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Scam Warning!!! Alert to Grandparents!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today was a lot more exciting than I'd like a day to be! I was going about my daily routine, checking in on my dad, who's 84 yrs. old. He was sitting at the table talking on the phone very excitedly. A person called claiming to be a lawyer representing legal aid from a city where my son lives. He was telling my dad that my son had been in an injury accident & even let my dad talk to my "son". Supposedly, my son had been in the hospital, where he had a broken nose, chipped teeth & two black eyes. Now my son was in jail, because the accident was his fault & he had signed a paper to that affect, he had run a red light & hit this person who was on their way to the airport to return to the Dominican Republic, where they lived.

This "lawyer" told my dad that this person was willing to drop all the charges if my dad would just Western Union $3600 to this person & he gave the name in the Dominican Republic. The "lawyer" said the was just a matter of hours to close the deal on this plea bargain, and that he needed to go right away to do this. Otherwise, this chance would be lost & my son would have to serve a jail sentence. The "lawyer" also stated that he had talked to the insurance company and they would reimburse my dad for the money when they settled the claim. He also said not to talk to a lot of people & if they asked at Western Union, not to tell them what the money was for, just that it was a "personal matter". My dad was going to do it because it sounded all so real & he really thought he had talked to my son. Upon talking to the Western Union people, they questioned the amount & the name of the person because in that country, they use two surnames, not one like Americans do. Thank goodness. A call was then placed to my son, who was at home and had no clue as to what was transpiring. My dad would have been bilked out of $3600. It was a scary few hours for him.

We called our local Sheriff's department and informed them, but like most crime over telephone & internet, there is not much they can do. I asked if they got more complaints to please put something in the paper to warn our senior citizens!! It was amazing how much information these people had about our family!!!

BE CAREFUL!!! emoticon
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  • EABL81
    I've heard about those scams. It's awful how they play on people's fears for their loved ones. I have a policy never to answer the phone unless I recognize the name or number of the person on the other end. Same goes for calls where the name and/or number is blocked. Gotta love caller ID! Cuts down on the telemarketer calls too.
    2854 days ago
    boy it's getting harder and harder to protect yourself and your personal private information and assets. then you get bullied for trying to protect yourself!

    I had a similar experience, got notice I had 'won in the lottery' (which I never play), but to receive my 'prize' I would have to remit about $4k through western union.
    the people I talked to over the phone claimed to be spanish, but I swear they were Africans (in spain).

    NEVER NEVER NEVER remit anything to anyone without double checking or unless you know who you're sending money to! western union, you are down and out in my bag!
    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13547982
    Thank you for posting this! I'll be sure to spread the word to my family.
    2920 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12812602
    Thank you for sharing this, wow how scary. There are
    hundreds of scams out there. Glad your
    Son was ok, and your dad wasnt ripped off..
    3020 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/15/2012 11:03:06 AM
    Oh horrible!! I can't believe how people have no problem scamming innocent good people out of their hard earned money. There was a big scam around here where two women were scamming elderly Asian women-- saying that someone had put the "evil eye" on them and they needed to give their worldly possessions to them in order to be blessed by a priest. Someone sent me a letter with a cashier's check for $ 3,200 from Canada saying I had won a "consumer lottery". The letter instructed me to cash the check (what turned out to be a fake check -looked so real) and to send $2,000 of it Western Union to an agent for "taxes". The whole thing seemed so wrong to me so I googled it and found that other people were sent similar letters and scammed out of their money and could even face jail for cashing or attempting to cash the fake check. I reported it to the proper authorities-- we can only hope these scam artists get caught. I am glad your dad wasn't a victim although probably a little shaken :(
    3131 days ago
    I know that slimeballs stoop low but to say things like that is astonishing.

    A close call but happily your Dad was not conned out of money.
    3521 days ago
    Glad things worked out for your dad
    and he didn't get scamed
    Its amazing how much information someone can find out over the internet
    3583 days ago
    Thank goodness it was caught in time before they got their hands on your dads cash. What a world we live in going after the elderly. Shame on them.. emoticon
    3583 days ago
    That was a close call!!!! It is too bad people would prey on older folks like this. That are really dirtbags!
    3583 days ago
    I've heard about things like this....mostly from emails from friends warning about different scams. It is terrible that there are so many terrible people out there trying to take advantage of the elderly. Glad things worked out for your dad.
    3584 days ago
    WOW! What a close call.Thank GOD you found out in time.
    3584 days ago
    Glad you caught your Dad in time! People who bilk the elderly deserve all the punishment they can get! Thanks for sharing the story!
    3584 days ago
    Thank you for the info. Is amazing the lengths people would go to make money! I think it is disgusting and immoral apart from being illegal!
    3584 days ago
    When I worked for Walmart we had MoneyGram and any time the elderly would want to transfer that kind of money we would have to talk to them about this scam. Ive seen it happen and luckily we were able to redflag and stop one of the transfers.

    So yes please warn your family. They usually target elderly and say its their grandson/daughter. The typical ones Ive seen involve the 'grandson' thats in the military getting into trouble and needing bail. Sad that people can stoop that low.
    3584 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6598128
    I work for a Police Department. We get this all the time. Not the exact scenario, but, close. Always targeting elderly people. Local PD's don't have the resources or personnel to dedicate to this type of crime. There is a government website where you can report it. It is IC3.gov. They keep track of all the scams. What dirtbags! Seriously, what kind of people do this? Unfortunately, the move around and are quite clever. Hopeful, someday the will face the ultimate judgement. Glad you were there and able to help your Dad figure it out.
    3584 days ago
  • BECCAJ98
    That is really scary!! Glad your dad still has his money! Maybe you should write to your paper and see if they may publish something even if the police wont. People should be warned!
    3584 days ago
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