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Good News

Saturday, January 14, 2012

An update - the best news is that my son arrived safely in Williston, ND. The bad weather is following him but he beat it by leaving right after he got off work on his last day at his old job, he drove the 1,000+ miles in about 19 hours. I was up pretty much all nite worrying about him because he was in the mountains and I know he has a tendancy to fall asleep while driving when he is tired so family was trying to stay in touch to keep him awake while he drove. He did take a 4 hour break and get some sleep at a truckstop in Billings, Mt and that made me feel a lot better. Now all I can do is pray that this new job will be what is needed to help him meet the economic needs of his family-he is the father of 6. Because his youngest daughter has hydrocephalus the family will stay near Portland to be close to her surgeon. She has been doing well for the past 3 years but it only takes a short time for things to change for her. Three years ago, she had to undergo surgery 3 times in less than 3 months due to problems with her shunt - hours can be the difference between life and death. I know he is going to miss his family but after being laid off for nearly 6 months and then just having a contract job with lower pay and minimal benefits, he has been trying to pick up side jobs and was even driving a limo on weekends to try to pay the bills so pray that now they will be able to get caught up and then start to rebuild their lives.
More good news-we have a deposit on dad's mobile home and hopefully the buyer will have the rest of the money and we will have that completed by the end of next week. The 2nd person who looked at it called at 9 am today and wanted to go thru it again and she decided to buy it. It is an older home, but we have kept it up and made a number of improvements so I think she is getting a bargain and we are moving one step closer to not having to go there on a regular basis as it is really hard for me.
DH's cold is pretty much gone and mine is not getting any worse so maybe I will start to feel better by Monday. I made us a big batch of homemade chicken noodle soup this afternoon and we each had a bowl for supper. That is actually the first time I have cooked since dad's fall on Dec 23. We eat breakfast at home and have been eating soup and salad at Sweet Tomato most days after radiation. I know 2 meals is not good, but I just am not hungry so trying to make good choices on what we do eat.
Thank you everyone for all your words of encouragement. They have helped me keep going these past few weeks. I never realized how hard dad's passing would hit me-I thought I was ready because I knew it was inevitable, but I really wasn't and it came right as DH started his radiation so that was a double hit.
I keep saying things have to start improving and I am going to keep believing that until it is true.
May God Bless all of you. You are my angels on earth.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad to hear that you son made it safely to ND. Hope is new job works out well for him. Sure hope your dad mobile home is sold and that you and your DH are feeling better. May God continue to bless you and your family...we are never prepared even when we see it coming and staring us right in the face. I know that how it was with us also when my mom died two years ago and my MIL 5 years ago. Take the time necessary for continued healing. May God bless you with comfort and peace.
    Blessings and hugs,
    3325 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    I'm praying for your son.
    You're doing great, Pat. Grief takes so much out of us, even if we're "ready" for it. Here's another reminder to keep doing extra good things for YOU:) emoticon
    3327 days ago
  • GOATS03
    I"m so happy to hear that your son has made it safe and sound..thanks for the update. I will him and his family in my prayers.

    Glad to hear that your colds are getting better and I hope that you get some much deserved sleep after all of this is over with.

    I loved your quote on my Spark page...if we would follow this, we would be in a better world for sure.

    Hugs my friend
    3327 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2012 7:16:46 AM
  • CHEVY63
    Hi Pat - glad to hear that your son is safe! I will pray that things go well for him and his family - it seems like things are on an upward trend for him!

    I hope that things will start to settle into a new normal for you as you wrap up things from your dad's house. Even though you were prepared, it's still hard to make major changes. Be kind to yourself as you transition.

    3328 days ago
    I am glad for your son's new job. We feel like the other shoe is ready to drop if gasoline prices go up. My husband hasn't found any other job and I apply, but never hear anything.

    My son had water on the brain when he was born. He weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz. and I had a natural delivery. He gained no weight after a month. His head began to grow out the back similar to the shape of one side of a sledge hammer. He had no neck control and I had to support the back of his head and hold him by his jaws to keep his head from rolling forward.

    A brother in our church lost his son at age 8 with it and I asked him what to expect. He told me I didn't want to know, but I did, so I would know if our son was getting worse. I put a blanket on the floor and would lie our son on it and work his arms and legs. He slept a lot and I had to wake him to get him to nurse. Each visit to the pediatrician showed the circumference of his head was increasing. The veins stood out on the top of his head and his skull pulsed on top. One day, at the doctor's office, his head measurement hadn't increased.

    The doctors were considering putting a shunt into the base of his neck, but instead God healed him and he grew up just fine. God heals according to His Will and just because someone isn't healed doesn't mean they lack faith or anything. God healed both of my kids.

    I don't believe God loved the brother in the Lord any less because He took his son. Hang in there and know that God knows what He is doing.

    We tried to sell a mobile home that we had and ended up leaving it on my aunt's property. She sold it for us. We lost $5,000 on it, but we tried to move it and no trailer courts would accept it; they wanted you to buy one from them for their court. We were told we would be fined for having it on a man's property, so we let a construction business use it for an office until we could move it to my aunt's property.

    This is a great blessing for the trailer to sell so quickly.
    3328 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Hi Pat
    I remember that you wrote in one of your blogs ... Does bad news travel in threes? -- at that time you'd had two problems. I think by now you've had all the bad news shocks you need to get you through the next 2 years. From here on in, it should be easy sailing:)

    I'm glad your son made it safely, and I truly hope this will help his family get back on track financially. Finances can be a terrible stress.

    Last, I hope you'll both be feeling good by Monday. I'm sure it's post-stress let-down that got you ill in the first place. Take it easy if you can:)
    3328 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5123585
    Pat-I'm glad to hear about your son's new job and the buyer for your dad's trailer. I hadn't even realized that he had passed away since I hadn't been on Spark much until recently. My thoughts & prayers are with you as you go through the whole grieving process. It is hard to do especially with everything else that is going on in your life. Take care my friend & know that I am here if you need someone to talk to.

    emoticon Kim
    3328 days ago
    Hoping your son has found a good job to provide for his family.
    Our oldest son was hydrocepahlic after a bad (almost fatal) case
    of menengitis at 3 months of age. He had one shunt placement at
    5 months and still has the original placement. He had a couple of
    issues when he was younger but you would never know it.
    Congrats on finding a buyer for Dad's home. One less thing to worry
    about, plus saving the money you spent for rent.
    Do take care of yourself and DH. You both need a break from illness
    and better days are bound to come. HUGS!
    3328 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11470233
    Hi, I was looking at recent blogs and saw Williston, ND so, I came to read further. My "better half" is working out there, since August. We were in pretty dire need of financial help...he worked for the school district and got cut along with their budget for this year. In just a few months time, our financial situation has been incredibly improved, we are more than making it. We are able to pay things off, instead of making too small payments just to get something on all of our bills. It is a sacrifice that we are seeing is worth it. We are 600 miles away and have one 6 year old child... it sure takes time to adjust and a lot of phone calls! I was able to leave my job and be home now and am seriously considering going to school (I'm 38) I guess I just wanted to share with you some of our encouraging experience from the oil boom! I'm wishing for your son and his family that their experience is as life changing as ours has been. And really within a few paychecks it completely made an impact on us! We are being smart too, paying off debt and not being frivolous.
    3328 days ago
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