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Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I don't know how many of you may know this, but even though I preach the "weigh in once a week" rule, I still weigh-in every day... I don't know why. I used to weigh in once a week, but I find I keep myself on track more if I weigh in every day. I think it's because I understand that the scale is fickle and will not always be kind to me every day, but trends can be seen from day to day.

Well, throughout this week my weight has been all over the place. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons for that, but I've tried to be careful about eating and whatnot. I've started strength training harder (this is my second week of hardcore strength training), so maybe I am building muscle. I hadn't taken my measurements in a couple of months, so I didn't really know if I was seeing progress there.

This morning, I woke up all on my own at 9AM. I guess my body has adjusted to my work schedule, because that's the time I always wake up for work. Mind you, I did go to bed kinda earlier than usual (12:30 last night...), so maybe that was it. Anyway, I woke up, and I had a very distinctive urge to go run... and I knew I would run to CVS and buy a measuring tape to see what my results were.

So I went downstairs and had a fiber one bar and banana for breakfast... since I can't run after eating, I sat and watched The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang (very hilarious movie, btw) with my housemate Lauren to let my food digest. Then, I was off.

Mind you, I used to run all the time. From January to April, I was pretty regular in running 3x a week, sometimes for up to 30min of running a day. Not a ridiculous amount of running, but nothing to sneer at either. Since then, I have definitely slacked and, well... my run today was definitely not what it could have been. But I surprised myself also at how well I ran considering not running regularly for two months.

So I finished my run and got home with measuring tape in hand, wondering what the results of two months of a new lifestyle brought. I wasn't really surprised at the results, and was almost disappointed in myself. I only lost 6.75 inches in two months of really hard work.

Then I thought about it... and thought about how far I had come since this time last year, before I had started my weight loss journey... and realized that this, even though it wasn't what I wanted, was still better than I was giving it credit for. And I decided I would look at how far I had come since the beginning of my journey...

Since I started this journey, I've lost 27.75 inches, most of that from my waist, abdomen, and hips, followed by my thighs. All the places I really wanted to shrink are shrinking. Even in the last few weeks, I've noticed that I can run without my legs rubbing together to cause huge rashes... they still touch and rub a bit, but no painful welts! THIS IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

So instead of being disappointed that I haven't done as well as I believe I should have, instead, I'm going to be grateful that I've come as far as I have. And even though I know that what I see on the scale in the morning is not going to be what I want it to read for my "Lose 10 in June" challenge, I will accept it and forgive the scale. I know that what I'm doing is all on the right track, and I am heading in the right direction, even if the scale would like to convince me otherwise.

I am strong, and I am determined. I am changing my LIFE, and for the better. I am DONE!!
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  • APESC24
    27.75 inches?!!?! THAT IS SO GOOD! Do you find that the inches motivate you or is it the pounds more? I havent really thought of measuring.. but maybe that would be a good thing to do..
    Again though.. congrats!!
    4271 days ago
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