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Memorial Day

Monday, May 27, 2013

Thoughts From a Civilian Women, Wife and Mom about Memorial Day!

" "It is good that war is so terrible, lest we should become too fond of it"
~ General Robert E. Lee ~

As Memorial Day approached the thoughts began to flood my Brain with so many thoughts about what Memorial Day means to me and what Memorial Day really is and why we celebrate Memorial Day, which by the way seems like Celebration seems like the wrong word to use. I feel sad, a sense of loss, reflective and Remember the astronomical amount of lives lost, minds forever damaged, pain physically and mentally for those that faced war and survived, but now they begin a new war. A war on finding a way to become civilians once again at the home front in there lives they had to leave. That is like returning to war, a war now of living life with all these thoughts of what these Service Men and Women saw during there time of duty in service and all they had to face these memories good or bad and once again soldier on with there lives away from the battlefield back in there homeland.

The word Memorial means; A memorial is an object which serves as a focus for memory of something, usually a person (who has died) or an event. The most common type of memorial is the gravestone or the memorial plaque. Also common are war memorials commemorating those who have died in wars. The meaning of the word Memorial is explained. Memorial Day is not a Celebration, in my opinion, it's a day to Remember Memorialize the Fallen Heroes of our past and present.

My tradition has always been to decorate my page and post patriotic posts to show my deepest heartfelt admiration, my condolences to the families who had to endure such a painful loss of a dear Love one, may it be a Grandfather, Father, Uncle, Brother, Nephew, a Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Niece and or dear Friend. Also to say Thank You to all who gave of themselves in an unselfish act of bravery, love and Courage in order to give others the security to feel safe in there Hometowns in our land in which we live.
As I ponder that concept, it takes me down and humbles me and I feel tearful and deeply saddened and grateful that they cared that much about me, someone they had never met before. How can I dare be anything but ever so grateful and humbled? Oh the pride I feel, yet I still feel so deeply saddened and heavy hearted as I realize truly how many died for me and my fellow Americans and also how many come back alive, but damaged physically and mentally. I must not allow this sadness to overcome me, I must do all that I can to show these Awesome Brave Courageous Men and Women in the Armed Forces, How much I truly deeply appreciate each and every one of them and how honored I am to live safely because of there devotion and Love for this place we call home, America the Beautiful! They are what makes America beautiful.

My page is decorated and ready. Memorial Day is here, I feel differently somehow this Memorial Day than in past Memorial Days. I seem to have a more deeper respect and understanding for what truly is the reason Memorial Day is for Remembering, Reflecting Memorializing Heroes and the very Bravest Men and Women Ever and I Salute Each and Every one of You!! Thank you, Thank you, You are the Best!!

In closing I Send Positive Healing Light Energy Vibes and Prayers to all Men and Women who are still in the armed forces to continue to keep our land, it;s peoples safe from the Evils of Harm and protect us from these acts of violence. I cannot and will not forget the Ugliness of war and the evils that lurk with in. Peace and safety come with what we rarely want to think of. A price is paid and the casualties and the many who come back forever changed and now must go on with life, not the same as when they left for duty are so very painful and the part that are so difficult of war.
Please enjoy your Memorial Day, but also Remember the Many Heroes, the Brave Men and Women who have and continue to make it possible for all of us to be able to have this day to gather with our Love ones and cherish the time. Also remember the many who won't be able to be with there Love ones this Memorial Day. I will always remember and never forget any of them. May God Always Look after You!
Peace Be with you all!
Regards, Diana
Civilian Wife, Mom and Women
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