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What a Trip So Far!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I happen to have Wi-Fi for a couple of days so will try to give all of you a glimpse into our adventures.
We got away on Fri by 9 am and got into our 1st stop at Chattahoochee by 3. We even got some gas for $2.99 before leaving Florida. It was much warmer up in the panhandle than we had been having - Debby had been keeping us cooler than normal-we had been having temps in the mid 80's during the day and 60's by nite so we were loving that.

While we were at Chattahoochee, we were invaded by ants! I guess they could smell Abbie's food as they came marching in and more and more and more. What fun smashing the little buggers! Vicky & Sonny didn't get any so the only thing we can figure is it was the dog food. We threw her food outside on our carpet we had down and in less than an hour it was totally gone! They just carried it all away-it must have been a massive army but they accomplished it like it was nothing. We fought them all the time we were there and we had put comet down around our wheels to help keep them away but it didn't deter them this time. We kept our electrical cord and hose up off the ground also but again, they came marching in somehow.

This is sunset over Lake Seminole as seen from our campsite.

Abbie enjoying the camping experience-she always wants her own chair!
We were very blessed while we were at this campsite as we had a nice neighbor. She was quite friendly and had had her daughter in Eustis which is about 12 mi from where we live. She offered to take Vicky & I to town to get ice on Sat so we took her up on her offer. She was quite a tour guide-she showed me things I had never seen and I have been here many, many times as we always used to stop on our way to Florida in the fall and again in the spring as we headed north! We thanked her by giving her some avocados from home-one of our friends has a tree in her yard and she gave us a bag full for our trip-sorry to say, we enjoyed some homemade guacamole but we shared them with our friendly neighbor. Later she brought us some watermelon that was already cut up. Campers are friendly folks.
We got away from there on Sunday by 7 am thinking we would stop for a nice breakfast at the little restaurant in town, but it was closed on Sunday so we ended up in Marianna at McDonalds! Not quite what we had planned. I did get my walking in while we were there-got up about 6 am to walk while it was cooler.
Once we were on our way, things were going pretty good until just south of Birmingham, Vicky & Sonny's a/c went out in their rv. They nearly cooked as they had to go almost 3 hours without any a/c-just had their windows open. Normally this would not have been a problem but their generator is out-they had the rig in the shop for almost 3 weeks and they were stil waiting on a part to get in and it didn't arrive so they are traveling without a generator so they cannot run their house a/c. They were soaked when we got into Huntsville. To make matters worse, it took forever for the water to run cold in the showers! All they could think of was a cold shower to cool off!
We got luck on Monday morning and got ahold of a VW dealer who told them to come right over and they would check it out for us when we explained we were traveling and it was an emergency. The guys went and took care of that and Vicky & I went to tour the Space & Rocket Center which was the reason we went to Huntsville. We had a nice time there even if it was a hot walk to it-about 1/2 mile over there from the campground.

The next problem to crop up-their refrigerator got really hot and wasn't cooling so now have the panel off and running a fan to cool it down and it seems to be working like than-will have to have a more permanent fix but this is getting them thru. We have an inverter so they use that to run the fan as we go down the road!
We had good running on Tuesday from Huntsville to Rend Lake in southern Ill. We got in there about 3. We had overcast conditions most of the day and traffic was light so that made it good traveling (we needed something to go right!)
My youngest brother came to visit us Tues evening after he got off work with his family. His youngest boy is quite a boy! We had a thunder storm roll thru right after we got set up there so it was wet but we don't have room for 6 in our rv so had to set outside under our awning. It was nice to visit with them even if a short one.
This morning we met another couple we have camped with at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. They have sold their truck & camper-she has too many health issues to go far from home anymore.

This is us set up at Rend Lake-just a little wet!
We finally got on our way to Cahokia which is across the river from STL about 11:30 and arrived at the campground a little before 1. It was already HOT. It has been over 100 for 11 straight days here and today set a record for the hottest 4th of July on record!!!! We hit 105 and it is supposed to be 106 on Thur and Fri so that has changed our plans-not going to walk around at the zoo in this heat-we will only be doing things that are inside.
We had a big surprise as we came out from signing in at the office-our right rear tire was flat. God was looking out for us and got us safely here before it went flat-it looks like our valve stem was cut off so hoping we can get it fixed tomorrow. Also as DH & Sonny attempted to jack it up to put our spare on (mind you, I am trying to call our roadside service to get them to come and do this since it is over 100 degrees out there) several helpful men came rushing over to help and in nothing flat (no pun intended) they had the flat tire off and our spare on. Tomorrow after we get our rental car, we will take it to get it fixed or buy a new tire if needed and then call road service to come and put it on if needed.
Oh, I forgot to mention-Vicky & Sonny's skylight leaked during the rainstorm yesterday so that needs resealed but can't do that in this heat so hoping it cools down as predicted next week.
I guess nothing ever goes smoothly for us but we are making the best of it. Last Sunday we thought we might be heading back home but so far we have been managing our problems and trying to keep things going for each other. Hopefully by the time we separate in about 2 more weeks we will have the bugs out of these things!
I am glad to have wi-fi for a couple of days but then won't have it again till we get to the rally and it will be sparse there so don't expect much from me again for awhile!

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