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“Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman” by Gail Evans

Thursday, January 17, 2019

I found this book review I wrote and thought I would share it.

May 24,2000

I am in Milan, Italy and just finished a book by Gail Evans, “Play like a man, Win like a woman.” After owning my own company for 25 years and working in a man’s world for 45 years, sometimes part time, being raised by a single parent and one that was a woman and career oriented, this was the most thought provoking book I have EVER read. I might add also from being a pioneer woman and a token woman on many boards and organizations. This book was interesting, funny and so full of recognizing myself or many other men and women. I wish Ms. Evans had written her book at least 40 years earlier and if my mother was alive she would have wished the book had been written at least 50+ years earlier.

My mother was one that worked in the Corporate World, she was the first woman manager at Dresser Industries. I am an entrepreneur, so I have seen both sides. Mrs. Evans has spurred me on! How? Finally a woman of my own thoughts that brought credence to my thoughts. I read another woman saying and thinking what I had.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not know or think everything in this book. No, I had never had the analogy of the men making their job a game! What insight! After 25 years my company seems so wearisome to me but I do not want to sell it or get out of it, I can now make it a game! That idea in itself empowers me, awakens my spirit, excites me, gives me renewed enthusiasm! WOW!!!

This book along with Maria Shriver’s new book “Ten Things”, makes me want to sit down and prepare a class for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls, maybe even 5th grade girls. Also a class for teachers so they will teach the girls and the boys the thinking differences of both sexes.

I believe in making a difference in lives that will in turn make a difference in the world. It was important for me to write this and date it and I will note on my calendar for the same date in 2001 to write the things I have done, the things I have done differently, the impact this book has made on me and other people by what I have done or said because of this book.

Thank you Gail Evans and all the people that influenced Gail Evans life so she would be able to write this powerful and thought-provoking book.
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    awww--Yu are so sweet---- I'm really not the Queen--- LOLOL---- Hugs, Lynda
    639 days ago
    Yu are pretty funny! -=-YES! He did get his chicken--terrible shopper however! --Never again --Next week , he is staying home!----= Gosh some days its hard to be married--- LOL--Lynda
    716 days ago
    too funny yu are! --No that hike meant so much to me--- --- respect my elders--=LOLOL--- I suppose--but--all my life I did that--- He is fine really with me buying the chicken to-morrow--- Good thing--- and its not snowing today--- a huge plus-- Lynda
    717 days ago
    I dont go to that vet who wants to do surgery--- I took her once for the surgery--- on the one leg-- I had to call him tho and ask his receptionist what the name of the operation he did to Tess--He came on the line and chewed me out----- It was a terrible conversation-- I am so happy that yu said that "I need a new vet"--- I grew--We will not ever go back to him-- Lynda
    776 days ago
    Great read. Thanks.
    785 days ago
    aww--Yer kind words and your inspirational blog here are a great way for me to start a day-Thank yu too!-Lynda
    803 days ago
    820 days ago
    822 days ago
    Yes! Sounds great! THX for sharing! I'll share, too!

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    823 days ago
    Thanks for this blog! I'm going to read the book! I'm also going to be giving it to my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. They are still young enough to learn and give serious consideration to how they" play the game" in building their careers.

    I also have Maria Shriver's book - now maybe I'll get on with reading it. LOL
    823 days ago
    Sounds like a great book!
    823 days ago
    823 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this!
    823 days ago
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