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The Role of Books...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Books have been a lifeline to me. When I became a Christian at around 21, the King James Bible became my first teacher. As I grew, I learned that sometimes other versions say things in a way that I find easier to understand and obey, but King James will always be a favorite. As I continued on in life, I started having problems in certain areas, and since I had few mentors, books on my problem areas became my mentors.

I have researched finances, abuse and marriage, parenting and mental problems to name a few areas. Then there have been fiction and biographies. God has been very good to instruct me over the years.

I have just started putting some of these reads on Goodreads so that others who want to see some of my education can, and learn from what I've learned from. My name is Barbara Irwin, and you are welcome to see both what I have read and what I'm reading now. These types of websites (Goodreads) can be used to help others just like SparkPeople, so enjoy, and maybe you can be a resource for others too!
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