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My Susie passed over the Rainbow Bridge Today.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

My little fearless Jack Russell Terrier, Susie, gave up her fight today. I could see it in her eyes this morning telling me she had given it all she had & she was ready to go. You see she had cancer, a melanoma that had started in her gum/teeth area and the vet said had likely spread. There was nothing they could do. We brought her home crying tears of sadness at the inevitability of what was to come. We wanted her to live until her 16th birthday which was the 11th of November, and she surpassed that with flying colors. She acted like a pup again for a couple of weeks, and then around Thanksgiving things began to change. She still didn't seem to be in any pain, just sleeping around the clock, but this weekend, eating became a chore for her, and today it just was going to happen.

Susie was the runt of her brood, but she never let that stop her. She was very ill the first year of her life when a bone chip broke lose from her spine & caused her to have a stroke. We thought we would lose her, but she fully recovered, even though she always walked & ran crooked to everyone's amusement. She has taken on gigantic dogs swinging from their ears or tails, whatever necessary to keep them in line. She chased a deer out of our yard through a creek and over to the woods once. She's tried to mother cats, chickens, and other dogs all her life. Her and our other rescue, who also recently passed, trapped & killed a groundhog that was bigger than either one of them in a drainpipe while their "mom" stood helplessly listening because she couldn't get to them. I loved her and while I'm sure I'll have other dogs; there'll never be another Susie.
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