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Why I love this picture

Monday, May 06, 2013

Well first of all after several question and personal messages asking who my new super hero guy was. Ta da! Isn't he handsome? Anyways, he reminded me of this picture today and I had to share it. To remind everyone to enjoy the simple moments. There is a huge story behind this picture. The first time he ever threw me onto his back like that. I panicked. Like full out screaming and kicking and hitting the whole deal. It was not pretty and I'm pretty sure at that point he thought he was dating a crazy girl. I had never had that done before and in my head I was still 340lbs+ and morbidly obese and about to crush him. It then was followed by a long conversation about my body image and issues. To which I must give him credit he has been AMAZING about dealing with. So when our photographer suggested we do something fun and crazy. He grabbed me. I luckily this time did not attack him, but started hysterically laughing as you can see in the pic. It may not be the best picture out of the ones we took that day but I think it is my favorite. Moments like that remind me of how much I missed while I was hiding behind all of my weight. It reminds me of all the opportunities that I walked by that I was too embarrassed to try to do. I sometimes still forget I'm not that girl anymore. Sometimes the fear of being too heavy or too big or it being to hard to get in and out of something plagues me. I can not tell you how many things I have skipped out on or made up excuses for because I didn't want the possibility of not being able to do it. I just went to a water park this year, if that tells you anything. Just a month ago we were at a ski resort that had these huge inflatable balls (think hamster balls for people) and I was terrified to the point I almost wouldn't get in the line because I was afraid I wouldn't fit through the whole or couldn't get in and out, but he and the munchkin were not taking no for an answer. So I trudged up the hill with them and almost had a panic attack. I fit in the hole just fine, with lots of room to spare, and hopped right out, no problems, and had the best time. I still constantly have to remind myself I'm not that girl anymore and that I don't want to miss out on anything else. So that is my thought for the day, whether your just starting on this journey, if your somewhere in the middle, or if you have made it to the other side, don't let those little moments slip away without enjoying them.
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