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OK now I'm even proud of myself

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ok so if you have followed my blog you would know that the other day I was super proud of myself for running 2 miles without any walking. So today I hop on the treadmill. I would much rather be running outside, but it is 30 degrees outside and I didn't think the munchkin was going to want to be in the jogging stroller for that. Yes, my amazing 7 year old still fits in a jogging stroller, she is a peanut, and luckily blessed with a high metabolism and 12 hours a week in the gym for competitive gymnastics. So I throw on a tv show on the Ipad and start a good jog. I knew today I was trying to go for distance not pace. Mile 1 done, Mile 2 done, and I thought hmmmm lets see if we can make it to 3. Then bam mile 3 done, and to top it off the .1 to make it a 5k. Not a great time 39:00. But I did it. I ran, well maybe I should call it jogging, a 5k without any walking. I'm actually proud of myself, which NEVER happens. Maybe I will get the hang of this running thing.
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