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I'm EXCITED!!!! 4 years; 210 weeks; 1470 days with SparkPeople, TODAY!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

emoticon 3-16-16 Today is my Spark People 4th year anniversary! emoticon

I WAS= 51 #'s over weight emoticon ; unmotivated; emoticon eating from boxes & bags; emoticon many fast food places every week; emoticon although active emoticon I was not doing focused exercise; not visualizing my goals & on & on! I do not like, even typing the negative things! emoticon

emoticon TODAY I AM= Happy emoticon , full of ENERGY emoticon ; learning how to maintain, emoticon (I am still going back & forth with 8#) I DO consider myself having maintained all these days, because I am within my personal range of 10# up or down. I drink 10 glasses of water a day, no matter what! emoticon I create quart sized raw veggies bags, emoticon weekly= carrots, asparagus, cabbage, snow peas, celery, jicama; etc. & ALWAYS have my lunch cold bag emoticon ready to jump into my car. emoticon As well as a change of clothes, in case I find a hike I want to take on a moments notice emoticon. As soon as I get home, I refill the lunch bag with healthy cabs emoticon & proteins, emoticon re-freeze frozen packs, frozen water, ready to reload for the next days fun outings!

emoticon I have also incorporated 'green' drinks into my life= baby greens, protein powders, Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, bananas,(seasonal) lot's of unsalted canned pumpkin, green powder & unsweetened almond milk. DH even asks me for these, now! Breakfast 4 times a week. I keep hearing through out the site that eating healthy is costly. Seriously? Going to McD's can cost me $10.00 for 'food' that makes me feel AWFUL & sleepy! I take that same $10.00 & shop at Costco, Sam's for organic veggies & fruits at 1/2 the cost. I may have unhealthy moments, but never unhealthy days. I eat 80% emoticon & 20% questionable emoticon . My unhealthy emoticon choice now is dark chocolate or over eating. emoticon Xylitol gum gets me through the moments of "am I REALLY hungry?" IF I have finished my veggie pack AND still want something, then I go ahead & have it. NO MORE unconscious eating or guilt!!!! It can be a McD dipped cone 300 cals. But ONLY 1 time a week & only if it fits into my daily food tracker. YES! I track food & fitness, EVERY day. emoticon ALL of these ideas are in Chris Downie's amazing book emoticon I have on cd's & listen EVERY week. OK, I'm getting off my soap box! When I was in a VERY unhealthy space, I 'asked" my Angels for a BIG sign for help & 10 minutes later I read about SPARK land! It saved my life at a cost I could afford, FREE! Why wouldn't I continue? emoticon An answer to my prayers! emoticon There is an old saying, 'WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER APPEARS" I was & SP appeared!

emoticon I have found Zumba live-free 3 hours a week; Flash Mobs ( a new community of friends for me); emoticon Volunteering 5K Santa run- yearly; emoticon weight machines; swimming; walking our LADY LUCY THE WONDEROUS CIRCUS DOG, emoticon almost daily; Sheppard Pilates DVD, 2 times a week. My commitment to myself is at least 120 daily minutes of exercise, it is usually about 160.

I try new things, easily emoticon ; I have gone from a size 22 to 13-14. I love buying & receiving new clothes, emoticon PLUS I love releasing all of my 'fat' clothes, (except 1 pair of fat jeans, to REMEMBER where I was)! I am an example for my DH & other friends & family members; joy filled; excited to wake up every day; able to handle stress SO much better &&&&&& all because of Spark People! Even though my trackers are not showing what they should, I HAVE logged into Spark people EVERY day, since 3-16-12. I KNOW I have & that's all that counts! Also, I have joined MANY teams (43) & have found SO much joy in my SP friends! emoticon I check in at least 1 time a week to each team. I gave up TV to do it! I was watching 8 or more hours a day! Now it is down to only 2 & only shows that truly inspire me! 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Biggest Looser', 'Big Bang Theory'. Including, 'Tiny Living' (this show helps me release clutter). I work from home, on the computer & listen to inspirational YouTube videos; Abraham-Hicks & Karen Drucker, to name a few & my favorite music from my play list. ALL of this helps me focus on my desires. When I am happy, everyone around is happy, too! This website works for me, I 'play' with as many tools as I can & keep learning & experiencing SP. I share SP with almost anyone who will listen! emoticon I recognize I am the ONLY person who can keep my "party" emoticon going, as far a motivation, goes! emoticon Maintaining has been quite difficult at times, but with all the support this site has, I'm doing it! Creating a healthy me, daily, to the best of my abilities, abilities I did not know I had, until emoticon !

emoticon Thanks for reading & commenting! It is because of YOUR emoticon support that SP works for me! I will be adding new messages to this blog, over the next few weeks, feel free to check back, if you are inspired to do so!

This week's updates: (I will write a new blog, when this 1 stops getting comments. I LOVE the comments! emoticon )

emoticon 3-17-16 UPDATE: Happy St. Patti's emoticon day for those who celebrate! May the green shine on all of us & bring us even better health & understanding! Yesterday I went to my favorite thrift store to find a present for reaching my 4th year, goal. The Angel in the photo is titled "JOY" she looks like EXACTLY how reaching this milestone goal, feels! I also bought myself my favorite flowers, Freesias. Can you smell them? (I never spend money on cut flowers, but this is a special occasion. The ones I am growing haven't bloomed yet!) Also, I want to let you know, all of your comments to this blog, brought me to tears. The love & support we share is what I think makes this site, work! emoticon again, Chris Downie, I truly love you & listen & act upon YOUR incites!

emoticon from me 3-18-16= emoticon Up this week, toooooo much partying emoticon & salt for my 4th year emoticon Sparaversary! At least I KNOW emoticon what to do! emoticon Today I have already cleaned emoticon 180 minutes....1,0000 calories down! emoticon! Date nite with DH, emoticon Clean house! YES!!!! emoticon

emoticon 3-19-16 about my day= "MAY THE PEACE OF INNER SELF BRING US JOY" Yogi tea- Off to hike emoticon 2 hrs. Wetlands & cont. celebrating my 4th year, Spakversary emoticon in health & energy & work off extra emoticon calories! Have a fun day & I will too! emoticon emoticon

3-20-16 emoticon emoticon I'm doing better getting back to my normal routine, eating wise! emoticon emoticon emoticon I released the weight I gained from celebrating my 4th year Sparkaversary. emoticon I KNOW how to get back to it & that makes me VERY happy! emoticon emoticon Yesterday's hike was a little too much heat! The sun emoticon came out sooner than I was ready for! After a 2 hour hike, in the sun, I rested the rest of the day! Slept 12 hours. DH was wondering if I was ok. I took it a little easier, today. Only 120 minutes of exercising. Very clam, exercise. Walk LUCY & Sheppard Pilates DVD for 20 minutes, instead of 40. Doing better, now!

emoticon Update from me, today= 3-21-16 emoticon to my Fairy God Daughter!, (no really!) Back to work & play & Zumba & lunch for my Zumba teachers Birthday, too! emoticon I'm feeling emoticon & hope you are too!!!!! emoticon

emoticon 3-22-16: " HAPPINESS COMES FROM CONTENTMENT" Yogi Women's Energy tea. Hi! Today is a beautiful VERY windy day! emoticon 35-40 MPH! I'm being safe & keeping our dog inside, WOW! Zumba today, too! emoticon Be the person you WANT to be & I will, too! emoticon

emoticon 3-23-16 Happy International Migratory Bird Day! I'm off to the Wetlands to watch & celebrate! YES! Have a blessed day & I will, too!!!! emoticon

emoticon 3-24-16 A day of trying to figure out my role, in helping a family member who usually does not want help. emoticon It is a fine line! Zumba was fun today! emoticon Off to walk LUCY pup! emoticon Be healthy & I will too! emoticon

emoticon 3-25-16 for voting "Most Popular Blog' 3-16-16 FUN! emoticon emoticon It's time to go weight in, can also mean, It's time to go WAY in, as in meditation! HAHA emoticon

emoticon My update: 3-26-16 Happy Saturday, Easter eve! emoticon to my 3D friend, JOMarie! I'm off to hike in wetlands, emoticon although getting windy! Then Costco for flowers for DH Mom & organic veggies emoticon emoticon ! Have a whimsical emoticon day & I will too!

emoticon 3-27-16 Happy Easter! Computer down before we celebrated with DH family... so I'm flying! THX for your support! emoticon

emoticon 3-28-16 Welcome to a new week of getting it right! My Zumba emoticon teacher has changed her days, (later in the week) so today I plan on doing my DVD, instead, (my usual BIG Zumba day) & Sheppard Pilates DVD. Can't walk LADY LUCY THE WONDEROUS CIRCUS DOG, it may get up to 40 mile per hour winds! emoticon I LOVE the Spring, but this wind is playing havoc, this year! Changes in the air & everywhere, right? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon from me today: 3-29-16 "LOVE IS AN ELEVATED SELF" -Yogi tea Be healthy emoticon & IN-Joy life emoticon emoticon & I will, too! Winds toning down a little. 30MPH, today, better! I am Thank-Full for my amazing life!!!! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 3-30-16 Today I am determined to stay motivated to make my life, my health journey, special. emoticon I KNOW I am the only 1 who can do it, for me. emoticon for all the support on this site! How would we feel if it closed down? emoticon

Sparklingme! AND yes I am!

My before.... I saw this photo at a VERY VIP event for Disney legend Lucille Martin & said, "That's it, I need help"!

Another before- Performing for Lucille Martin, in her living room. THX God I got help!

1 year later at Goal!

3-12-16 Performing for St. Pat's parade, most current!

The jacket I fit into a size 12! Darling, right!?!

My 4th year gift to myself, Angel "Joy"

Freesias 4th year gift from me, to me

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