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Think Small and Achieve success.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Three weeks of the 5% challenge are behind us and we have started Week 4.
Right about now I start to get a little bored and think about not checking in each day, not doing as much exercise as I planned and definitely I am going to eat that cookie (maybe 2, 3?).

Motivation is unreliable as it is based on how we feel. We are not naturally motivated towards most behavior changes we wish to take on.

Enthusiasm generally decreases over time. Think how hard maintenance is.

But I will refocus and just look at what I can do in this week. I read a review of a Stephen Guise book and I thought this might help.

Set the bar so low you can’t fail, but do it every single day this week no matter what.

Never think a step or action is too small

Every day no matter what—whether it is cold, raining, if you are sick, tired, sad, busy, traveling, whatever. Promise yourself you will find 1 minute every day to do something physical.

1 squat or 1 push up on the floor or 1 wall push up or 1 step up and down on your bottom stair step

Sometimes even 10 minutes seems like too much but 1 minute is doable.

Create a habit this week that you know you can do. Nothing big or grandiose, no training for a 5K, no swimming 5 laps, no going to the gym, and definitely avoid that “Pump it up” exercise class at 5:30 am.

If you are already on a good exercise track, pick a habit that you would like to improve such as filing paper work, wiping up the kitchen counter, just do it for 1 minute everyday this week. You can always do more but don't push it.

Think small and achieve success.

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