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Cary Grant and Me and my Shoes

Sunday, May 11, 2014

On a whim I followed a link to one of those online quizzes. It was to determine “which classic leading man should I marry.”

Cary must have been a winner by a hair since my movie preference (To Sir with Love), my interest in Musicals, and outdoor activities would have indicated that Sidney Poitier, Fred Astaire or John Wayne had the edge.

The final explanation about Cary included: “He dresses better than you do”

Ha Ha – My response – “Doesn’t everybody?”
These are the only shoes in my closet

They are ALL athletic shoes.
The bright ones are for running
The light colored ones are for wearing around every day.
The black ones are my “good” shoes. I wear them to church or to meetings. I used to wear them to work too before I retired.

Once these are on my feet, thoughts of “fashion” become irrelevant.

I forgot. I do have a pair of sandals that my orthotics fit into. My mother once asked “isn’t that the kind the gladiators used to wear?” Yeah, they’re not dainty.

OK, I do have one pair of “dress shoes” for weddings or maybe a reunion. I carry them to the event and put them on only when I absolutely have to.

Probably because I just typed about “shoes” on my facebook page, I’m being shown photos like this.

So much for targeted advertising.
It’s not yet smart enough to realize that I am hardly a potential customer.

Hmm, it looks like fashion has created a hybrid of the platform shoes of the 70s and the spiked heels of my youth – the kind of shoes I abandoned after watching my mother and her sisters hobble around in their later years.

I hope anyone wearing these things for any length of time has strong foot and leg genes.

Here’s the link in case you would like to check out for yourself your ideal mate of yesteryear.

I’ve taken these types of quizzes before.

I’m Maria from the Sound of Music,
Guinan from Star Trek, the Next Generation (the Whoopi Goldberg character),
and from the Bible just call me Mary Magdelene.

I wonder which of those ladies would like to marry Cary Grant?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LEWILL1982
    I have a closet full of tennis shoes, sandals and boat shoes. The heels are there, collecting dust, they don't get worn much. I can't walk in them and they bother my calf. I love my Brooks, I have the green ones like yours!
    2480 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9543726
    Cary Grant has a fantastic sense of humor. :D
    2480 days ago
    I got Paul Newman!
    2480 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14291083
    They gave me Paul Newman, but heck, I wanted Gregory Peck. emoticon
    I have big broad feet. As soon as fancy shoes became uncomfortable (forties) I gave them up. I'm not going to damage my feet in a futile effort to look dainty. emoticon
    Thank you for your fun post. You can't imagine how much I needed it. emoticon
    2480 days ago
    I think you and I are 'sole' mates...I wear one pair of sandals 95% of the time, even in winter (I add socks in winter), "dressy" (not really, but slightly better than the others) sandals to church, and ugly, ugly lace-up shoes to mow the lawn. I swore off heels back when I was a teenager and realized what my mother had done to her feet by wearing spike heels for years.

    I don't have any athletic shoes that fit, but I haven't yet managed to do any exercising without pain other than walking (which becomes painful if I do it long enough), so I don't need them right now.
    2480 days ago
    Looks a lot like my closet!d
    2480 days ago
    Paul Newman, apparently (of course I did choose to "be" Joanne Woodward!!)

    And . . . afraid I have a ridiculous number of pairs of shoes including some with ridiculously high heels (at age 63). Oh dear oh dear, I am so hopelessly frivolous.
    2480 days ago
    With age comes wisdom! My closet looks much like yours. I actually wore my WEDDING shoes for my DD's First Communion yesterday, since I do not buy dress shoes.... Oy!

    prefer emoticon myself. I use an old pair of running shoes as slippers!
    2480 days ago
    I cannot look at high heels on or off a person without thinking "ankle bones in open packed position" PTA school ruined high heels for me.

    For those of you not in the profession, joints can be in a "closed packed" or "open packed" position. Open packed = unstable, closed packed = most stable. So, you are most likely to injure your ankle in an open packed position, therefore, you are risking injury every time you put on those high heels.

    I will admit that I have a lovely pair of high-heeled dress shoes that I will not part with due to how they make my calves look, but I carry them to the "formal" event, put them on for the minimum time necessary, then change back into something practical if I have to walk any distance.
    2481 days ago
    I'll trade you a Sidney Poitier for your Cary Grant. (Just took the quiz, and that's who I got.)
    2481 days ago
    I don't need a quiz to tell me that Gregory Peck is my destiny. Cary Grant isn't bad at all, though -- lots of charms there. Your second husband could be John Wayne; I'm sure he'd have appreciated the running shoes as a later-day western boot.

    (Wayne? Really? I'd never have thought of him as husband material, but this incident made him look different: Perhaps in the early '70's, a friend moved to L.A. for grad school in music. She had reason to stop at a Toys R Us. While she was browsing in one aisle, she heard a John Wayne sound-alike in the next. Curiosity took her around the corner. There was Wayne himself, the genuine article, shopping for toys with a little boy. In all his larger-than-life-ness, he was sweet, solicitous, charming and gentle with the child.

    2481 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2014 10:15:23 AM
  • DR1939
    Years ago I had the two smallest toes on each foot broken, the bone scraped and shortened, and reset. The podiatrist told me never to wear heels again. I haven't. I do wear shoes with a 1-2" heel because it gives a lift to my step and makes walking easier.
    2481 days ago
    I grew up loving Gary Grant movies. I am also a tennis shoe addict and usually have a pair on. I carried my shoes with me to a formal event so I could change later for walking.

    Interesting blog,

    Happy Mother's Day to you.
    2481 days ago
    Love your shoes! That's about what mine look like, add in some green tinged pairs for cutting grass! LOL! I am all about "function NOT fashion". Happy Mother's Day!
    2481 days ago
    They gave me Cary Grant, too... considering how many of the questions I wanted to answer "none of the above" to on these quizzes, I'm always surprised by the outcomes.

    Happy Mother's Day!
    2481 days ago
    Cary Grant was one gorgeous man! The joy of movies is that he will never age.
    2481 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Great shoes (yours, not the ad's)!
    2481 days ago
    I can't wear high heels anymore. I bought a pair of black pumps recently and I'm just not able to wear them all day long like I used to. And I'm only 24! Girls all tell me I should wear them more often so my feet get used to it but hey, no thanks.
    2481 days ago
    Cary Grant was really FUNNY. The scene from" Charade" where he plays pass the orange with a heavy older woman is priceless. You're funny, too. Maybe that's why. I'mm all into zero drop shoes, now since my metatarsal problem. I had no idea I was running in high heels. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2481 days ago
    The title of your blog grabbed me.I have been a fan of Cary Grant for many years. I have watched Bringing Up Baby a couple dozen times.

    I took the quiz and I got him too. How bout that! I was born too late.

    2481 days ago
    PS - I just got Sidney Poitier! Pretty funny since I actually knew one of his daughters in elementary school - she had cool blue shoes and long legs and was the best at Chinese jump rope (the stretchy band kind of jumping, remember that?) because she had those long legs!
    2481 days ago
    I can absolutely see Mary Magdalene with Cary Grant, LOL!!!!!! (And when I did the biblical women quiz, I too got MM - pretty funny since I'm Jewish!)

    Cary was HOT!!!!!
    2481 days ago
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