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911 ~ Where Were You?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Graphic images from the Tragic Unforgettable Images Of the Tradgedy.Please don't watch if you are sensitve,this is very graphic and disturbing.


I will never forget the day,it is as painful now as it was when it happened.The neighbor lady contacted us around the time it had just happened,since she chatted online with her daughter and she was time delayed with the East Coast time zone, and had told her about some plane crashing in New York Trade Building. Our neighbor woman was in pure shock and hysterics,she was a Morman and prepare for the World To Come To An End and she was convinced that this was just that.The TV was on and the our kids of 3 just wrestling and getting up.We were glued to the TV and did not move from the same position as we watched in pure horrifying,shock, and were all just so numb and couldn't move away from the TV,the neighbors came up and we dealt or try to make some kind of sense or come to terms and wait for any information about what we had just painfully witnessed.That just doesn't happened to a safe civilized nation,certainly not America the Beautiful.How could that happen,why? So many questions and the simple thoughts of what we just saw.I believe Time actually did stand still on that fateful day.

We are all scarred and damaged and different from the events of that day in some way.We will never forget,we all have the battle wounds from this and we didn't battle a war directly,just saw what looked liked the worst possible hatred and evil acts of pure terror and horrifying display ever happen or seen by so many all over the world.When the day was nearly over,there was such little knowledge that they were releasing to us,we were just feeling raw and traumatized and felt like we were in a fog that we would awaken and it would somehow go away and be bad nightmare of a dream would not be.It was real,it was still on the TV and the questions,so many questions and so little answers coming in to give us any comfort or peace to somehow start some kind of healing and coming to some kind of understanding of what we witnessesed and those that were in those 2 Twin Tower Buildings and the third jet aimed at the Pentagon what they must have felt as they saw what nobody ever should have to witness and yet they did.Many days went by and somehow we all had to trudge forward,but how.? We just did.The most unbelievable acts of compassion,kindness and Love for our country we had not seen in such a long time.We had become stagnat and complacent nation and let our guard down and when we did,what happened?

We drew strength from each other,our neighbors,a stranger,we just all came together for our United States our America the Beautiful and somehow helped each other to healing by comforting each other and start to rebuild what was severly damaged and compromised.What choice did we have? We are a determined strong nation and was not going to allow these terroists who ever they really were, take away our dignity and pride by such acts of brutality and pure evil hatered acts of violence.It's just not American!

In closing;May I ask each and everyone of you take a moment of silence to Honor and Remember the thousands who perished and were never found and for those of us who saw what nobody ever should have to witness even in a horror movie.May we all find Comfort and Peace and Healing from this,somehow,someway.May we be better to our fellow man,women and child from now on.Where were you on that September day?
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    I was sitting watching tv when it actually happened, so the programme was interrupted, and I watched the first plane crash, then I watched the second....
    2967 days ago
    I had just finished driving three hours and got off at a coffee shop and saw it on tv. it was at night time. I didn't know what was happening till the next day. God Bless you for writing this blog.
    3090 days ago
    I was getting ready to go to work... and like so many others I was taking my life for granted... But then ... when the planes hit... My life changed forever... Since then I've learned to love, give and cherish everyone more and I don't take my life for granted... because you just never know...

    I love life more and my life has definately changed! I life my life as though every day is the last day that I live and I thank God for the opportunity!

    3122 days ago
    I was getting ready for work and just couldn't believe my eyes when the first plane hit the towers....the world sat still that day!

    I have gone to flight 93 memorial before they changed it....you can just feel the spirit of all those heroes.

    Peace be with all those families that lost a loved one that day and god bless all those heroes.
    3137 days ago
    I was in my college counselor's office and they had a tv on. I remember asking if that was "real". Who knows these days. It was a sad day.

    We should also rememer those on the flight that went down in Flight 93. It shows how Americans can come together.

    Hard to believe it has been that long ago.

    Great blog
    3137 days ago
    I was home - I slept through the first plane attack and then my mom and my sister came to my house and we watched in horror the second attack... and more.

    I remember the feeling of disbelief and shock and it still brings tears to my eyes of all that we lost on that day. People are still paying the ultimate price for that day.

    God Bless America!

    Thank you for posting.
    3137 days ago
    My GF and I were on a PLANE on the tarmac waiting to take off!
    3138 days ago

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