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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So I gained a pound between two weeks ago and now. It doesn't really bother me--I'm on my TOM, so it's to be expected. Whatever. But I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm realizing that even though I'm getting closer and closer to my weight loss goal, I'm still nowhere near where I want to be.

So here's my reconsideration: what do I want to be able to DO? What do I want to be able to SAY? I've been thinking about these things a lot lately and I don't really CARE what the scale says... it is just a number, after all. That number, although it's gone down considerably in the last year, has NOT made me happy yet. So I'm going to write new goals for myself, and times I want to achieve them by. I CAN and WILL do this.

So, my new goals for the new me?
-I want to have a body fat ratio of 25% or less (currently 31%-ish) by next summer, hopefully under 28% by the end of the year
-I want to be able to do 30 big girl pushups (2 sets of 15 or 3 sets of 10) by the end of the year (I can do maybe 3 now, haha, but I'm working hard)
-I want to NOT be able to hold an entire handful of fat from under my arm... hopefully by the end of the year again. So let's say arm circumference of under 10" (I'm currently at 12.5", I think) by the end of the year
-I want my thighs to not rub when I walk. Although they have gotten MUCH better, they still do touch and rub a little. So hopefully thighs smaller than 21" (currently 24.5") by the end of the year, and under 19" by next summer.
-I want defined abs. I know this is a rarity, and I don't want a six-pack... just nice, defined, solid abs. So a waist under 28" (currently 30.25") and abs under 35" (currently 38.5") by the end of the year, total goals waist 26" and abs 32" by next summer.

I think these goals are attainable in the time spans that I have set. I just am going to have to work really, really super hard to attain them. I think I'm willing to do that. I want others to see me as I see myself--beautiful, strong, capable. I want my friends' jaws to drop when I show up at school this fall. I want to say "This is the real me, the me that has been hidden under all of the fat since before I can even remember." And I think these goals will take me there. Wish me luck!
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    You can do it! I'm just commented so I can subscribe to your blog. :D
    4251 days ago
    Hey there...I'm glad you're setting physical goals for yourself, and they DO sound very doable, but what about other goals? What else do you want to do with your life that will make you truly happy? Do you love yourself now? Because that's important. You have to be willing to transform on the inside as well as the outside. Just food for thought...I think you're doing AWESOME!!!!!! Keep up the great work...oh, one other thing...do you do any kind of yoga or pilates? These types of workouts might help you in the toning and definition that you want to achieve.
    4256 days ago
    I love the attitude and the goals! There is not any reason why you shouldn't achieve any and all!!!
    Keep rocking those workouts!
    4258 days ago
    nice goals :)
    4269 days ago
    I like the bit about 30 big girl push-ups... emoticon
    4269 days ago
    What an inspiring blog entry! I really identify with what you have to say. I too want people to see what's been hidden under this fat the WHOLE TIME, what I know is there and have always known is there. And yes, when I go back to college I want jaws to drop too. Losing weight is a tough process, there is no denying that, and if you work this hard to lose weight it is a darn shame if a few jaws don't drop!! emoticon
    I will look forward to reading more from you! Keep up the great work.
    4269 days ago
    You have achieved so much and the new goals you've set for yourself are very inspiring. I have no doubt that you will reach them!

    AMAZING BLOG and THANK YOU so much for writing this!
    One of those "road blocks" I mentioned in the comment I left you is that this morning when I weighed myself, I actually gained .4 lbs. Now, I know that's not much, but still, the numbers on the scale went up and I keep beating myself up instead of recognizing that in that same week that the numbers on the scale went up .4, my waist went down 2 inches and my hips went down 1inch. So, I guess that's a pretty fair trade off.

    YOU GO DONE GIRL! emoticon emoticon
    4270 days ago
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