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What I have learned since June 3, 2016 gained 9#, YIKES!!!! 14# above goal, again YIKES!!!!!

Monday, August 08, 2016

#1. I stopped weighing in every day, on purpose, emoticon I thought maybe I was getting obsessive about the scale. I learned I NEED to weight in at least 3 times a week. Otherwise I do not keep my weight in check. emoticon It is just the way I am 'wired'. It is NOT an obsession for me. If I were on & off the scale several times a day, that would be an obsession. emoticon
#2. There is NEVER enough exercise emoticon , that over eating can remove!! I generally get at least 180- 260 exercise minutes, a day. This includes ALL I do. Cleaning house, emoticon walking LUCY emoticon , Sheppard Pilates DVD emoticon , ZUMBA emoticon , Hiking emoticon , Flash Mob emoticon , Swimming emoticon or even going up & down the stairs in our home emoticon . Yes! I eat VERY healthy foods emoticon for my body, with all the sweating I do, the Electra-lights I drink I STILL really CRAVE salt, sodium. This is not a little nudge, it is a HUGE need, my body asks me. I try to only eat as much as I truly need. Usually it is on "Naked Popcorn" after a serving, I don't have the craving any more. With SP I have learned to listen to my body. emoticon I keep the foods perfect 80% of the time. emoticon

#3. IF I could not eat while I am doing other things, I KNOW my weight would go down. So why don't I chose to do this? My new goal is 1 meal a week, to start. VERY baby steps. emoticon THIS is the #1 hardest thing I do. My veggies or yogart while I drive, after Zumba & work. It keeps me out of fast foods. At the computer, (I'm eating sliced apples, right now!) & dinner my favorite tv shows. It's the only time I watch tv. I've given up MANY hours with SP & traded watching for playing with exercise. emoticon

#4. This last March was the last time I measured my body. When I do it 1 time a month, I have a better clue of my inches. I am up in the hips & waist by #1 inch. The rest stayed the same & some even a little less. My weight REALLY likes to stay at about the mid 180's. That is 4# above my goal. But when I get back to goal.... it takes SO much dieting to stay there, & I do not diet, it is not worth it. The mid 180's is the average over the 4 years I've been SParking. I MAY move my goal up, but I want to keep trying to get back to it. Seems I can only stay there for a week or 2 & then BIG gain, again, back to mid 180's. I am going to figure out a new goal for THIS situation! emoticon I KNOW I will, I am VERY good at reaching my goals! IF you have any ideas about how YOU deal with this situation, let me know. AND yes! I track every day, I log in everyday, have since I joined 3-16-12. SP was an answer to a prayer emoticon , I'm not giving up now!

So theses are my top 4, situations. I am using THE SPARKS emoticon starting over, with new goals, baby stepping, that is how I got healthy with SP, in the first place. AND I AM very healthy, because of the teachings of Chris Downing, he saved my life, & I'm pretty sure he has helped MANY others! Including YOU? emoticon

My before

Current I'm on the end at Flash Mob rehearsal!

emoticon emoticon !!!!!!UPDATES!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 8-9-16 I have taken the advise of all of my BEAUTIFUL Sparkies, of what to check, to get back to goal. It all makes sense! I see I think I am eating too many carbs. I cut back yesterday & released 2#'s! Doing Happy Dance today! A little tweaking, still going on BUT, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my healthier heart! emoticon

emoticon 8-10-16 I'm off to Zumba, soon! YES!!!! LOVE the Olympics! emoticon Keeps me wanting to move!!!! Also, I reached my 'baby' emoticon goal of eating 1 meal a week, undistracted!!! I can do this! emoticon Week 1 of this VERY hard streak for me! YEAH!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon for all of your support!!!!!!! YOU are the emoticon !!!!!

emoticon emoticon 8-11-16 "LET YOUR MANNERS SPEAK FOR YOU" Yogi tea, I'll do it!!!! emoticon Let's go swimming! emoticon

emoticon 8-16-16 busy in rehearsals for my marionette shows. Kids this time! Need to stay rehearsed, working marionettes is like playing the piano, constant practice! I am blessed with this talent since I was 6 yrs. emoticon

Performing with Bozo, 10 years old

emoticon 8-21-16 Creating everything for new shows, PR including info sheets, business cards, photo sheets, etc. Rehearsing & spritzing up the marionettes. Busy week in between my 'other' job in DH business! emoticon emoticon

Moon set over a lake near our home, I took 2003!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your so interesting and I don't weigh in but, everyone is different.

    Keep trying! emoticon
    1664 days ago
    YES! I am so happy you got some new ideas from the community here.

    Keep on dancing it out, beauty!

    1664 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1664 days ago
    I try to have a protein with a carb and I've cut back on my carbs too. I've also cut back on my sugar but you have to find what works for you. There are good suggestions from our SP friends and if you've gone to premium you can contact the coaches for help (once a week).
    1664 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I often have difficulty with eating too many carbs. I have tried to push in more lean protein and fiber. It always helps me. emoticon
    1664 days ago
    The only thing I can think of is change snacking from apples to celery sticks or perhaps cheese or even peanut butter. Protein works better for me. This may not work for you but might be worth a try. Best wishes. Love your active lifestyle.
    1665 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    I would say to not fear a daily weigh in. I myself weigh myself twice a day. Without clothes, first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. What this provides is an accounting for what I'm going to look out for for the day, and a recap good or bad of what happened when I ate the things I ate that day. Also take seriously any weight gain, excusing the normal 2 pound weight fluctuation of the normal day, it is far easier to take immediate action over a small amount than to have to cope with a large amount that slid on unawares that could take weeks to work off. It's good to see you're eating veggies, keep them up and focus on getting your greens. Try cutting way back on wheat products and sugar. If you're having cravings it's probably candida on the rise in your gut. Get an herbal supplement to get rid of it, I use Candida Support by Now, I guarantee it works well. Also remember to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water. Remember there's 8 ounces in one cup. If your up for trying it I once did a three day cleanse which entails eating only apples, cooked or fresh. I lost seven pounds but be careful not to put it all right back on when you resume your normal diet. It was easier to do than I thought it would be, about eight apples or less per day, but it gets very boring really fast, so good thing that its only for three days. Yes continue drinking your water as well. Pick out some really yummy ones like Galas, or Honey crisps, or Pink Ladies. Make sure to get good rest too. Also eat your vitamins. Magnesium is great for energizing you, take 400 mgs. Also vit D. And Iodine if cutting out salt. For most people iodized table salt is their main source, so I take Icelandic Kelp tablets for a "natural" source. (Hey they're tablets after all). Iodine is for ensuring proper thyroid function, (can you say weight gain?). Drink green tea, in addition to your water allotment emoticon Bon chance!
    1665 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    SPARKLING..........You are truly Amazing with all you do!!! I can see how you have lost so much weight and look FANTASTIC!!! I just know you will keep going and do all your steps you have laid out for yourself. So HAPPY also to have you on our team and help to support everyone there!!! HUGS!!! emoticon
    1665 days ago
    emoticon It really is a Life Long Journey. You have a history of Success, so I know that you WILL Win This Battle, too!!
    1665 days ago
    1665 days ago
    You know you can add Sodium (salt) to the nutritional tracker on Sparkpeople. monitor it this way.
    Sounds like you pretty-well have it all under control with ur program.
    1665 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    This is a life long journey and there are going to be lots of bumps in the road along the way. But you are still here, still fighting to be your best, still taking the baby steps that need to be taken. Just keep on doing your best, monitoring your weight and sparkling as you do. We can do this together! One good day at a time.
    Spark on!
    1665 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1665 days ago
    You have fabulous insight, Sparkling! I am confident that you will shake off this weight again. The challenge never ends, but you have a great handle on exactly what you're doing and not doing. Sounds like success to me!!! emoticon
    1665 days ago
    Best wishes to you! I'm so inspired by how thoughtfully you're examining your situation and finding SOLUTIONS! You're awesome!

    1665 days ago
    I think you are doing well. You have found some things that you need to do and you are going to get back to them and I'm sure you will succeed emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    I love your focus and determination. I know you will get there and find a way to stay close to your goal weight. I know you track all of your food, but, do you always stay in your calorie range? Does your range need adjusting downward a bit?

    1665 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154
    Girl, I know you will do whatever it takes, and still keep yourself safe. I agree with you on the baby stepping, as that's exactly how I work mine, no matter where I am in my situation. I was just given clearance to start working out, two weeks ago, and even when I tried to go for a walk, I had to stop. I've been having one surgery after another, and this last surgery was for a prolapsed rectum. I know how it hurt before, and my rectum and my large intestines, were making a debut outside of my body, and there were for things that hurt me. Standing, sitting, walking, and the transition between sitting and standing. There were all distinctly different in their pain that they caused me. So, I had surgery on the 20th of last month and was given permission to exercise, doing anything I wanted to do. However, it's still too painful, so I will take my time and ease back into things. In the mean time, for an entire year I was not able to exercise, because of surgeries, and I've gained a whopping 40 lbs. I feel so sluggish, and bloated and I feel like I could swim in those feelings. YIKES!!! I'm praying that God will get me on the mend quickly, so I can at least start walking. Baby steps for both of us girl, as we both get back down to our goal.


    - Nancy Jean -
    1666 days ago
    First, emoticon to you. Maintenance can be tricky business and understanding the messages from our bodies is not necessarily straight forward. And, I know you can do it. Yes! emoticon

    We are all very different. But, here are a number of thoughts ...

    What did your nutrient ratios ( % carbs, % fat, % protein) look like leading into the periods you were around your goal weight? What do those ratios look like now? Would a slight tweak in those ratios help you? It is truly amazing what little tweaks can do.

    Do not fear fat and protein. Do not fear taking your carbs below the Spark recommended 45% - 65%. Be mindful of your energy levels and the quality of that energy. Does the energy have a nervous edge to it?

    Might your body benefit from some specific nutritional support?

    Stress (even good stress, stress from physical actvity, etc.) saps our bodies of B-complex vitamins. Is your body obtaining enough of those nutrients from the foods ingested to support your day-to-day activity? You are a very active lady!

    Those are the things that immediately came to mind. Trust yourself. You know your body best!
    1666 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/8/2016 5:52:32 PM
  • AAVAA90
    Do whatever that you can continue whole life
    1666 days ago
    I have learned that you need to do what is right for you, not for someone else. They say you MUST eat breakfast. I don't, never have and never will and I've lost weight. They say only weigh yourself once a week. I weight every morning as reinforcement for the previous day (and sometimes two days) eating and exercise decision - immediate feedback. My sodium is ALWAYS above the recommended amount but I figure I'll worry about that once my weight is in the "normal" category.

    Find what works and stick to it!
    1666 days ago
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