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Monday, January 06, 2014

Mindset: Everyday I wake up ready to meet the new day eating healthy, getting my exercise in and giving support back to my support system. I have been at this lifestyle journey for five years now and have learned over the years that if I just stick to my program 80/20 I do great.

Support: I have a great support system. My sister works the program with me. We get together and do batch cooking, we also encourage each other every day and you can't beat that.

Visualization: I visualize myself 5 years ago and I never want to look and feel like that person again. She couldn't partake in activities with her grandchildren, couldn't walk around the block or for that fact to the end of the drive way to get the mail without getting short of breath. Today I am a healthy active person who likes her life.

Acceptance: I have accepted the fact that the way I live now, exercise now and eat now is what I have to do for the rest of my life.

Obstacles: My obstacles would be my trigger foods and I cannot have them in my house because I know how I react to them. They would get in the way of my healthy lifestyle change.

Time Management: I set aside a couple of hours a day five days a week for exercise. I am retired so I look at it as my job. I work on my spark in the afternoons or evenings depending on what the plan is for the day but, I do it everyday of the week even during vacation. It is just something I have to do to make my journey work.

Beyond Comfort: I don't know of anyone that exactly loves going to the gym but I know I have to push myself beyond my comfort zone even when the weather is not freezing and I am out walking. I try to go as far with my walks as I can stand it.

Stress Management: There is not a whole lot of stress in my life as I am retired, the kids are grown, married and have kids themselves. I think they are the ones with the stress now. But, if I did have a lot of stress I would like to think I wouldn't head for the kitchen or that bag of chips or even my nemesis the candy bar.

Rewards: I used to reward myself with new clothes in smaller sizes but I don't do that so much anymore oh, maybe a new work out top or workout pants once in a while when I can find a good sale but now that I am so far into my journey I just relish that feeling of accomplishment when I finish a workout or step on the scale and it is closer to my goal.
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