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First blog since... oh my!... June!?!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Sorry for the silence!
The most important part of this blog is a few paragraphs down; it could be entitled:

Much has happened in my life this year. And somehow I just haven't been able to blog. "Able" as in having the energy to sit long, to actually blog about much. We must periodically regroup and often it is wise to make NICE changes and additions to spice things up. For me, it's mostly physical. I've been in a fibro flare for several months coupled with some long-lasting, non-permanent problems with my foot (achilles tendenitis and plantar faciitis) I'm being patient, taking care of mySELF for a change and feeling quite comfortable that this is the last month of 2016.

Strange little occurrences keep cropping up that simply puzzle me rather than worry me.... and then I just laugh. When you slow down your pace, you do get to enjoy even things that are frustrating. Yes. Even as they happen. One example is something that happened beginning almost a week ago.


Because I'm having some mobility issues, I've hired someone to clear my car of snow whenever necessary this winter; he'll also move it when plows need to clear the lot. So last week I gave him a car key to use.

He helps others here in the apartments (for money of course) and has a procedure for keeping things straight. He takes the key to the car to be sure it works, puts it in a neatly organized container when separates the keys. Each key is labeled with name, phone number of owner, make of car and car license number. I'd given him the "mechanic" key which has no buttons. But when he tried my key, it would not open the car!

He called me and I went out with my key to see whether that would open the door. Lo and behold my key opened the car when using the little buttons... but would NOT open the car manually by the old fashioned method of insert-key-turn!

Within an hour I was at the dealership presenting my problem.... on the day before Thanksgiving. WD40 didn't work. And the locksmith would not be available until after the weekend. All weekend long I tried to keep the doors unlocked (they lock themselves...) and worried if my one working button-key wasn't in sight. If I lost the key and the car locked, I couldn't get in the car to drive. Yikes.

Yesterday the locksmith took apart the door and made necessary repairs. I also bought another regular key to replace one that 'died' last year, so now I have a working spare. Keys are really on my mind; can there be such a thing as too many spares!?

After shelling out $393, I want to share my costly lesson with a few words of new-found wisdom:

If you have a car key with an actual key for the door as well as push buttons on the key or a fob that will open the door, be sure you periodically unlock your car door/s the old fashioned way! Otherwise, you too may have a lock that rusts deep inside so that the key will turn (like my keys did) but not open the door. This is especially true if you live in an area where salt adds to the rust-causing factors.

Note that I have never before heard of anyone else having this problem and though I've told many people about it, no one I've talked to has known of it happening either. So. It's probably unlikely, but... why take a chance?!

Use the key as a key once in a while... just as a matter of precaution!

For one week, I had no way of getting into my car if I lost the one working key (with buttons)!!
Hope this saves someone the worry I went through!
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    Hey great minds and all..just did my first blog in several months as well!

    I've been trying to reclaim and dust off my "key" as well...! :-)

    1587 days ago
    Always good to hear from you! I've never heard of that issue before either, but frankly am surprised it hasn't happened to us! My hubby and I are seriously electronically challenged and if this was to happen to someone it would be us! LOL! Good advice! Yikes at the cost! Hope all your pain subsides soon! Peace!
    1594 days ago
    Welcome back 'Sam. Have missed you. I hope you are feeling better.
    That was expensive getting the keys sorted.
    Have a great December. emoticon
    1595 days ago
  • CH64412010
    Welcome back :) to the blogging world
    1595 days ago
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