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Day 31 - Four and a Half Weeks DONE!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Today is the day. The last day of eating bare bones on this elimination diet. My stomach has been doing well all week, no complaints from my digestion system. No more gas, no more discomfort, and the bloating... well ladies, it's just "that time" so we'll not talk about that.

I am currently *almost* 15 pounds down from where I started January 1st. But the elimination diet wasn't started to lose weight (that's just a lovely side effect). It was to see what is causing me grief in the food-world.

And tomorrow we begin.

Tomorrow I am my own guinea pig. And tomorrow, the first food I add is:


mmmmmm. Guinea Pig Coffee...

This nicely co-incides with the day that I FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH PHOTO EDITING. So excited! There are many more things on my to-do list but this one thing, being fully caught up with editing, has not been achieved since 2007. Today is a grand day to celebrate. Except that I'm putting the celebration off until tomorrow. When I can have coffee....

I should be in touch more often now as I start to put foods back in my diet... and now that I just may have a bit more free time... (wow, cherish the thought!)

Tomorrow I also hope to start my 3 bag system that I had to put aside until I was finally and officially caught up. Big changes starting tomorrow... everything seems a little more dance worthy...

Did I mention I can't wait to have coffee again??? emoticon

Hope everyone is well!
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