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Doing A Happy Dance

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

So after wondering how my morning walk got posted on my pg. without the actual physical presence of my tracker( It had gone missing) I went on with my life. I thought maybe one of the dogs had swallowed it (the big guy will eat just about anything) and that would be the end of that. No more phantom readings. DH's leg was swollen and then it turned kind of purple. Off we go to our local clinic and the nurse says it looks like a DVT, deep vein thrombosis and so off to the emergency room at the hospital. It was a 60 mi. drive and then we waited and waited and waited. The Dr. had appts till 5 and then came over. He looked at it and said blood workup and then went off for about 2 hrs. to attend to about 8 other people. The blood work came back around 7 and it turns out DH has a different condition called a Baker's cyst and as much of a nuisance and pain as it is, all one can do is tend the symptoms. Hubby insisted on eating Chinese (which he loves and I don't) and we were finally home by 9. By this time he is in agony again. One thing this told us was that car travel for long distances is out of the question for a while. So I will be off to the city (4 hrs. drive) for my CT scan and the results of the biopsy of the sore in my mouth by myself tomorrow. Now I am leading up to why this blog was written in the first place. This morning I got up, prayers, and got dressed and off I went with the two dogs for our walk. When I returned I took off my left boot and my outer pants hit the floor with the hem and went CLUNK! Now, they are nylon ski pants which I found at the reuse shed 3 yrs. ago, light and ugly but there is no reason they should clunk. So I checked the hem and in it found a lump which was my tracker. That is the reason they only recorded my first thing in the morning walk. I did not wear them the rest of the day. Mystery solved, no twilight zone, one very happy owner and life is good. I have always been kind of amazed how if I lose something and say a sincere prayer I always seem to find it. Never has that failed me but yesterday I thought well just this once I guess. Score: The Almighty batting a zillion and this worthless sinner still benefitting from humbly asking His help. emoticon emoticon
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