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See this image largerSee this image largerJust started up today with a goal of 50lbs to lose! Here I am with my workout buddy, Ginger😊See this image largerDay 1went well; I set up the SparkPeople app on my phone, ate pretty close to my suggested calories, took a walk for exercise. Day 2: The serious problem with snaking at my work desk needs to change. I’m great at home but I do this weird nervous/bored eating M-F. Maybe I just need to change up the snacks instead of eliminate/eradicate? Anybody else have this problem? How did you fix it? #newbieSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerRan for over 10 min on the treadmill last night—wasn’t out of breath once! #nonscalevictoriesSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLooking forward to catching up over the weekend! Having weird ‘can’t get enough to eat’ feelings this morning after skimping one sleep the past two nights—anyone else get this way?!See this image largerThis weekend was amazing and wonderful but my favorite thing was pushing myself to run for 2/3 of a mile and finding myself able to hold a conversation! #nonscalevictories #runningSee this image largerGot labs back with some questionable results (lab errors) and while I have to re-do the blood draw and am likely to come back within normal ranges it really freaked me out/shook me up a bit. I’ve taken a hard look at my diet and am changing things up for the better. Diving in, fruits and veg—catch me. #healthscare #eatyourvegSee this image largerLegs are sore but my heart’s happy. Ran for just over 20min last night; started walking with a small incline, pushed it all the way to 15%, brought it back down in slow increments as a warm up then ran followed by a cool down. Getting closer to my goal: I want to be back to running 1/2 marathons by spring.See this image largerSwam laps under the full moon last night and in the glow of spooky purple light. Getting faster and learning to better isolate the muscles I’m using—instead of forcing my poor arms and shoulders to do most the work I’m learning how to engage my back! In some ways it makes the movement easier but mostly I feel awkward as I’m relearning technique. On a side note, I’ve worked out/exercised everyday (some harder days and some easier on rest days) for over two weeks now😊See this image largerIt was a beautiful day for kayaking! Not many of these left in the year so I’m feeling pretty blessed to have been able to go two weekends in a row. #kayaking #mixingitupSee this image largerMe in my very socially distanced, masked dance lesson last night! #practicemakesperfect #keeptrying #danceforhealthSee this image largerWhoot!! Yesterday was my self-care day; had my nails done. How about you, what do y’all do for self-care? How often?See this image largerStarting the day with some coffee, low-fat yogurt and some lovely, plump blackberries! What’s your go-to weekday breakfast? #startingthedayright #breakfast #lowfatSee this image largerOften it seems difficult to darned near impossible to carve time out that’s just our own. I have to remind myself of the magical powers of self care because even when I’m feeling worn and ragged I forget how restorative even a bath, candles, bubbles, and a book can be. . . #SelfCareSee this image largerSaturday’s activities just filled my heart with bliss: out in the late morning for a hike with a very good friend and out again right around sunset for some solo kayaking. #Nature #SelfCareSee this image largerMy boss mentioned my mask and my blouse today made an elegant pairing—I hadn’t given much thought to it but after her compliment (which made me feel so beautiful!!) I am now quite inspired to consider the mask in conjunction with my outfit. How about you, what’s changed your perception after someone complimented you?See this image largerA little decadent breakfast two days running since my sexy man brought back gifts from his most recent trip. #Moderation #BestManEver #YumSee this image largerWhat gets you through the day when you want to snack like crazy but also don’t want to slide backward on your progress? I’ve got a problem with excessive snacking at work but am working to curb that habit. I started chewing gum again and it helps! #BetterHabitsSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger24 days ago I started up with a weight loss goal of 50 lbs but just days into iTunes got labs results back that signaled I needed to discontinue two meds. My weight shot up as one of them had diuretic properties—I just wanted to cry. By carefully managing my salt and fluid intake I’ve been able to drop six of the roughly ten pound increase.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWas watching a segment/advert on carb cycling for endomorphs and am going to give it a go. Anyone else doing this? #CarbCycling #SwitchingThingsUpSee this image largerEvening laps were awesome! What did y’all do tonight? #SwimmingSee this image largerJust staring to really lose some more weight since I joined about a month ago (I had an upward swing in the numbers after discontinuing a couple meds) and realized I didn’t have a “before” for this phase, which means this is really a “now” photo, but I digress. How about y’all? Have you posted/did you post before photos? Does it help you to look back and see just how far you’ve gone? #Before #Accountability #VisibleResultsSee this image largerFeels like Monday all over again! Taking a break and having some tea—what’s your go-to stress relief strategy for keeping sane in a high-stress work environment? #ParalegalProblems #StressRelief #TeaSee this image largerReally blustery day out. This morning I cover my styled hair didn’t get ruined by the wind—I felt really posh and and it really boost my confidence and mood. . . I ended up wondering to myself why I hadn’t thought of coving my hair like this to protect it more often! ! #FeelingPosh #SelfCare #WorthItSee this image largerY’all, I found my Fitbit a couple weeks ago after misplacing it in a move that happened earlier this year. Thought it would *never* fully charge but last week it started holding charge and I’ve been able to use it again. What a great tool for giving feedback! I really thought I was moving more than it turned out I was. Glad to have the info, now time to get moving! #motivation #feedback #fitbit #exercise #factsSee this image largerOut horseback riding for some exercise in the saddle. #sedona #vacationSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerTea break. #selfcare #tgifSee this image largerYogi tea, you got me again. Really sh*tty day at work, can’t wait to hear back that a recruiter has something amazing for me instead. Having a hard time feeling grateful for my life and then this little reminder during my afternoon ‘coffee’ break shows up. Y’all, I started tearing up. #selfcare #itwontalwaysbethishard #cultivatinggratitudeSee this image largerLeaving it all here. #selfcare #stressbegone #sweat #tiredbutthankfulSee this image largerSo this happened😊See this image largerMy favorite black belt is almost too big😁🎉 #NonScaleVictories #TimeToGoShoppingSee this image largerTea break at the office. #Truth #Goals #YogiTeasSee this image largerStarting to actually schedule my workouts—anyone else doing this? Has it helped keep you accountable or increased your motivation? #mindfulnessSee this image largerGiving up the sweetened creamer in my coffee. Anyone else do this? I’ve started using 1/2 & 1/2 and plan to ween myself off of adding anything at all.See this image largerWhen the peanut gallery poo-poos your healthy choices 🤣😂 #dietinghumor

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