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Water Adventures

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I live on lake so technically I can swim whenever I want at least from May through September. But I don’t. I don’t like to share my water with fish and they were there first, so I stay away.

Even if I could coexist with fish, there are jet skiers and boaters who don’t observe the “no wake within 50 feet of a dock” rule. It’s the same reason I can’t bike on our narrow country roads. I’m going to get the worst of any collision.

There is a pool at the YMCA in town. DH swims there all the time.

Today I couldn’t take the pollen anymore & decided to workout at the gym. I really was in the mood for something different & noticed a water aerobics class on the schedule. Maybe I would try that. So I packed a bathing suit just in case.

Problem 1:
The schedule said class was 10:00-11:00, but when I arrived at 9:45 it was well underway. Both the website and the printed schedule were wrong.
Since I was already in my suit I decided to join them anyway

Problem 2:
The class was huge. There was very little room left. Although they were rather packed in along the wall, they made room for me. Nice ladies. Obviously a popular activity.

Problem 3:
They had a set routine that everyone seemed to know except me. I had flashbacks to step aerobics and Zumba when I was always standing on the leg the instructor wanted me to kick. I flapped around for awhile trying to watch the lady next to me.

Problem 4:
I was slipping and sliding, but the others weren’t. Finally I noticed that everyone was wearing water shoes. I didn’t think about that piece of equipment.

Time for an alternate plan. I was already wet and two lap swim lanes were open.

Fortunately my swim bag contained a cap and googles and my nose plug. I got all my gear on my head and noticed a toddler staring at me. He was about to have a swim lesson. I bet I looked like a big frog to him.

I’m not a natural in the water. I learned to swim at age 28 after having 3 kids. I couldn’t even float. I never even put my face in the water.

Growing up in Brooklyn in the 50s, water to me was jumping around in the waves at Coney Island, or running through the spray from the fire hydrant that the boys used to open up in the summer until the police would arrive to shut it down.

I alternated freestyle and breaststroke for 30 lengths (750 yards) and felt pretty good considering I hadn’t swum a stroke in 3 years. I could tell that my recently rehabbed frozen left shoulder was weaker than my right. Maybe I’ll try this once a week to strengthen it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you for trying something new, and adapting when that didn't work out as well as expected. Maybe it will become something you enjoy, but you jumped in and got your feet wet. (pun intended)
    2496 days ago
    That's called making lemonade from the lemons life sends you! I couldn't get the hang of zumba, either - in fact, I hated it because I hate any situation I am in where I don't know what is expected of me. I also learned to sort-of swim as an adult. Took lessons as a child, but was a failure at them. Now I can get across the pool and that is all I ask of myself.
    2497 days ago
    I used to love the water aerobics class I went to on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 1 and the instructor for it. Usually it wasn't as crowded as you described which would definitely turn me off! It was the only indoor public pool and belonged to the hospital, which has a gym and also physical therapy in the same buiding The equipment was separate but the 3 pools (each one smaller) were shared and only open for classes or public swim at certain times. Otherwise the therapy dept had it. But it was in another state and I moved away from there and haven't tried one in this huge metroplex I'm in now. I might deal with the fish but the wakes would be hard for me to take too.
    2498 days ago
    That is great that you tried something new. Maybe you will like doing laps. I felt the same way in a zumba class. I could not keep up. I would not have thought about water shoes either! I grew up at the beach so I love the water.
    2498 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12377244
    Good for you for trying! emoticon
    2498 days ago
    YAY for braving the pool!!!!! (And I'm not fond of lakes, it's the plant stuff that grabs my feet that freaks me out!)

    It takes a while to get used to water aerobics classes, everyone is klutzy at the beginning. But it's good low impact exercise, and the water provides added resistance.

    Swimming is GREAT exercise - really tones the muscles while providing cardio. One of my fave activities.

    And I'm another one who learned to swim with my face in the water late in life - as I child, I learned to swim in the Hudson River, but kept getting conjunctivitis from the dirty water. So my mom told me to just swim on my back. I could swim a mile on my back by my teens, just never got the hang of swimming with my face in the water til I took a swim class at the YMCA in my 30s. Now, I'm a certified and advanced scuba diver, and absolutely at home in the water. Just stick with it, you'll improve and feel comfortable after a while.
    2498 days ago
    Here's to your bravery, sense of adventure, and a salute to all forms of cross-training! emoticon
    2498 days ago
  • DR1939
    I'm not a fan of swimming. In Texas there were very few indoor pools and anytime I got near water I got a serious sunburn (skin cancer now as a result). I took swimming lessons as a child but did not keep it up. It's not my thing.
    2498 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    2498 days ago
    I nearly drowned three times in my youth, so water had not really been an option for me. I finally learned how to swim when I was 21, but was awful at it and stayed near the edge of the pool in case I had a panic attack. When we lived on the canal in Miami, I got my youngest swimming lessons-he's great. The four older ones had swimming lessons in OH because I wanted them to learn young so they wouldn't be afraid.
    In 2010 when Erik had his accident I went to swim in the community pool. First I tried across the short side until I could barely move, then when I could do the short side 3 times back and forth I started doing the length of the pool. Pretty soon I was doing 6 rt the length of the pool. I lost weight, calmed my nerves and improved my confidence. I will never be able to save anyone, but I may be able to swim to save my life.
    Swimming is a good all around exercise with low impact.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2498 days ago
    That's a lot of swimming! I'm impressed.
    Reminds me that one of the criteria for graduating from college was passing the swim test. And the posture test, and the repelling out a window with a fire rope test. Ah, those were the days.
    2498 days ago
    Having access to a pool is so awesome. It's pretty pricey around where I live so I keep it for the free outdoor pools that only open for three months during the Summer. Hey, better than nothing :P
    2499 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3692258
    Good for you for trying something new.
    2499 days ago
    I can relate to your lack of previous swimming experience. I had to pass a swimming test to graduate high school and somehow managed to get from one end of the pool to the other, but I was sure I'd die. Now, with a pool out back, I feel like water is a new element for me, where I can feel as if I'm flying weightless.
    2499 days ago
    I'm glad you tried something new and was able to change plans when it didn't work. I hope you enjoy your pool time!
    2499 days ago
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