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March 16, 2012 I joinedSP! 7 years!SO much healthier! Where are my inactive friends? I will add MANY

Monday, March 11, 2019

emoticon 3-11-19 I have been Sparking EVERYDAY since 3-16-12! 7 years!!!I emoticon emoticon emoticon LOVE SP land!!!! emoticon My life is SO much healthier because of the amazing, continual concepts I learn from our founder Chris Downie! emoticon !!

1 thing I can not understand is WHY people leave. I KNOW life gets busy & active & so much going on, that is 1 of the things Chris teaches, become more active. BUT, for a free, health site, seems odd to me! I have been going through my SP 'friends" list & going to each 1. IF they haven't Sparked in over a year or more, I delete them. I DO understand many people are sparking from their phones & not as many options from there. So when I go to their S Page, I look under latest trophies. IF they are still sparking I contact them to see if they still want to be friends. IF I don't hear from them, I delete from my Spark page AND my SP email contact list. I am about 1/2 way through. Yes! This has taken hours, but I felt it is time to 'tidy' up my contacts, so when I DO want to email or? The list is current. I've gone from 700 to about 400 & still have allot to do. It would be SO easy if SP could delete members who are inactive after say 1,000 days. BUT the problem with that is, MANY people go away & come back, knowing we are here for them. So I will continue to do it my way, works for me & that's what it is all about, right? emoticon

Thank you for being apart of my life! If I inspire YOU & you want to be SP friends, add me. I will help you when I can! I won't be adding so many people in the future, just one's that inspire ME! THX for reading!

(Celebrating my Mom 90 yrs & Forever Friend, January 5, 2019 Disneyland)

3-12-19 emoticon ALL for reading & supporting me, in my personal journey! emoticon

emoticon 3-15-19 I'm off to a trip, emoticon may not be around much next week, except to log in, as ALWAYS! emoticon Today is 2,555 days of SP EVERYDAY! Tomorrow is my Sparkaversary, as I have said, BUT 7 years is a BIG deal to me!!!! emoticon We CAN do this! Down in weight about a #, still want to get back to goal, 19# more to go. But feeling FABULOUS & healthy! I LOVE supporting you & glad YOU are here for me too! Happy St. Pat's day, if you celebrate! emoticon

emoticon 3-27-19 Safely home from a VERY fun, busy trip. emoticon emoticon dentist visit went GREAT! AND now back to work, catching up! Hope you are ALL wonderful, too!

emoticon 3-30-19 off to hike! Yes! I took photo, pretty right?

emoticon 3-31-19 Another month moves into the past! emoticon It was REALLY fun for me, more active & I feel FABULOUS! emoticon Took a long hike yesterday, emoticon was tired afterwards, but felt great! DH took us to a wonderful dinner. emoticon Today has been a rest day, emoticon just about 200 minutes of house cleaning emoticon mostly laundry & a short walk with LUCY pup! emoticon Spring is EVERYWHERE! emoticon Let's have FUN in this April, what do you say???? Are you in? emoticon

(yesterday hike, 1 of the ponds)

4-1-19 emoticon I just found out ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS migrate & fly 8,000 miles- Alaska to Mexico! WOW!!!!! Great for them!

(A photo I took in 2013)
emoticon 4-4-19 Did you see Chris Downie's message, possible new name for SP affiliates'? I love it!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon 4-8-19 THX for asking! The show went GREAT! The children are so cute! They made 'ponds' after show, with staff,so darling!

(at home before show)

emoticon 4-9-19 I've been working ALL morning & have more to do on the computer! The wind is fierce!!!!! 21 MPH, right now! No chance to take LUCY emoticon for her walk! Pretty spring day, emoticon though. 89 degrees! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 4-11-19 Welcome to Thursday! It's been SO windy, 36MPH I haven't been able to walk our dog, LUCY emoticon But seems to be easing up, so I'm off to it for her! I've been getting my walking in, inside shopping, emoticon

emoticon 4-12-19 LUCY got her walk, several times! emoticon She is SO darling! (she is a rescue & about 14 yrs. old! Our baby!) I took her to Vet for shots & took some photos! Yesterday we walked by the elementary school emoticon & they were doing a relay race. ALL different activities emoticon . We walked & watched & enjoyed the fun & energy! emoticon Tomorrow I am going to our local county fair. Lot's of walking! emoticon Plan on bringing my lunch emoticon , no fried butter for me, lol, yuck! Happy Friday everyone! emoticon Hope it is FABULOUS for you! emoticon

About my world today: emoticon 4-14-19 My BIG highlight yesterday was walking at the County Fair for 4 hours! It was REALLY fun. I loved seeing the animals & flowers! I don't go every year, but glad I did! Didn't get tired, either. BUT the biggest thing was I did not eat or be even inspired to eat Fair food! I look at all the offerings, then bought a turkey leg (ate 1/2) & frozen banana! & lot's of emoticon YEAH for me because of YOU! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
TODAY I've been doing 6 loads of laundry, (I only do it every other week, THX to FLASUN I have lot's of clothes, LOL) Cleaned bathrooms, etc. emoticon Getting ready to walk sweet Lucy. emoticon It was 68 yesterday & 86 today! WOW!!!! I'm still hoping for Spring, NOT summer! emoticon

emoticon 4-15-19 Today, after work, I took courage in hand & went to the Gym, after healing knee! (It's been 255 days ago!) BUT I did it! Yeah for me!!!!!! I only played for 30 minutes..... but what fun I had! Just being VERY careful! Elliptical, stomach press, knee presses, biking etc. Just plain fun! I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I HAVE been walking ALLOT & Pilates, but different mussels! Plus seeing people there of all ages, getting their groove on!

emoticon 4-17-19 "If you’re not thinking about a negative thought, your vibration is going to raise to its natural positive place." quote by Abraham-Hicks. (I love this teaching!) Good ((((((((vibes))))))))) to everyone! Happy middle of the week day!!!! I picked Honeysuckle for my desk this morning! SO pretty! Spring IS here!

emoticon 4-18-19 So yesterday, I was bidding on an auction for a purse I REALLY wanted. (White with hand painted peacocks on it, VERY expensive, new.) It came down to 24 minutes & someone else, out bid me, emoticon So I upped my price & watched until it came down to 16 minutes. I realized I was getting VERY stressed out, about watching the seconds go by. So I decided to do SP Nicole's seated 12 minute core workout emoticon , instead. It worked!!!! Instead of eating I exercised! Felt GREAT!!!! emoticon PLUS, I won the purse at a lower price! emoticon emoticon I realize this is a little thing, BUT SP has made such a difference for me, it is automatic now to think of my health, not a moments desire. emoticon

emoticon 4-19-19 I'm performing tomorrow at a Children's festival. emoticon I will be walking my marionettes around & just saying hi! For the Nature Preserve. Kinda like PR on strings!!! Should be lot's of fun! Then on Easter DH & I are having a little BBQ emoticon for us & his sister & nephew. Easy, GREAT, healthy foods! Have a great weekend everyone! Happy holidays! emoticon

4-20-19 emoticon emoticon I'm off to perform!

This is JAMII BERRY! We made her about 1969!

emoticon 4-22-19 Happy Earth day! I did SO much this past weekend, today is a total rest day, well, except for walking Lucy & working. MANY hours of performing & cleaning for BBQ, (it was WONDERFUL & healthy!) I KNOW you all remember to take care of our Mother Earth, & thank you for that!!!!! emoticon

(Salad, turkey & iced tea)

(flower planter from pop bottles on SP today!)

emoticon 4-27-19 Just back from a 3.5 hour hike, a Nature Preserve about 4 miles. It was getting warm as I was leaving. 96 degrees! I was VERY prepared, hat, sunscreen, water veggies, etc. Just beautiful! Hope you are all doing good, too! Healing, happy & healthy emoticon

emoticon 4-29-19 2,600 days of SP EVERY day! emoticon It works for me!!!!! Also, down 2#!!!! emoticon 21 to go back to goal! I CAN do it because I am!!!! emoticon Baby steps make it happen for me! All the support I receive AND give in SparkLand makes it ALL worth it! emoticon No language can describe HOW wonderful this site & YOU are! emoticon emoticon emoticon

(from 2012, my first year)

( April 6, 2019 Just before performance, our back yard, with our baby, LUCY)

emoticon May 2, 2019= Hi! Everyone else! I'm working & off to walk LUCY emoticon in this beautiful Spring Day!!!! emoticon

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