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Holy Fat Girl Lungs

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ok so this is going to sound crazy to many, but today I ran two miles. No not a huge distance but let me explain why this is such a HUGE accomplishment to me. Ok back story for a minute. I've been fat since kindergarten, had asthma growing up, did everything under the sun to get out of gym. So I have NEVER been able to run. Then I lost all this weight, turned into a crazy gym buff and even still while training 4 hours a day in the gym, lifting, doing spin, other classes, doing cross fit. I couldn't run for anything. I was dying after a mile and let me tell you that was a slow my mile my friends. Or it involved me hanging on to the treadmill for dear life. I've even fallen off of the treadmill (totally been that girl thinking I looked like a gazelle one minute, and then bam on the floor). It is funny now, it wasn't then. So today I grabbed my new ipad ( a much loved Christmas present, thanks babe) and threw on the headphones and started running. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a super competitive person, even with myself. So the first goal for today was to run 10 minutes, it is part of the couch 2 5k program. So got to that point, then thought oh heck you are almost at a mile keep going. So I did that, I averaged a 12:00 mile pace. So like I said this isn't olympic running by any means. Well, at that point I was so close to 15 which is another step in the program so I thought ok lets skip a day (the over achiever in me came out). So by that point I have looked at the couch 2 5k and see that the next goal is 21 min run. So I'm like hmm…. maybe lets try it. So I pushed, and it was not pretty but I got to 21 min and by that point I was almost at 2 miles. There was no giving up now. So bam, I turned up the volume and tried not to notice that the time was literally creeping, but at 25 mins I was the proud owner of 2 miles completely run/jogged with no walking. I then went on to finish up the rest of the 5k, but I had to slow down for a minute so my lungs wouldn't just bust straight out of chest. So yes holy fat girl lungs, I will train you!
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