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The Future Me!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

As an exercise for a group I co-lead, we are listing the things that will change once we reach our weight loss and fitness goals.

First of all, I view this process I am in right now as forever ongoing. Even if I do reach my weight loss goals, I'll still be working on maintaining and improving my fitness, and I already know how hard that can be. I've done fairly well, especially over the last few years, but true to form, I let 10 pounds creep up on me and here I am again; struggling to get back down. So my future might look something like this:

I will look amazing. LOL I am not trying to be vain, but I have a cute figure at goal weight and it will be so fun to get there.

I will look 10 years younger.

I will like what I see in the mirror.

My double-chin will disappear.

I'll be able to wear some really cool clothes and I'll be able to shop (with discretion) in the Juniors Department.

I'll feel comfortable in my skin. No more covering up so much. Hawaii here I come again!

My hip joints and knee joints are going to be so happy.

I'll be able to move with ease when getting in and out of cars and with all daily activities.

I'll be able to do all the sports I enjoy: biking, aerobics, weight lifting, hiking (even 14-ers), jogging, skiing, snow-shoeing....

And all of these activities will be so much easier to do.

I'll feel petite (especially next to my kids who are beginning to tower over me).

I'll live to see my two boys marry and have children (if that's what they want to do). My parents passed away before I got married so this is important to me.

I'll be a fun Grandma.

I'll have so much energy I can tackle the world.

I'll be so confident in my abilities to follow through with something that I might just start up drawing and painting again. Or maybe I'll pursue my music with more ferver. Or get a new job...whatever change I want to make.

I'll know that I can finish what I start.

I'll live a long and wonderful life with my husband at my side; gracefully entering my 60s and 70s with ease.

I'll inspire others with my success.

I'll feel comfortable at the gym around all those fit men and women (I live in Boulder and we have a lot of fit people!)

I'll be more social and enjoy getting out.

I will feel good about my accomplishment.

I know that we don't have to wait until we lose all the weight we want to start feeling this way, but it helps to be close to your goals. Perhaps if we act as if we've arrived, we will become the person we act like. I plan on getting there. My goals fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes I think I have just 10 more pounds to go and other times I think I need 25 pounds. Wherever I land within that range will be fine as long as I am working on improving my fitness and I can get back into those jeans I used to wear!

I'm looking forward to the future. I am excited to see who I really am not just on the inside, but on the outside as well.

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