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Sunday, April 16, 2017

I used to tackle things head on and stick with it, no matter what, until I reached my objective. This meant that I would overload myself with tasks, work to finish things in advance of their due date, etc. I did college in three years. I'd write my papers and/or study for exams well before the date needed. I'd clean the whole house at one time, even if I was feeling ill. I pushed myself constantly and as a result I was tense, anxious, at times overwhelmed. I really didn't enjoy myself since I was too busy doing what I thought I had to do at that minute. I rarely laughed.

Things are very different now. I don't read a book in one sitting unless I feel like it. In fact, if I don't like a book I'll return it to the library unread. If there is something that needs to be done, I keep in mind when it must be finished and pace myself accordingly. Sometimes I do just a little bit of the task and save the rest for when I am in a more receptive state of mind or feeling well. If I don't like something I won't force myself to eat it. (Last week I actually through some food out rather that stuff myself or save it to eat at another time.) All this sounds so logical, but I had to learn to treat myself with respect and not to take life so seriously.

I'm a very happy and contented person now. I don't often get stressed out, and if I do, I manage the stress so that it doesn't consume me. I find doing puzzles, reading, and watching TV get my mind off things. I have changed a lot and am enjoying life like never before.

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