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Triathlon Results! (now with pics!)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

231/470 overall.
49/93 Division (F30-34)

12:47 swim. Rank in swim: 439
T1: 2:21
54:09 bike. Rank in bike: 316
T2: 1:21
26:41 run. Rank in run: 67

Overall time:

Not too shabby!
I was RUBBISH at the swim (see above) and was terrified the whole time.

I went into it very undertrained, due to signing up quite late in the game. I had one swim under my belt, just to test my suit and see if I could cover the distance. I was told the water would be chest deep so we could put our feet down if we needed to. They changed that, last minute, due to too many ladies shuffling the swim rather than swimming it last year. Thanks guys. This is why we can't have nice things!

So, the swim was moved into deeper water. And the water was cold.
My wave went at 7:15 with the late wave (the youngsters 29 and under) behind us at 7:20. I was chattery-teeth-whole-body-shak
ing scared in the corral. The gun went off and we ran into the (COLD!) water in a big herd. Ran until I had to swim and started going. Instantly had face full of feet and backsplash. Breathed in water and choked/coughed. Panicked. Tried to put my feet down instinctively to catch my breath and then panicked more when there was nothing under me and the weight of my legs dragged me down.

Breathed as slowly as I could (I was panting and really panicking) and just tried to smoothly, steadily swim. As the other gals pulled away, I was able to calm down and focus on avoiding the waves so I wouldn't breath more water. Mostly succeeded but had a couple bad times where I sucked in water. A rescue boat stayed pretty close to me (I think I was dead last in my wave at that point) and shouted encouragement. He told me when I was half way and offered that I could hang on to the bow if I needed a break. I wasn't tired, though, just SCARED.

I was doing okay until the youngsters came up behind me. Oh god. I panicked all over again thinking they would swim over me or I'd be breathing in their backsplash. The rescue boat guys hollered for them to watch out for the blue caps (my wave) and stayed pretty close. When I turned the final bouy to swim in to shore, my boat dude yelled that I had 500 yards and then I could stand. Oh, I needed to hear that! The second I saw ladies in front of me standing, my feet were down and I was running/shuffling. Heart rate just out of sight, shaking and so darn relieved!

My first transition went well, pretty fast. No complaints. I bought the tri suit so I wouldn't have to do much more than toss on my socks and running shoes, helmet, gloves and Garmin after drying off. Shot some Nuun, grabbed the bike and was off.

The bike was SO FUN after the panicked awfulness of the swim. It was pretty flat and fast. I was passing gals like whoa, too. Looking at the ranking, I must have passed over 100 on the bike alone. I think, of the women I passed, only two repassed me. :) So, made up some of my awful swim time there.

Bike was over before I knew it. 22K went fast! I avg about 15 mph which was where I was shooting for. Not slow but not so fast that I'd have no legs left for the run.

Transition two was super fast! Only a bit over a minute. Racked bike, helmet and gloves off, belt on, shot a Gu as I ran for the chute with a bottle of Nuun in my hand.

I. Destroyed. This. Run.
I passed EVERYONE. Not a single person passed me. I was just blazing up that path! And it was super hilly and hot, I'd just swum and biked - but I was just racing past people. Lots of walking from folks who were strong swimmers and bikers but not runners. Lots of zombie death shuffles. And then me. I got a lot of "wooooooo" and "kick some @ss!" comments from folks as I went past. Very cool.

I ended up PRing the 5K! After a terrifying swim and a hot, long bike. 26:41 compared to my old best 27 flat. Sort of amazing, actually. I ranked 67/470 on the run. Coming back from nearly dead last in the swim! And I WAS dead last in my division on the swim but I managed to be 49/93 at the end.

A strong run and a decent bike really made a HUGE difference in my final time.
I want to do this again next year with some real swim training under my belt. If I had been a stronger swimmer and not burned so much energy being so afraid, I think I could have really had an excellent race!

As it stands, I'm VERY proud of my results and feel pretty awesome.
I guess it is good for distance runners to do sprint tris. Even if we suck the swim right up, we can partially make up for it in the run! Hah.

The gals who finished after me all had great swim numbers, great bike times but I destroyed them in the run. I'm really surprised that it made such a huge difference to be a strong runner. But I'm pleased.

I am an IRON GIRL. :)

(Of note: my tri suit is SO UNFLATTERING. It was tight in the chest, by necessity, so it pushed all this flub up into my armpits and my arms are so mooshy since I stopped lifting weights. These pics just reiterate that ST needs to come back into my life! Also, PMSville. Population: me. LOL.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • YIWEN39
    Waouh! That sounds awesome and super scary at the same time!!!
    You did an AMAZING job, emoticon
    Just imagine next year, this will be child's play for you!
    GO, Iron Girl, GO!
    And keep posting, I'd love to cheer for your next race :-)
    3417 days ago
    Wowww.....I get freaked out just thinking about that cold/deep water!
    I was always an underwater swimmer, myself. I think I'd get trampled. lol

    Did you notice that your arm + the letters makes "Peta" in the first running pic? Leave it to you to make your animal rights mark at the tri! hehe
    emoticon emoticon

    Did I mention, you bike twice as fast as me! Wow! emoticon
    3445 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/19/2011 9:20:59 PM
  • PHD140
    awe.some.ness! congrats!
    3459 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    This makes me really, really want to do a tri!!!
    3459 days ago
    Congrats!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3460 days ago
    You ROCKED it!! You should be so proud of ALL of your effort. And who cares about the tri-suit. I think you looked amazing! Great job on the PR on the run. Your account of the race made me feel like I was right there with you. I could feel myself breathing hard just reading your swim leg. UGH! You will get better with training.
    3461 days ago

    You totally RAWK!!!! I loved your report... I really felt like I was right there with you! Way to go on the PR on the run! Although, not surprising... many triathletes get into it b/c they hate running... there is no match for a runner turned triathlete!
    3461 days ago
  • JLITT62
    You definitely ARE iron girl! I'm a good swimmer, but I think having so many people kicking in my face might freak me out, too. I'm not a fast swimmer, mind you, just a strong one - and I certainly wouldn't be PRing the 5k after the swim & bike.

    Nice job!
    3461 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6834032
    Awesome job! And you DID destroy this run. Right before the second hill on the way out I heard someone running up and I said something like good job or whatever and you shot by and kept on going right up that big old hill. (That's when I thought I saw you). emoticon
    3462 days ago
    You have so much to be proud of!!! An accomplishment in itself, but a PR to boot? AWESOME! I'm proud of you :)
    3462 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    CONGRATS! I'm so proud of you!
    3462 days ago
    Fantastic run!! Great attitude and plan. Good for you for facing that fear on the swim and just doing it anyway. I totally understand. As a kid I was on a swim team and could do American Crawl/Freestyle for miles. Now I have trouble with 25 feet. Breaststroke I can do 800 yards with no problem and backstroke I'm building endurance. But I just can't get comfortable with the freestyle. It is like my heart is beating too hard and I need to breath more than I can. Oh, well. I will just keep trying to swim it longer and longer. You are an inspiration!!
    3462 days ago
    Great job--that's amazing! emoticon
    3462 days ago
    You are AMAZING!!!


    3462 days ago
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