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Camping 101

Friday, March 16, 2012

You would think we had never camped before with all the preparation for this short trip! Now mind you we lived in an rv full time for nearly 6 years and the difference is-we had everything we needed with us all the time!!!
We got off in good time Tuesday morning and it took us just over two hours to arrive at our campground. The only glitz we had was our new GPS tried to send us in the wrong direction when it was time to turn off the main drag to head out to Cedar Key. Luckily we had been there before and realized it was wrong before we got off on the wrong track!!
We got in and got set up without a glitch and had a nice bite of lunch before Vicky and I set off to town on foot. We made a wrong turn and ended up walking at least a mile further than we needed to so it added 2 miles to our total walk. We had a nice time looking the town over and walked for 2 1/2 hours. The guys had a nice time relaxing while we were gone. We were the scouts and decided they would never survive the walk on Wed so made plans to drive to town. On our walk in, I came to the realization that I had not gotten the burgers out of the freezer so we had no meat for our supper which I was responsible for! Luckily we found the only little grocery store on the key and picked up some ground beef for our supper.
The next probably had to be experienced to really made sense but I hope relating this gives you a feeling for our desperation to finally get something to eat.
Vicky thought the burgers would cook better on their gas grill so they got it out and lit and we started cooking them on that. Well, it was windy and that kept blowing out the flame. One time Vicky tried to relight it without taking the lid off and that was exciting-poof up went the lid! Finally we decided we would use our electric grill so had to dig it out from under our bed and got it plugged in to heat up. We got the burgers on it and after nearly 10 minutes they weren't getting any more done. Held our hand over the grill and it wasn't putting off any heat! Next up was an attempt with Vicky's electric fry pan, no heat there either. At that point we decided we needed to check our outside electric and realized it had no fire. DH took our extension cord out and plugged that directly into the pole where our electric came from-nothing happening! Vicky decided to take the skillet over to their mh and try their outside electric-nothing there either and they had no electric inside, but both of our air conditioners were still working. We were all quite puzzled by this. She finally gave in and cooked those burgers on their stove! It was nearly 7 before we finally got to sit down to eat and of course all we could think about was what was wrong. Sonny had done some rewiring on both coaches so he felt he must have done something wrong but we knew that wasn't true since we both had had electric earlier. We got to looking after we ate and we found that our GFI had tripped so expect that happened when we had the a/c on and the tv and tried to pull enough current for the electric grill. One problem solved so Sonny checked their GFI but it wasn't tripped so that wasn't their problem. However, he decided to check his outet since he had moved it and his problem was a wire had come off so both issues were resolved and we guess the 2nd place to plug in wasn't live so our extension would not work. Whew, I guess we were the entertainment for our neighbors Tues evening. So much so, they invited us over to sit with them at the campfire. We had a nice visit and by the time we headed home for bed as we were totally worn out, there were about 20 people sitting around the bonfire.
Wed was another beautiful day. We decided to eat breakfast at the campground's cafe before heading into town. Sonny unhooked their rv so we could leave Abbie in ours with the a/c running. It is less than 2 miles to town and we would have wlked but we tired the guys out just walking around in town! We walked all along the waterfront and checked out all the shops and then went to their main street and the guys sat that out-sat on a bench in front of the local bank-we though they might get arrested for casing the place but they didn't.
There is a large amount of feral cats there but they try to trap them, neuter or spay them and then release them and then they feed them because they help to keep the rats and mice down since there is so much fishing going on. They looked well fed and healthy so I think they are doing a good thing there.
We got back home about 3 and Abbie was happy to see us. This is an all new experience for her and we were happy she didn't bark while we were gone. We checked with the neighbors to make sure she didn't. She isn't a barker at home but we weren't sure how this would be with so many people around and her hearing their voices but she did good.
None of us was hungry that evening since we had eaten at a restaurant on the waterfront. We were up on the 2nd story so had a nice view of the water and could watch the dolphins playing out there. They put on quite a show for us and the kayakers and the tour boat that was running thru there also.
About 7 we decided an ice cream cone would suffice for dinenr so headed to the little cafe for that and then went down to take our sunset pictures.
We have figured out a few items we need to put in for our next trip and already have added some of them since returning home. A couple we will have to purchase but not anything big.
We will do at least 2 more little trips before we head out in June for our much longer trip.
I have to figure out how to keep our mattress pad on-guess it will mean those elastic clips on the underside and then I have to purchase a deep pocket fitted sheet since a normal one just keeps popping off! That made keeping the covers in some semblance of order almost impossible. We also found that I cannot get out of bed without DH moving his legs since I have a shirt closet above my legs which makes getting up difficult for me. I have to pull up using the overhead cabinet and pull my legs up and then flip over to crawl down to the foot once his legs are out of my way. I hope you can just imagine all this and of course, this doesn't help in keeping the sheets in place either. I will figure out something to make them stay and we will get better at the way I manage to get out of bed I am sure. We really wanted twin beds for this reason, but wasn't having any luck in finding one so when this mh became available we decided we could manage and we do have a lot more storage than our friends so we will manage.
All in all it was a great trip and we are still laughing over our problems getting dinner and DH's pelican attack. It has taveled all over the park so everyone is coming up to check on how DH is doing and razz him a bit!
Now to all my Spark friends who wanted to hang on the roof I hope you feel like you got to travel along with us and got a chuckle with our antics. Till our next adventure, I bid you goodnight.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What wonderful memories you have of a great and fun trip. So glad you enjoyed it and will enjoy many more.
    3261 days ago
    Sounds like a lot of fun...you needed a bit of time away from it all, right?

    Thanks for sharing!!

    3275 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Haha --Sounds you were having those events that memories are made of, but I didn't know which part to comment on until I tried to picture you getting out of bed. I had to slow down and read it again ... You have to grab what? to hook yourself around to what? To inch your way to the end of the bed -- what? Heehee. Sounds like that is your work out for the day:) Just hold those positions for a moment:)

    I'm glad you had fun.
    PS I agree that deeper pocketed sheets might help your situation a bit.
    3276 days ago
    Sounds like all of you had a great time. Thanks
    3276 days ago
    emoticon Pat, thank you for a delightful travelog. I almost felt I was there watching everything you described. What's a trip without something (big or little) needing adjustment?! I'm so glad you all figured out what was wrong with the electricity problems and got them fixed. Your jaunts into town sound delightful. Great exercise with all that walking, and how nice to be able to sit and watch the antics in the water.

    Again, thank you for sharing.
    3276 days ago
    So glad you had fun and a few laughs! HUGS!
    3276 days ago
    3277 days ago
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