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Friday, May 03, 2019

emoticon 5-3-19 Our new favorite is MY LOTTERY DREAM emoticon HOME, LOVE David Bromstead, what a character! I was 1 digit away from winning 1 million on a CA scratch off! (I had 35 needed #36 emoticon ) Also, I watch Jeopardy. Are you watching "Jeopardy James?" He inspires me to learn!!!! WOW! emoticon Tomorrow I perform with LITTLE RED (she's light weight enough for me to walk around for hours) for a science fair. They had 14,000 people last year! FUN! Event. My first time. Just me & L. RED, not a full show..... but bringing attention to our nature preserve booth. I'll be getting in my exercise!!!!

emoticon 5-5-19 Have a great week!!!!! Happy & healthy! My "roaming" LITTLE RED, marionette yesterday was 4.5 hours of walking & talking to 500 people!!!! 14,000 at event! Do you know that May 4th is now an international holiday, for Star Wars!!!!! AMAZING! May the 4th be with you, always!!!! emoticon

emoticon 5-6-19 started today exploding out of bed for many projects! I'm packing for trip to see my Mom, 5 hours away! emoticon I'm celebrating Mother's, Earth, emoticon Furry emoticon & People! emoticon I get to hug mine in person, YEAH! Have a great week everyone! emoticon

(photo by SP AJ)

( Nov. 2018, her 90th)

5-9-19 Hi! Everyone! I'm packing & working & there is a BIG storm coming in..... off computer soon! I'll be gone about a week, seeing my Mama. Can't wait! I have several plans for fun. Just being together is the BEST!!! I'll be spinning the wheel of course, but not sure about teams, etc.! LOVE you all, stay healthy & SAFE! emoticon

emoticon 5-20-19 I had the most MAGICAL visit with my Mom (90 yrs.). I traveled to her, 5 hours away & then we went 3 hours to a BIG city. I took us for pedicures, our first time together. Maximum fun! We spent time with our family, brunch at a 5 stat resort! Delicious & healthy! Our great-niece was in a stage play of LITTLE MERMAID. REALLY fun trip! Also got some hiking in with her by creek side, she sat on bench out under sycamore trees. I did REALLY well with eating choices & got ALLOT of walking in! Also a couple of days at a B & B alone, being 'Me". I'm rejuvenated & ready to go! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 5-22-19 "There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self & learning how to use it & not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests & capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully."
~Juhi Chawla (THX to -Deby- for posting this on my Spage! Sometimes I forget!) emoticon

(Abraham-Hicks believes this too!)

emoticon 5-24-19 Happy Friday! Be safe this weekend all you who celebrate!

Our back yard re-do was done in 6 hours. Took 6 guys to trim pomegranates, Palms, & Queen Ann palms, (I guess they are VERY rare & like LOT's of attention. Ours our doing great!) AND remove 2 HUGE trucks worth, WOW! The gardener gifted us with 7 Bird of Paradise, hope they can make it in the heat, when it comes! SOOOO beautiful! Photos do not do it justice!


5-28-19 Just like some of you, DH & I are back to working today. We had some LOVELY time off together, we are so blessed to live in paradise!!!!! SO beautiful outside 65 degrees! LUCY emoticon & I got our walk in quite early. Doritos got me, this past weekend. emoticon couldn't stop eating them. We were at family house. I think they put 'something' in them to keep us eating them, NO kidding. I NEVER buy them for this very reason! I usually stick to NAKED popcorn, great product & SO low in calories, etc. emoticon

(more from our back yard clean up)

emoticon 5-29-19 Today I have been Sparking EVERYDAY for 2,630 days. I am a better person because of this AMAZING website! emoticon You ALL feel like 'family'. emoticon emoticon

5-30-19 emoticon everyone! Yes! It's been a time of fixing up our home. Last week was 6 hours of the dead plants, trees palms removal from back yard. Today was a day of the pool guy coming to see why the pool vacuum isn't working. A fan fixed in our bedroom AND a bid for a LOT of pigeon poo being removed, with out killing them. ALL of this cost SO much. But it's been needed for quite awhile. So no vacation for us. It will be in our back beautiful yard, instead! Sure would like to find a Handy man! Instead of each project 1 at a time. I keep looking & asking! We have a friend who is a handy man, but he lives in ND. We may just fly him in & get help, that way. Small things, but DH or I can't do any more. Not complaining, happy it's all getting done! emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon to MAY! 5-31-19 Last day, WOW! ZOOOOOOOOOOOM! emoticon Tomorrow I perform my marionette show at nature preserve. Glad it is indoors, it is 90 degrees. I volunteer up there. GREAT exercise & keeps me rehearsed! Summer has arrived! Be safe everyone!

emoticon 6-2-19 emoticon Seems like spring has left us, darn! 96 degrees emoticon , back to getting up EARLY to walk LUCY before concrete gets too hot! Cools down to about 75 at night. Before the 'real' summer comes, (115 or so) I will try to spend as much time on patio as possible! performance yesterday was FUN!!!!! emoticon

(Our back yard, a few years ago)

(my favorite! I made her in 1992!)

emoticon 6-3-19 I'm having a fabulous summer (almost) day! Walked LUCY emoticon extra long, sat on paradise patio for breakfast emoticon & will soon get back to work on the computer. emoticon Going to get up to 95 today. The birds love it! emoticon

6-4-19 My show on Saturday was SO fun, the children loved it & made butterfly puppets, afterwards! SO did I!!!

emoticon 6-5-19 I'm just working on keeping our world together today. emoticon It's going well, LUCY emoticon walked before gardeners came, 6:30 am emoticon . It will be 102 today. emoticon It takes me time to adjust to heat & air conditioning on all the time. We keep at 84.... still runs, most of the day. emoticon DH & I are going to Home Depot to get some new hoses & things to keep the plants & trees alive. They are on drip system, but trees need a little more, during the heat. Tomorrow will be 103 & 35 mile per hour winds. YES! They need more water! emoticon

(cute veggies from a SP friend, yummy, right?)
emoticon Hi! ALL! 6-6-19 emoticon the new hoses are working! Trees VERY happy! I put a soaker hose at their feet. PLUS the drip system 2 times a day. Happy baby's. emoticon emoticon Only need soaking 45 minutes about every other day. Our drip system is VERY accurate. Today, it will be 103 & 45 miles Per hour winds. emoticon We are staying hydrated. emoticon emoticon LUCY walk EARLY! emoticon I swam in the pool first time this year, yesterday. It was LOVELY! emoticon

(My Fairy God Mother & puppeteer, made this Fairy Prince Pod, darling right? VERY tiny)

(and this darling fairy, too!)

emoticon 6-7-19 emoticon So for almost 2 years, we have had SO much Pigeon poo around our home, we couldn't walk out onto the upstairs cover over deck! emoticon I tried to clean but it was just too much for me. TODAY emoticon we have hired a poo removal company. 4 hours & $1,000.00 later, we will be able to go out there. emoticon LUCYS emoticon favorite spot to view her world. emoticon The pigeons are not being killed, we live behind a 10 archer park. BUT they won't land on the house. Wire thingys, screens, etc. &&&&& will keep them off the house. It was a REAL mess. THIS company is doing an amazing job! Removing safety, everything. Did you know Pigeon poo is TOXIC to dogs? This is a BIG deal for us. Huge expense, so HAPPY to have the money! We are re-doing the yards, for our stay-cation environment. emoticon NO going away for us. emoticon BUT happy to be seeing results with all the clean up! Our beautiful castle! emoticon

(Sleeping Beauty's castle got a re-do, too 2019. Pretty, right?)

6-8-19 Hi! ALL, I'll make this quick.... need to rest! The over hang came out beautifully! LUCY loved getting out, before the heat comes. Only going up to 96 today! I hiked today, early, viewed MANY birds! Lovely! Then washed my car, now that the birds won't be dropping me any gifts. !!!! Made chicken soup. DH went to get his toe nails trimmed. He has a special lady, been with her for 15 years or so. LUCY & I had a quick walk & now ready to read, watch Tree house masters & relax for the day. It's 2:18 pm I'm ready for it.

Stay healthy everyone. Love hearing from you & seeing all the good stuff going on!

emoticon 6-10-19 It was a fun, relaxing, hiking weekend. Too windy to go swimming. Gonna be HOT tomorrow... a warning in place. emoticon (That means over 106) Up just before dawn to get outside things done. Extra watering, glad for new hoses! Walking LUCY, etc. Then in the house all day, working on computer, etc I REALLY do not like air conditioning. We keep it at 84..... but it goes on all day when temps are over 100. I can't sleep under it. But living here in SW, we NEED it! OK, I'm back to work! Have a great week everyone!

(posted on SP)

emoticon 6-11-19 After LUCY's walk emoticon & before the 106 heat hits emoticon , I took my car emoticon into a 'new' for me mechanic. Preventative maintenance. I've been searching for 3 years. My old, GREAT shop closed. I found the new 1 through AAA. Then read the yelp reports, AMAZING. Since my car need to be in the shop most of the day, I did errands in DH car. Truly CRAVING a cinnamon roll. emoticon BUT... Came home & made my sprouted cinnamon bread toast with coconut oil, cinnamon & Xylitol. Also 1 of my veggie packs I make to start the week. emoticon emoticon Took my craving right away! GREAT for me! emoticon

emoticon 6-12-19 emoticon My car is ready for another 50,000 miles! emoticon today & cleaned pool! emoticon a little in our paradise! emoticon Walked LUCY! emoticon worked several hours! emoticon Nicole's 12 minute seated core work out! It is almost 1:00 pm & I'm ready to finish the day relaxing! I LOVE my life! emoticon How are YOU doing? 2644 days of Sparking, daily! emoticon

( Lucy on her clean deck! 6-11-19)

(part of clean pool from our clean upstairs deck 6-11-19) We are blessed!!!!

emoticon 6-13-19 Another day of up before heat. I LOVE this website community! It IS about me, emoticon , my goals, my thoughts, my friends, emoticon It IS ME time! Today's adventure: up at sunrise (about 5am) Walk LUCY emoticon , house loving's in order, emoticon , breakfast on the downstairs deck, today I was CRAVING my chicken soup, just made 2 days ago. Strange for breakfast, but.... there you go! I REALLY listen to what my body wants) emoticon swim 30 minutes (still building up mussels, I was SO good at end of last year swimming cycle, surprised I need the time!) emoticon emoticon , putts-ing in yard. Today was the FIRST Gardenia bloom! emoticon I pamper that bush ALL year for these 2 weeks of pretties! They smell like heaven! They usually bloom on DH birthday June 16 through mine, July 6, about 2 weeks! (even the Gardner can't believe I grow them in this desert!) Gifts for us! emoticon emoticon Stay safe everyone! It will be 106 today, here! emoticon

emoticon 6-14-19 Our temps are HOT! 110 emoticon yesterday! With 35 MPH winds, yuck! emoticon Today up at dawn emoticon & walked LUCY pup emoticon , then DH & I swam in our pool, emoticon all before 9 am. Had a lovely talk with my Mom, too! emoticon Now back to work on computer, as we are house bound for awhile. I plan on hiking emoticon at sunrise tomorrow.... 85 degrees at that time. Hard getting in all the exercise I want, with the heat. I Love being outside!

(On SP this week)

6-15-19 I hiked before it got hot! 3 hours of hiking; walked LUCY; 1 hour of swimming with DH; then wash hair & my own pedicure; then to a lecture on Geology. It was GREAT! I didn't have it in school. Time to SPark & rest for the rest of the day.... I'm needing it! Felt GREAT to get out though! Tomorrow is DH bday; I'm taking him & his sister to his favorite stake house. I'll get their cobb salad, dressing on side. No cake for him, maybe something at restraint, key lime pie to sing over. Should be fun! Nite, nite! 106 right now! 4pm. Love you all!

emoticon 6-16-19 Happy Father's Day! To all father's, human, fur & feathers! emoticon to my DH emoticon I had low fat Chicken-Veggie soup I made, so we can go out, for his dinner! 3 hour hike yesterday. Walk & swim today, fun!!!! I'm doing GREAT! Hope you are too!

From yesterdays hike, I finished before it was 105!

emoticon 6-17-19 You’re picky about the car you drive. You’re picky about what you wear. You’re picky about what you put in your mouth. We want you to be pickier about what you think.- Abraham Hicks

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon ALL before 9:30 am!!! 6-19-19 I had breakfast on our lovely patio, before my swim. SOOOOOO fun hearing the birds in park &&&&& Hope your Tuesday SPARKLES Too! emoticon

(from hike last Saturday)

emoticon 6-19-19 We are back to 105 degrees today! emoticon I get up about 5:30 am (sleep about 8pm) to walk LUCY doggie; swim; housework; meet contractors for this & that, (today was filters changed for osmosis system) we have been re-doing many parts of our home, over the last few weeks. Almost done! Left to go, a Plummer, air conditioning tune up, (I change the filters every month, right now, it is on so much~!!!!) & little projects I don't know how to do. We decided to not go on vacation, but rather up date house & yard. It IS coming out lovely! Feels great! Would love to remodel kitchen & living room, but not happening this year! emoticon

(A photo I took in honor of Monet' )

emoticon ~ emoticon 6-21-19 Happy SUMMER-Winter, everyone!!!!!

emoticon 6-23-19 I have been REALLY focusing on 'playing' getting exercise! emoticon Feels GREAT! Swam with DH today & we walked LUCY before heat hits, only up to 98 today! 8 loads of laundry &&&&& having fun getting our staycation home in order!!!!! emoticon emoticon SO lovely here, in our little paradise. We work almost EVERY day, but love our little business, Love performing & basically having a emoticon life! "Be the health you want, with what you have to work with; & I will too!" (a quote by me!)

(photo from a SP friend)

emoticon 6-25-19 6 months till Christmas! emoticon emoticon Today has been a VERY busy day, getting everything done before the heat hits. 102 today in the SW! emoticon Walking LUCY, emoticon laundry, working etc. emoticon emoticon Watering several outside plants that can't handle the heat & wind all the time. I'll do Pilates inside today emoticon . The heat hits us too. Afternoons are rest time. DH emoticon gets up early, too & gets to work, (we work at home) about 5:30 am. I am VERY careful not to use a lot of water. Couldn't swim, too many chemicals in the pool, today, only. It had turned green with all the allege. Pool guy, fixed that! (& to think I pay $20 for 'green' allege, wheatgrass, spiralina drink to add to our smoothies! emoticon )

My Mom had a strange 'episode' yesterday. We think it was from not drinking enough water. Dizzy. emoticon She's fine now. The heat hit her 2 days ago AND her electric went out. It's back on. I'm planning another fun outing with her, in August. I use to only see her 2 times a year. She lives 5 hours away & I can't fly to her, 2.5 from airport for her. Anyway, I'm trying to afford to see her 4 times a year. We email, daily & are on the phone several times a week. I also send her "Play" packages. She is SO fun & doesn't get out much. I include coloring books, stickers &&&&. She is SO creative, a piece of plain paper is perfect for her! I just want to help her stay that way! She's amazing! emoticon Still teaches & writes books.

Happy healthy Tuesday, everyone! Stay safe!!!!! emoticon

About 13 years ago I grew theses sunflowers for these photos! Won award for the backwards 1! Thought you would like to see them!

emoticon 6-26-19 I'm off to Good Will & Costco, this morning. Lucy got her walk, emoticon before the heat. I had a light breakfast in our paradise emoticon , deck, (another gardenia, slow, but blooming!) & handled everything for work. It's almost 10 am.... I've been VERY motivated today!!!! emoticon

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