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Hi! To all my Sparkies! Creating a new marionette show! Many fun busy activities going on!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Incase you don't know, we make all of our marionettes & create all of our shows. I am in the process of getting a presentation together for a possible long team performance agreement, for children. Marionettes include ALL of the art forms. Visual & performing. Sorry I haven't been as accessible as usual. It take me many hours to rehearse, create promotion materials, line up the music, make sure the marionettes & puppets are "camera" ready &&&&&&. I am VERY blessed with this talent, since I was 6 years old. An opportunity has come up for me to play with the children for many months to come. Right now, it is a VERY serious, fun & a little stressful time. I will be showing my presentation for 6 different community non-profit organizations. They ALL have to agree, for me to perform. I want to make my materials as easy & clear as possible. IF I were to be able to present to each group, that would be the best, but I am only making 1 presentation to 1 person & she will share my packet with the people who will be saying YES! With the help of 1 of my marionettes, we will show her what we are capable of doing. Again, it is a FUN but hectic time. I am still doing all of my usual activities, My job with DH, Zumba, running our home, playing with LUCY dog, hiking, etc. I just wanted you all to know what is up with me! If it were not for Spark People, I would not have the health to go for this experience! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I think I might be doing the presentation this Saturday. Getting to express myself in this unusual way, is truly FABULOUS!!!!!1

8-24-16 THX VERY much! This photo is of JIMMY JOE JINGLES, he is so happy he tingles! The audience works him, too! WAY fun!

emoticon emoticon UPDATES emoticon !!!!!

emoticon I signed up for Premium today! Looks easy! YES! emoticon STILL creating promotion materials for meeting, to perform many marionette shows. Having to learn new computer program! Yikes! emoticon Working for DH, ready to travel away on Sunday for business 8 hours away! emoticon SO much in this week to do, but I am doing it!!!!! emoticon Zumba emoticon & walking LUCY emoticon today will help with the intensity! Good foods, too! emoticon

1 of my marionettes in the shows I will be presenting!!

emoticon 8-28-16 My presentation went VERY well, I should 'know' in several weeks! Today we are off to see the Wizard in an long, beautiful road trip! Healthy week to all! Love my Sparkies!!!!! emoticon

Walking in the Santa 5K, 2012 with my marionette! I'm in 'training' for this years event. I do this EVERY year, since joining SP! emoticon

emoticon 8-31=16 Bye bye August.... You were VERY rewarding! Re- Grouping after trip. Over ate WAY more than I should have. Ready to 'get back to it', as it makes me SO much happier, so much more energy, back to eating my 'real' way!! Tomorrow we get back to work & play & Zumba. emoticon

emoticon 9-1-16 Hello! New month, September! A whole new experience to get it done the way we 'really' want! We can do it, because we are!!! My log in days are 1606, not 1400 as reported yesterday. YES! That's ALLOT! This heart sunflower, I grew, several years ago, for these photos! emoticon

9-3-16 = emoticon After reading "SP artical10 ways to get organized for weight loss" I realized I am more organized than I thought! I've learned MANY tips from SP, that got me to this point! I KNOW when I do not have a clean house, SO many other parts of my life get discombobulated! We have a SP team, Flylady emoticon it's great for keeping things organized & 'together' for the day. I've spent 3 hours cleaning, today. Gave up a hike so I could, "get it together". I'll hike another day. I've been VERY busy the past 2 weeks, with promotion of my marionette business AND traveling for my 'real' job, my DH company. Not much time to do the deep cleaning, but my 15 minutes a day of focused organizing, REALLY helps! This included making my veggie packs & protein for my lunches when I am out of the house. emoticon There is something SO rewarding to me to cleaning our home. emoticon I LOVE the exercise & resting after its done, at least the chores for the day! (There is always more I want to do, but keeping to my list for the day, helps me not to go into overwhelm!) emoticon

My TINY house, LOL!!

9-5-16 I THANK each & every one of you, who read these words! YOUR support means the world to me! Be happy, healthy & safe & I will do the same! Photo of sunflower family I took several years ago!!

emoticon 9-9-16 I am SO happy to KNOW, today is a new day, a new time to focus on my goals & ask myself WHY, I do not want to keep doing them & gaining weight!? emoticon I'm over for several months, now, I KNOW I can do this! emoticon
Autumn Lady
emoticon Yes! I am 'getting a grip" on my eating & the scale is going down. I wish I did NOT care about the scale, but at this point I do. I TRY all the other ways of knowing I am in good health, but that darn scale REALLY has my attention! emoticon

Photo from yesterdays 2 hour hike!

9-13-16 3,000 life time miles! That is walking, not running! Yeah for me! Time for new shoes!!Walking with Lucy, too!

emoticon 9-14-16 Hello from me= I'm down several #'s. I bought new walking shoes at Costco & new Zumba shoes at Nike.... wild store! Feeling like myself again! Thanks for all your support during this time of 'not keeping it together'. I am now! YEAH!!!! I swam, did my Sheppard Pilates DVD, worked & did laundry, after walking Lucy! Watched Dancing with Stars, my favorite show! Flash Mob this Saturday! emoticon emoticon

Hi! From me on my way to perform, several years ago!

9-16-16 4 years, 6 months with Spark People!!!!! Today was measure day. I try to measure myself 1 time a month on the 16th emoticon , as that is the day I joined sp! Down 3# emoticon , after 'getting a grip' on my eating! GREAT for me! emoticon If I can, YOU can, believe me!!!!! emoticon emoticon

9-17-16 emoticon Today is ALLOT of moving! 540 logged minutes! Zumba emoticon this morning, swim emoticon , walk emoticon , Flash Mob rehearsal emoticon & Flash Mob! WOW! Keeping my energy up with green drink emoticon , electrolytes, protein bars & veggies emoticon !!!!! I couldn't do any of this with out SP tools & teaching! Happy weekend everyone! emoticon

emoticon 9-20-16 It feels GREAT to be doing my 'regular' routine. It's been a busy time with work(YEAH), Zumba, trying new things! Chris Downie is on facebook live on 9-26-16, I'm not on social networks, but FABULOUS for him! emoticon emoticon

With my Fairy God daughter, 9-16-16
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon Everyone= emoticon 9-23-16 I'm busy keeping my world in balance, too! emoticon Up 2# keep playing with calories. emoticon I FINALLY feel better after too much exercise last weekend! (Saturday was 560 minutes, allot for me!) Yikes, almost a week to recoup! Still doing my walking & Sheppard Pilates & Zumba, & working & just doing everything MUCH easier. I'm SO extreme at times! But everything 'hit' last weekend & I didn't want to miss any of the fun!!!! emoticon How are you doing???? emoticon

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