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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've posted a blog, but with the major changes in my and that of my family's lives, it's time to post a bit of an update and the reason for my being here and there on Sparks as well.

(Pic taken a few days before his illness--looking fine!)
My 90-year old Dad had what we thought was a stroke a month or so ago. The ER dr. first said it was a stroke--due to his inability to speak--even though it didn't show up on a CT scan. He was transferred to another hospital and we were then told it was a viral infection of the brain as his MRI didn't show any sort of damage, other than one he had a few years back. While in the hospital, his blood pressure had suddenly sky-rocketed to a reading of 210 over I can't even remember the lower number right now--but definitely not a reading that anyone ever wants to see or have! They were able to get his readings down--but his speech was still mumbled and we had a hard time trying to figure out what he was saying. The dr. would say "say the word 'no'" to Dad and he said "ya ya." His favorite reply to everything. Either "ya ya" or when he tried to start saying something, "Aw nuts" which we never heard him say before, as he was aware of the fact that he wasn't able to say the words he wanted. Speech, physical and occupational therapists worked with him, and a few things improved, but not enough to be able to come home. He was sent to a local nursing home for rehab and this really was hard on him as well. But, due to insurance, the time came when we had to decide, does he come home or should he remain there. The good news--he came home!!!

(Another pic taken before, but with Mom always by his side as he is unable to walk without assistance due to Parkinson's.)
But now, Mom really can't leave his side and she is unable to go out in the yard or do other outdoor activities, as she is afraid of leaving him alone. So, I've been there most days (without internet access) when I can and we're hoping things will keep improving in time once the schedule gets set up for additional therapy, etc.

I apologize to my friends and Teams that I lead/co-lead as I have been missing more often than not--but I wanted to at least explain the reasoning of why.

emoticon and emoticon everyone for understanding! Have a Super Blessed Sunday and appreciate those in your life!

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