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Need Help-Kindle users

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am thinking about purchasing a Kindle and need a little input.
I know it will be great for reading books but does it get really expensive or are you able to get any from your public library and if so, how do you like that?
Do you use yours to get on the internet to get e-mail or go on facebook or spark people???
I would like something smaller to take with me when we travel and I am thinking a Kindle might answer that need. That would mean I would not need to drag along my laptop and several magazines and novels if the Kindle would serve the purpose.
Any input by those of you who have and use a Kindle would be appreciated. Maybe something else would work better?????
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    I have a basic Kindle and really like it. It can be expensive if you purchase a lot of current books, but you can also find a lot to read for free and Amazon offers a Kindle Library which is great. I also have a tablet with the Kindle app and can access my account on it. I actually like reading on it better because I can change the background color and brightness depending on where I am and how tired my eyes are.

    In any event, if you like to read --- it's awesome!
    2719 days ago
    The Kindle HD fire will work really well for travel - does have to be in a wi-fi zone to connect to internet, but many hotels provide this routinely now. Much lighter than laptop. I have travelled with laptop, netbook, and the Kindle HD and the HD was by far the easiest. I also downloaded some movies and TV shows for watching on the plane - you can only stream if you have fast wi-fi, but if you download ($) you can watch anytime. There is a lot available for free streaming with Amazon Prime membership. I do find the virtual keyboard a pain to type on, but the trade-off in weight while travelling is worth it unless you are planning to type a lot of documents or really lengthy e-mails.

    If your main interest is for reading though, a lower-end Kindle is smaller and you can read in bright light better.

    The Kindle is an android mobile device and while it has a browser, most websites will open in their "mobile" formats - sometimes with limited capabilities. On the plus side, you can download a lot of free applications on the Kindle just as you can on a smart-phone - so there are good apps for Facebook, etc. [These comments are also mostly true for the IPad - we are a "mixed" family of devices in our household]

    If you have an Amazon Prime membership you can borrow one book a month free. Most hardbacks come at about the paperback price. A lot of out-of-print stuff is available much cheaper.
    2724 days ago
    I do not got one sorry,

    However it looks like you have many good advisors!
    2724 days ago
    DD's MIL has one and loves it but I have no experience with one-sorry!
    2724 days ago
    I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Paper White - and I've been a kindle user since gen one. Your kindle will NOT repeat NOT replace your laptop unless you have Wi Fi available. If that's your goal, you probably are better off with an iPad and an air card so you can get online wherever you are.

    Having said that, I am an avid reader and there has been NOTHING like my Kindle for reading everything and anything I want to read. I have about 1500 books in my library - just imagine having to STORE all those books. A lot of books on Amazon are free or less than a dollar. Amazon also has helped authors bypass greedy publishers and you will get to read amazing books that would never have been published otherwise. If you are a Prime member, you can borrow a book a month for free.

    Good luck deciding!!
    2724 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/20/2013 9:53:43 AM
    I have no advice as I'm going through the same dilemma. So my comment is Thank You for posting the question. (I got here by seeing a friend had posted a reply.)
    2724 days ago
    I opted for the Nook Reader, with the internet capabilities. I've since discovered most all tablets which have internet access can be used as a book reader simply by downloading kindle or nook software. I have tablets as well as the Nook and they all work basically the same. One is much less expensive, and works fine for internet and book reading. It can get complicated deciding which is better for you.
    2724 days ago
    Hi Pat - I purchased my very first Kindle in December 2012 and it was there 'basic' Kindle. I started with the least expensive option since I didn't know how I would like it. I LOVE it! Amazon has a lot of freebies to download - lots of classics; plus there are a number of book 'clubs' that you can subscribe to that offer free books on a daily basis.

    With that said, I'm not an avid reader. I don't sit and read for an hour or more a day so it takes me longer to finish a book than it might take others. I have checked out 2 books for free from my local library (very easy to do) and felt forced/rushed to get the books finished before the loan expired. I found that easy with one book (Dianne Keaton's bio) but harder with the other and didn't finish it. I found you can wait for WEEKS to get a book from the library - long waiting lists.

    My next Kindle will be a PaperWhite but for now I"m very happy with my basic $69 model. I bought a light that clips onto the top of the Kindle to help me read at night when my husband is snoring soundly next to me :-)

    I didn't want another device to access the internet so the basic works for me. You have to know what you'll be doing with it.

    You won't regret the purchase. I read a lot more now than I have in years because of my Kindle. Some people miss the feel of a book in their hands - not me; I have arthritis in my right hand and holding books aggravated it. One less ache and pain!
    2724 days ago
    I just got my BILs Kindle and have been using it with library books and using it with the kindle reader or overdrive mobile device reader. It works well, with 2-3 week checkout depending on the book. I haven't tried downloading through amazon yet.
    2724 days ago
    Love mine and you can download a lot of FREE books from many places including Amazon. emoticon
    2725 days ago
    I have an iPad, which I love, i use it almost exclusively for the internet now. I have the apps for Kindle, for the Nook, and for the Sony eReader so I can read books meant for any system. They all have selections of free books, there are apps for magazines - and if you have the print subscription many of them also offer a free electronic version - and even buying the books is cheaper than the paper copies. I know many libraries also have electronic books you can "check out" with the bonus of no risk for late fees because there is nothing to return! Lol

    A regular iPad is a little too heavy for for a purse but there is the iPad mini which is about the same size as the Kindles I think.
    2725 days ago
    I don't have a Kindle, but I have an Apple I-Pad and I love it. You can do everything on it, and it's so easy to take everywhere.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2725 days ago
  • CHEVY63
    Hi Pat - I've actually been using the kindlee app on my ipad, and I love it! I am a huge reader, and I thought I wouldn't like to read on a device. But I find that I'm actually reading more books than I had been. I think that a kindle would be even better, since the ipad is just a little too big to fit in my purse.

    I've been getting library books on my kindle, which has been really convenient. I've found some books that I always wanted to read but didn't want to spend the money. I also have purchased some books from amazon.
    2725 days ago
    There are several different Kindles. I have a Paperwhite. I love it. But it's only good for reading stuff. One of my kids has a Kindle Fire and swears by it. She can access the internet and email, etc. Even with 'just' my Paperwhite, I can get books from the library, but don't. I subscribe to Amazon.com's BookBub, which gives me the opportunity to 'buy' books for free, or $0.99, or as much as $3.99 each. I get mostly free books.

    One thing I like about my Paperwhite, is that it's back-lit and I can read in a dark room while DH is sleeping. But it sounds like you'd do better with a Kindle Fire, which is not much more than the Paperwhite.
    2725 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    I love mine, too, and do use it for email and sparking. I have a small purse and it slides right in there. I have not thought about borrowing from the library. I should. I have bought a lot of books but try to get the less expensive-Free, $ .99 or $1.99. lol
    2725 days ago
    I have a kindle, and I love it, I do borrow books from the library, but it seems like the ones I want have a waiting period, other people want it too, there are so many free books, the classics, and books out of copy date, ( I think ) I do not but the best sellers, right now I am reading all of the Iris Johanson books, I like her books, and I buy the ones that have been out for while.
    I can not get on the internet with mine (and if I can it would be a surprise to me, I have Wi-Fi to download when I order my books, so don't have to go to MacDonald's or the like (my friend does this) like I said, I love it, my non-kindle reader friends, think it would take away from the book experience, I hold mine like a book, and change pages, I do not flip the pages, but push a button on the side,
    If you decide to get one, I hope you enjoy it, and have yet to run into someone that isn't happy with it, and as far as expense goes, you spend what you want good luck
    2725 days ago
  • NHES220
    Well, I did not know this, but you can check out library books on a Kindle. Here is a link on Amazon for more information and you may want to check with your library.
    I do not have a Kindle, but I have the Kindle App on my iPad and I mainly use it to download books that I have purchased. Definitely easier than lugging books around. Also, if you get the Kindle Fire, you would not need a light.
    Good luck!

    2725 days ago
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