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For the Love of Dog

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Quintus, our tri-color Heeler started acting lethargic over the holiday weekend, (what self-respecting dog doesn't choose a long weekend to get sick?) and by Monday wasn't eating or drinking at all. We got him into the Vet's office on Tuesday, and he was running a high fever. The Vet suspected tularemia -- rabbit fever, requiring a two week course of antibiotics -- or possibly plague -- yes, bubonic plague, which shows up here every year and requires all sorts of precautions. Doctor told us to watch for flu-like symptoms and swollen glands, and if we start to feel sick, to go straight to the emergency room. Fortunately, it's highly treatable with modern antibiotics.

An overnight stay in the hospital and some IV fluids brought Quintus's temperature down, and he's eating a little better today -- mostly canned cat food, which reeks. We've also got him on antibiotics for whatever he's battling. Pills, fortunately, not shots. But with the heat today, all the dogs are lying around like area rugs, so it's hard to tell if he's feeling better or not.

Meanwhile, the fruit trees we ordered in March arrived yesterday with tags saying "Plant Immediately." Company is arriving from out of state this afternoon, and we have to tell them we may have been exposed to plague. Hard to bring that up in casual conversation.

One of our goats is pregnant; three are cycling in and out of heat and the bucks have figured out the latch between the boys' yard and the girls' yard. emoticon So we will probably have more babies in five months.

Sometimes it just all hits at once.
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