead, and make it easy! Report
Great tips! Report
Have to have breakfast!
Hardest man of the day for me. Making ahead should help. Report
I enjoy breakfast but haven't been making time for it lately I'll do better. Report
Great suggestions. Report
Nice everyday ideas. Report
thank you for posting very useful Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
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It is easier if you make it a ritual of getting coffee and music or favorite show. Allow it to be your 15 min of peace. It becomes a great way to start the day Report
Breakfast is my favorite meal. Report
Healthy breakfast is important I used to skip it but no more! Report
have never been good about eating breakfast and when i do it's this monsterous thing covered in cheese or gravy. have to get in the habit of eating better..... note to self, coffee is not breakfast.... Report
I used to be the classic "save your calories" for the later in the day person. I regularly eat breakfast now. It still amazes me! It is important. And I'm glad I was able to make the change - If I can, anyone can :-) Love my Kashi Heart to Heart, Fiber one and fruit in the morning. :-) Report
Breakfast is important. It really is. For those who do not believe the many who subscribe to this practice, I urge you to try this out for two weeks (just 2 weeks of your life) and re-assess your energy level throughout the morning.
Good article! Report
I'll go early in the morning to sleep with a lot of medications and I have breakfast/lunch at the same time. Report
I too never ate breakfast until I was diagosed with diabetis type 2.Now I have to eat one slice of toast in order to take my morning metformin but that is OK.I usually don't get up until 7 or 8 o'clock so usually have brunch around 10:30 Report
Why do all of the breakfast entrees have cheese? I am one who can't eat cheese and there is nothing there for me that's healthy and tastes good without cheese. There are no fast food places that have any sandwiches without cheese.

Restaurant & Menu Item Calories Total fat Saturated Fat Trans fat Sodium
Arby's Egg & Cheese Sourdough (undoubtedly cheese)
Burger King Ham Omelet Sandwich (cheese)
Carl's Jr. Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich (don't know about this one)
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Burrito (cheese - yuch!)
Hardee's Frisco Breakfast Sandwich (cheese...& they still charge with or without it)
Jack In The Box Breakfast Jack (unknown for me)
McDonald's Egg McMuffin (cheese)
Subway Cheese Sandwich (cheese...)Eeeew!

Not everyone loves cheese.... Any suggestions???

In the past, I rarely ate breakfast. However, I would like to incorporate eating breakfast in my healthy way of living. I've noticed....most fat people do not eat breakfast. Report
I couldn't care less about eating breakfast. Never have and don't plan to now. Report
i never used to eat breakfast and if i did have something it was like a cup of coffee or tea and thats it. my problem though was i woke up to late. when i woke up my mind thinks its almost lunch time you cant eat breakfast now. so i would wait. ive started waking up earlier and now i eat in the morning. when i was younger i would skip breakfast because i was never hungry til about 2 hours after i woke up. and by then i would be at the office or on my way to a client. so i usually kept some healthy snacks in the car that would hold me off til i could go home for lunch. or eat my packed lunch when i didnt have time to go home. Report
This is a great plan. I am going to try to set the goal of eatting a healthy breakfast each morning. I think if I find one that I enjoy and make sure that I have the ingrediants on hand, it will make it easier. I do enjoy low-fat cottage cheese mixed with Greek yogart. Thank you SparkPeople...this might be the missing link and help me complete my goal. Report