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Sunday Ramble: What's on my mind Blog for BLC

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Okay: this forthcoming ramble of mine will be foreign to most of you who are following good principles for weight loss. That is: not starving yourself. I guess I am old-school in the fact that I still think less calories in means success on the scale. Well, what worked in the past has come to a standstill and now....

I just need reassurance that increasing my calories will work. :-) I feel like I am just eating a ton of food. I've eaten under 1000 calories for probably 6+ years. I am very good at it, unless I splurge or lose focus, which of course does happen, but for the most part I know how to get my calories low and make them count. Now I just feel like I am eating way too much. I haven't hit 1200 yet but I am going over 1000. Just really nervous I'll start to gain weight. I am still in the 146s, but that could change in a heartbeat with me. I know this is probably the opposite problem for most of you, but I am freaking out just a little. I've been reading some body building books (I've been lifting seriously for about 6 months now) and calculating calories based on my current weight. I don't know how many to eat. I can't possible eat as much as the books say. All I know is that I need to increase my protein which I have been doing and I must say I feel very good. It really helps me. I thought I felt good before, but having more protein is making me feel even better.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I feel very confused. I understand the principles that these body building books are stating about fat loss verses weight loss, but it's hard to trust the process. And am I working hard enough with my cardio and ST to justify the calorie increase? Just makes me nervous.

I have to say, though, No cravings for unhealthy food. I think that's a first for me. None. I am eating so clean it's almost pathetic. So, maybe that's a good thing. I try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours and it has really helped keep my blood sugar stable throughout the day. But, man, am I ever confused about how much to eat.

Makes me crazy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, yes...on the nerdfitness link...AWESOME site...lots of info. Don't be scared to gain a little weight...it might happen in the beginning...as long as the calories your adding are healthy ones -- I honestly don't think you will have too many problems...

    I'm trying to up my calories as well but just can't eat that much food...lolol...will get there in time...
    2962 days ago
    Janice, I know just what you are feeling about the difference in calories from what you and I have been taught in the past. I remember diet books that would stress less than 1,000 calories...like 500-700 per day....which would make me wonder how these women did it and what was wrong with me because I just couldn't get my caloric intake down that much.

    I remember my mother ordering these diet booklets that had all kinds of names, the ones I remember so well were "The Vanilla Ice Cream Diet".....you can imagine what happened to me on that one. Then there was the "Banana & Skim Milk" diet which I could do for one day but was starved and dizzy by the 2nd day. The list goes on and on, but none of them worked.

    Hang in there. It sure is nice to be able to have a few more salads, side dishes and even a small treat or two. Guess they are trying to teach us about portion control!

    Love, ginger
    2963 days ago
  • APED7969

    This is a great link addressing the issue. Also eating 2000 calories is a hell of a lot more fun than eating 1000 calories. I'm not sure I could go a day eating 1000 calories without being extremely cranky! I know from doing it in the past it does get easier but really fueling your body is healthier and much more pleasant.

    For me my weight has become much less of a concern. I still like seeing the scale go down because it does still need to for me to be really healthy but I focus a lot more on fitness goals and body fat %. I would rather have my ideal body than to see my ideal weight on the scale.

    I hope you are able to make a new eating plan work for you!
    2963 days ago
    Jan, the protein guidelines can be crazy for body builders. I read one good article that said there is no rule, that 1 gram per lb is a guideline but you have to figure out what works for you.

    Do small changes and then see how it work, remember that scale goes up and down some so give it some leeway.

    For me (and an old workout partner), it was clear we didn't have enough protein when we were doing a workout and were just dragging - what I call not enough oomph to do a normal workout. When I would check my food logging, sure enough I hadn't had enough protein the day before.
    Also, more protein helps my muscles recover so I can workout the next day (or 2nd day) with less muscle soreness.
    So hopefully these signals might help you figure out if you need more protein or are getting enough.
    2963 days ago
    I'm not the most experienced person; however, I'm in that same mindset........for years I've withheld foods and practically starved myself and still gained weight. Then when I discovered BLC, I tried that principle of increasing my calories and I really did lose weight. I was shocked! Who knew that more was a good thing. As long as it's not empty calories and the fat content stays within it's range!

    I have the utmost confidence that someone will come along with more knowledge than me and will be able to share a few tips for success with you!
    2963 days ago
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