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Yes it jiggles

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I have to say this blog will be reliving one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I am asked all the time about having extra skin, of course I have it, yes it is a problem. I try to look at it as some badge of honor, that I did this the right way, that I fought long and hard to loose this weight on my own. It isn't working. I hear girls say all the time their stretch marks from their pregnancies are their earned tiger stripes…. well my stripes aren't from my little cub, I was honestly so big no one knew I was pregnant. I try to pretend it isn't their and I am an expert in hiding it in clothes.

So flash back to this week. I had been running on the treadmill. Realized I had to run the garbage can to the curb before we got skipped over. I run outside and when I do the neighbors are out. So of course I go over to say hi. Their adorable 4 year old runs up to grab a hug, but that day something struck her. She has seen me in shorts a million times. She reached over and hit the extra skin on my inner thighs and goes. "it jiggles", it feels so cool, why does it do that?" Of course her Mom (who is one of my dearest friends) was a national cheerleader competitor and is an avid runner. So no jiggle there. I just smiled at her and tried to explain in my best four year old, that one time grew really big and then it shrunk and it just looks a little different, but she was fascinated and her mother was horrified. And she finally made her go inside, because as soon as she would run by me she would try to come at me again. No one can blame her, she is four, she was curious, and to her it wasn't a big deal a part of my leg just moved different and she thought it felt squishy. I in my best big girl voice said it was fine and no worries and headed home after we finished our conversation. However, upon hitting the front door I lost it. I wasn't even sure what I was upset about to be honest. She was 4 and not like she was being mean about it. But I finally realized what it is. After all this hard work. I'm still not happy with this new body. This skin is driving me bonkers and it is impacting my life more than I thought. So maybe it is time to take the plunge and just see what a surgeon says. I treated my body like garbage for years and it left some very visible aftermath. You'd hope after all this hard work the universe would give you a break and just let things pop back, but not so much. My poor skin has been morbidly obese since I was 5. That is a long time to stretch, but I think it is about time I look in the mirror and see the victories not all the previous failures. And don't get me wrong the jiggle is much better than tons of fat. Obviously I know any form of surgery (weight loss or plastic) is a personal choice. Still not sure if I'm 100% ready but I would really like to hear what a surgeon says is even possible with my body.
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    I feel this way every morning before I get in the shower. I just stand in front of the mirror and stare at all my loose, jiggly skin. Frustrates me to no end! Im not at my goal weight yet but I've lost 100lbs and I'm dreading how much more skin there will be. I just try to stay positive by saying, "at least it's not fat" lol I've been contemplating looking into skin removal once I hit goal weight. Good luck with your decision and you look fantastic!!!
    2795 days ago
    You deserve to look as good as you feel! when I get to that point, I see no reason to carry the literal baggage of past pain with me. Good luck and God Bless with your continued celebration of your body!
    2821 days ago
    I randomly came across a video on YouTube once where a woman looked fantastic in clothes but had the loose skin around her thighs. Then she had a later video after her surgery and it looked amazing. If you haven't already, maybe you can search for this kind of stuff on YouTube to see what other women who've been through the same thing have to say, and how things turned out for them...although, of course, talking to your own doctor is the priority. Good luck!
    2822 days ago
    I was just having these thoughts this week. I'm still not to my goal weight, so I don't know the extent of my extra skin will be. But 65 lbs. down and I already have the "jiggles".

    Thank you for being so candid and voicing some of the same thoughts that are going through my head. Not sure I will have surgery or not, but I want to for the right reasons.
    2822 days ago
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    I think that I know part of what you are going through. My daughter lost a tremendous amount of weight and had the skin issue, too. She has opted for the surgery and is doing good with it. Everyone in this situation has to make their own decisions about the solution. Good luck in what ever you decide!
    2822 days ago
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