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Destructive Doctor Appointment

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and when they weighed me in I was 8.8 pounds heavier than what my scale says and what I am tracking myself with on SparkPeople. I sat in the doctor's office devastated by this tremendous increase of weight since I've been following my program and staying within my calorie range. Mind you I adjusted the fitness part of it when I wasn't doing anything so my calories would be at a lower amount. However, I was proud of myself that I was doing so well at staying within or below the calorie level. To gain that amount of weight crushed me and made me just want to run out somewhere and go eat.

I wanted to revert back to my old habits of feeling sorry for myself and comforting myself with food. However, I didn't go out and eat. I didn't go buy any fast food. Instead I went home and showed my daughter who was very sympathetic about it and told me not to worry that they have so many people that go there that the scale probably isn't calibrated right. She made me feel good about it and I ate a little piece of steak and we went to the movies. I had some popcorn there, not as much as I usually eat. When I got home I ate cherries for a snack.

However, this morning I'm still thinking about it and I'm still bothered by that weight gain. I won't get on my scale because I'm afraid that I will have a weight gain on my scale too and that will really depress me. I just don't want to do what I normally do and start a program and get into and start losing weight and then as I'm going along I start gaining weight on it and quit. I not only gain the weight that I lost but I decide to add additional pounds.

SparkPeople isn't a diet, it is a way to healthy living and I know that. However, I can be self destructive on my own because of not seeing a weight loss. Maybe I'm not doing something right. I know I don't exercise everyday, but I'm trying to at least get something in weekly. It may not be much to start off with, but someone that did nothing and is doing a little bit is a good accomplishment to me.

Well, I'll stop rambling on. I was just devastated by that increase in weight at the doctor's office yesterday and I can't seem to shake it and I'm afraid I might self-destruct.
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    It's very difficult, but as long as you are improving & working at it, it will eventually come.

    All scales are different, even in Dr office...I've been weighed on 2 different scales in our clinic & slight differences on both. Clinic weighs 5 lbs more than ours, so I just calculate the difference, so I can keep it in line & not feel bad when I get weighed there. I weigh myself once/week & always make sure scale is on a concrete floor in the same spot as that can make a difference. I also do measurement, as often although I don't lose lbs, my measurements go down. Every little step counts.

    Give yourself a pat on the back, for not reverting to eating unhealthy, after this disappointment emoticon
    72 days ago
    I had a similar experience a year and a half ago. Changed doctors and keep looking for answers.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    309 days ago
    I am in the same boat log exercise keto intermited fastin NOOm do it all the scale does not move
    today might not eat at all too depressed.why is the scale my enemy I really think no scale I keep telling myslef dont get on emoticon
    467 days ago
    I had some of those. You are not alone.
    What saved me: I had also taken up a non-scale goal, which was swimming in the 100-mile swim challenge at the YMCA. That day, after being depressed about the doctor's scale, I walked into the pool area and suddenly it hit me! No matter WHAT that scale said, it was NOT hindering my OTHER goal at all. I was STILL a success.
    You sound like you've been a success, too.

    My doctor actually gave me the benefit of the doubt by letting me get on a different scale, and the weight gain was a wee bit less in comparison. Though better, that didn't help too much.

    Instead, I got back on sparkpeople and changed all my home-scale weights and now only keep track of my doctor appointment scales. I go to the doctor every 12 weeks.
    If you don't go that often, maybe you can ask them to let you come on for a weight check every couple of weeks and mark that down.

    You sound like you are doing very well. Chin up!
    697 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/28/2018 4:37:19 PM
    Hope you can stay focused on something positive. For me when losing weight I charted my lowest weigh in of each month because that was the data that showed the most progress. When I got away from putting so much pressure on my weekly weigh ins, I did much better.

    I have quit over and over when the scale discouraged me. I hope you won't let that happen to you. Staying focused on your calorie range and macro nutrients are something you have control of. Much better to stay focused on those factors that you can control. In the short run the scale can be terrible. At the doctors there is the calibration issue and the clothes you are wearing. Also, time of day and what you have eaten and drink matter.

    Best wishes for your success.

    737 days ago
  • DOREEN45342
    Sorry for the gain. Don't stress over it. In this case the doctor isn't always right. Keep up with what you are doing. Maybe add in a little more exercise.
    857 days ago
    Don't weigh yourself...focus on eating. healthy..
    maybe smaller Portions.. emoticon
    876 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1408 days ago
    I have a set of WW scales. But, they are fairly the same as the drs..

    Now, I am fudging on stepping on even mine. It's been a long x since I have. When JOHN and we were going through his illness, even the dr. suggested I not concentrate on my wt.. Just eat healthy and don't deny myself. I have numerous other conditions I had to be careful not to let myself get 'down'. I needed to keep going for him.

    IT'S been 3 months TODAY ! since he passed over Jordan.

    All you can do is keep trying.
    Another suggestion, I did when attending WW. Wear the same clothes when being weighed in !
    1420 days ago
  • --MAY--
    I know this is an old post. BUt my Dr.s office scales weigh me anywhere from 10-20 lbs. overweight!! And I always say how can that be, cuz my clothes do not feel different, so I always go by my scales.

    I have gotten to the point that I do nthat t even look at what their scales say, and if I think they are gonna say something, I always say your scales are way off!!

    And do not listen to what they say
    1466 days ago
    I agree, all scales are different. Just stick to weighing on 1 scale. Best wishes!
    1514 days ago
    Doctor scales do weigh people more then the scales at home. Next time if it weighs more then your scale, tell your doctor. I told my doctor that their scale shows more weight then my scale, and he changed my weight. Not sure all doctors will be that kind, but mine is.
    1514 days ago
  • MURB1234
    All scales are different as long as you are feeling healthy and losing. Keep trying to increase your activity level. A 10 min. Walk is a good start. Good luck
    1533 days ago
  • 1HKNRN
    Just read your blog. So true. I'm always half tempted to stop down to my bday suit at the doctors scale. Just kidding but oh how I wish I could.😜
    1550 days ago
  • SKINNYB150
    I only weigh day after pooping. 😆
    1594 days ago
  • SKINNYB150
    Doc scale is always more. Food clothes shoes jewelry water weight more than birthday suit in the morning. Scales don't predict success. And they are effected by temp and humidity. My docs can't even get my height right on their scales. Shut u ey
    1594 days ago
  • TAMIP62
    First, congratulations on not letting it get to you to the point of giving in. Second, congratulations on having a great support system in your daughter whose advice was very good--doctor's scales always seem to be several pounds higher than home scales in my experience, and even my hubby who does not have a serious weight problem, although he does need to lose about 20 pounds, nothing like my extreme issue, has had that happen on any office visit to his doctor.
    1654 days ago
    I think it is common to weigh more at the Docs office. At home I am not dressed and in the Winter months our clothes are heavier. But you probably haven't gained 8 #s but then it might motivate you to exercise more or eat less. So look at it as a good thing. emoticon emoticon
    1769 days ago
    I weigh myself daily.
    When I get on the scales there is up to a 4kg difference between standing upright and leaning forward.
    I take the maximum apparent weight that I can acieve on the scales each day.
    this has lead to more accurate tracking(apart from typos when I enter my weight.
    I have also found there to be great differences between different sets of scales, so I just focus on the 1 at home.

    ps always ideally measure early in the morning, in the same clothes, after a bathroom visit and before consuming anything.
    1869 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15542977
    that happened to me too- I ate another 5 pounds on to the scale I was so furiously disappointed. first thing I did is buy an electronic scale and that's what I track then enter by hand on spark weigh in log... makes a person crazy doesn't it to think one thing then find out to be very much wrong.... I'm writing this on Labor Day and hope you make peace with the numbers !
    1906 days ago
    Also wondering how you are doing now. The scale at the doctor's is always more than at home-I wear clothes to the doctor's office! (True, not 10 pounds worth, but I can convince myself that 5 pounds is just "because....",)

    Hope you have experienced some success. emoticon
    1915 days ago
    This post was from 2008... same date, August 2nd, 2015. Wondering how you are doing today?

    1942 days ago
    Honestly, I don't even OWN a scale, because it plays mental games with me. I go by my trusty measuring tape, and if it fluctuates a little, so what? A healthy life is the goal here, not some magical number on a scale. Right?
    2111 days ago
    My doctor's office's scale always weighs me 10 pounds heavier. It does mess with the head a bit, but I still go by my own scale.
    2145 days ago
    Purple 0906 I agree with her comment.

    Don't let that scale get you down at Dr's office.

    Dont beat yourself up.

    Many, many months when I first was doing well. I had same thing. Weight up.

    Then two weeks later I tried on some clothes and whoooo hooo they were lose.

    I used to fight for winter coats to be big on me. It took almost year. Then when I was sick for years I was so thin. The Dr said are you eating your way too thin.
    Then I was fretting over that. Do you best that is all you can do and never worry about the Drs office scales. My golly. That is least of your worries.

    I was heavy and now I am fine. I have got to my goal.

    So be happy wear a smile. You will be okay. emoticon

    2196 days ago
    Just the fact that you are acknowledging where you are is a statement of NEVER going back! We fall down but get back up again. Just keep eating healthy, drinking water and working out and it will change! The scale fluctuates daily I focus on the fact that clothes I couldn't wear before I can now. the scale may say one thing but inches say another. You have a great plan stick to it!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2242 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/5/2014 10:47:36 PM
  • TERRIE2014
    I recently had an unplanned visit to the doctor's office and had the same problem. When I got home, I had to laugh at myself! Steel toed shoes plus lots of pocket change! I'm going to ask the doctor to make a note about the excess weight in my file! I thought I was doing so good and then that happened.

    I try to wear the same clothes each time I go to the doctor, but that isn't always possible. I suggest you look at what you were wearing (especially shoes and pants) and see if they were helping the scale slide the wrong way.

    2258 days ago
    2289 days ago
    2299 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14313482
    An extremely old post with an all to common problem! We have all stepped on our Dr.'s scale to reveal that higher number: mine was roughly 5lbs higher this week! I suppose you are still working on yourself, on maintenance now? I would love to know how things are going now! At what phase are you in now? I know that this is a lifetime journey....will be on it for our lives, but where AND HOW are you!!
    2301 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14728513
    Hey Champ ,
    You know how much of a good effort youve put in and what your scales tell you , keep at what your doing and the weight will come off as for the doctors scales let that reading be for there records and only rely on your scales as gospell weight for your records .
    Have a great day and dont be hard on yourself , you know the great work youve put in keep at it your a winner . emoticon
    2338 days ago
  • ACACIA21
    stick to your eating plan. do your exercise, weigh in on your scale on a regular basis, (be it every day or once a week) and the weight will come off.
    Calories in+ calories out.
    Stay positive against those kinds of things that will make you sabotage yourself.
    Best wishes. You can do it!!
    2510 days ago
  • JANK52
    I also got some news at DR office this week that has me making changes to stay healthy. Family history creeped up on me, as I knew it would at some point, and now I need to work hard too do the right thing for ME....time will tell how good I do. I know I need support and I can get it here from FRIENDS....Thank You for becoming MINE today....I have been looking at each day, as a new challenge to make a positive change....You will do just find here at SparkPeople...keep thinking positive thoughts and Smile. I'm here for YOU..... emoticon
    2586 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3363447
    I see my doctor every 3 months and know your pain well emoticon

    Part of it for me and my doctor is the clothes/shoes but only 2-4 pounds, especially in summer. For awhile I decided to start weighing myself at home in my regular clothes/after I had gotten dressed, you might try that for less of a shock?
    2615 days ago
    Hi, I know how you feel, when I went to a dr, I would refuse to get on the scale. Who was I kidding,? I was in size 2x and I didn't realize how large I was until I saw myself in the most recent photos, I wanted to die . How did this happen? I could make lots of excuses. But right there I was 256 lbs . That was in 2010' -today, I am 96 lbs lighter. While I am not telling you what to do, I am telling you want I did, I was 61 years old and no way no how was I gonna get it off. So, I had the lapband surgery. And now I am 96 lbs less. I an not in size 2x I am size med..
    What I want to say is that it is great that you want to do something. You will find it in Sparkpeople.com. As you know, we are in or have been in the same boat. I will be friending you as you suggested for crochet advise. I hope that we will be friends. How lucky you are to have a supportive daughter. I have a daughter, aged 44 but never hear from her. She lives about 20 min way. But I have many daughters and sisters in my group Lapband rulers.. They call me momma grok.. emoticon , hugs.
    2663 days ago
    Did you eat breakfast and drink water before you went to the doctor to be weighed ? Because the physical weight of the water and food you drank would have caused the doctor's scale to show higher than your one at home. That could be a difference as much as 3-5 pounds ! If you want to ensure that your weight is the same at the doctor's office as it is at home, it may mean you can't eat or drink before you get weighed. that's if you're worried about what the scale says.

    Also, keep in mind that the doctor's office scale may not be calibrated correctly. consider how many people are getting off/on it all day. how often to they check to make sure it's correct ? That's why you can't beat yourself up because the scale at the doctor's office was higher than you expected.

    You have been making great progress in learning to live a healthier lifestyle. give yourself more credit for making those changes !!

    2921 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    I'm just reading your blog here for the very first time, since we just became friends. You've gotten so much good advice already! I know for a fact that my Dr.'s scale is at least 7# heavier, so I just try to think about my home scale only, or so it can depress me so much too. I got on our scale here at home after being gone down to our daughter's and son-in-law's for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I gained 2# and I know that that's true! Yikes! I did eat different and more. I tried, but how can you eat a whole lot different when your daughter's doing all the cooking for you for the first time?! Our first meal was healthy kabobs, so that was neat! The huge turkey meal was so yummy and it was extra super with me being able to choose and pick. Turkey pot pie and biscuits and gravy were things that I wouldn't of made, but so delicious and I tried to eat less than I normally would. I know that I ate more over the 4-day period that ever at home, but I also loved being with our daughter and husband! So, I paid the price and will try better now that I'm back home. We can't be perfect all the time. This is how life is! Have a great week ahead and I'll try my best too! emoticon
    2921 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13318849
    Don't worry about what the doctor scale said. Use the scale you normally use and none other. No two scales weigh the same. emoticon
    2934 days ago
    emoticon Don't give up. Go by the scale you use at home! emoticon
    3019 days ago
    hang in there we can do it
    3029 days ago
    I know this is a really old post, but just wanted to add my two cents- my doctor's scale is seven pounds higher than mine. This seems to be a trend... *conspiracy theory!!!*
    3040 days ago
    You've lost 100 pds. so I guess you're doing something right! Remember, we're more than the number on the scale....
    3167 days ago
  • MICH312
    Let the doctor's office scale go. I weigh more on my doctor's scale than at home too, and I'm sure many others do as well. Because I normally don't go to the doctor too often, I simply keep track of my weight at home because I have access to it all the time. At least this way you can have easy access to a scale, even though it may not match the numbers when you go to the doctor. In the end, it's your health and how you look and feel about yourself that is important, and if the number on the scale is slightly off, that's ok. Just weigh yourself around the same time every day.

    I normally would feel the same way that you do. However, I had a biopsy yesterday and am waiting to hear whether or not it is cancer. No matter what the outcome, I am learning that I need to relax and let some things go. Who knows, maybe this is the lesson I was supposed to learn by going through all of this!
    3388 days ago
    Don't worry about the difference. All scales are different. Just keep on doing what you're doing and keep your chin up!
    3393 days ago
    I know this post is almost 3 years old, but I just wanted to comment on it. The scales at my dr's office are about 6 lbs different for me - it's still devastating for your mood, I know! However, I don't pay attention to the numbers. I put the information from my home scale into an Excel spreadsheet and create a chart and then a trendline. I can see how I'm doing without worrying about the little ups and downs. Right now, I can see a significant downward trend, and that motivates me. If you run into this situation again (and are a visual person!), maybe you could try that.

    3457 days ago
    I would not worry too much about the difference. All scales weigh differently and depending on what are wearing and what time of the day it is. You should just continue to look at your own scale as your guide for weight lost. So don't give up or give in... after all you have already lost 26 pounds which is great. Just keep staying in your calorie limits and getting in as much exercising and movement as you can. You can do this!
    4131 days ago
  • BARBARA0214
    I weigh almost nine pounds more at my doctor's too. I use the scale at the gym, which is a professional one. It does not bother me because the nurses' weigh me with my shoes on. I always weigh myself with them off. The numbers may be different, but we both agree-the number is going down.

    The point is to use the same scale to weigh yourself every time. Decide whether your wearing undergarments or a top and jeans. Your shoes on or off your feet is up to you. It is consistency that is important. You set the rules and you weigh yourself the same way every time. As long as the numbers go down, do not worry!
    4167 days ago
    Don't let it get you down. you are doing all the right things I commend you for not stopping at a restaurant or going back to what triggered you before. That took courage I know that you felt bad about what you felt was a set back but it wasn't you kept focused and are still working towards the ultimate goal....... My FRIEND YOU ARE AWESOME ........ and a real motivation to me and so many others.......... emoticon
    4251 days ago
  • PHISH007
    The scales that were at your Dr. office were they on carpet or hard floor? If it was carpet then their scales are wrong. It needs to be on a hard surface. But what you could have done was asked the nurse to weigh you again, making sure it was on 0 to begin with. Also at your next appointment bring your scales with you and weigh there so you will know if it is your scale or theirs.
    My last thing is scales they are only a number. If I have learned anything from everyone here, actions mean more. Be proud of what you have accomplished and don't let the number bring you down. You have a been a friend to me since I started and that means more than any number.
    4293 days ago
    Is there a TOPS group near you? I'm the leader of my group in Hilliard. I encourage all of my members not to weigh themselves at home. Only weigh at TOPS on the same scale one time a week. There's no worrying whether the two scales weigh the same.
    I know the numbers on the scale can be discouraging. What's more important is how you feel, how your clothes fit and whether you've been truthful to your program. If you've been truthful to your program you know you're doing the right thing and the weight will come off.

    Keep on doin' the DONE thing.
    4293 days ago
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