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Requesting prayers

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our 7 year old granddaughter, Jade, is hospitalized out in Portland, Or. She was born with hydracephalus (I may have mispelled this) and has a shunt. She got her 1st shunt before she was a year old and before she was 3 she had 3 more surgeries. She had to have the shunt changed 3 times in under 3 mo but for the past 4 years she has been doing really good and we were in hopes she was out of danger. However, Thursday evening she started vomiting and after 3 episodes, the kids (my son & his wife) took her to the closest hospital as they worried about dehydration and they never take a chance with her fragile health. Well, they ended up transporting her by ambulance to the children's hospital in Portland where she is still.
The infectious dr wanted to do a spinal tap and the kids refused to let him do it. The neurologist (I think I am getting the right dr listed her) is in Chicago so her associate is now in charge. At first he thought they should do it, but they asked him to read her file and today he came in and told them they did the right thing by refusing to allow this test. If they did it, she is at risk for infection for the next year. They have been down this road several times before and as I told them if her condition worsens, then they can always do it, but you can't undo it.
They are hoping it is just a bad case of the flu. Her white count was extremely high but it came back down early today and this afternoon it was actually too low but they are thinking that is in response to all that has been going on the past 48 hours. Now they are trying to get her to drink medicine with the contrast in it so they can do a cat scan of her abdomen. If that is good, her temperature stays down and she is more active, they will let them take her home tomorrow or Mon.
Scott was scheduled to go back to ND for his job but he has called his boss and is staying until Jade is out of danger.
Please keep them in your prayers that this is not shunt related and just a normal childhood virus.
Thank you soooo much

This is a picture of Jade from Mar of this year
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