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I had a Rose Garden Experience, Even Though One Was Never Promised

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Does that sound like a song from the late 1960’s?

Or how about a book that was required reading in psych class?

I also remember a Bible study with a similar title. The point was God never Promised us a Rose Garden. It was mostly about Job.

I have dealt with health problems for 66 years. It seemed like the norm to me. I often kept it a secret.
I was in a group of 3-4 college students who had secrets. If our secrets were revealed, there was a fear of being suspended from college. Or, at least lose our spot in our chosen field of study. One was married and had a toddler at home. She never wore her rings to school. She never shared pictures of her sweet daughter except to our tight group. A second student was married and wore her wedding band. Her marriage wasn’t her secret. Her diagnosis of diabetes was a huge secret. Our tight group hid the fact that we took care of our friend and provided nourishment when necessary. A third had another medical problem, but I don’t recall the details.
emoticon Then there was me. Quietly doing my home physical therapy program in the dorm. Trying to dress so that my deformed spine was less obvious. Secretly taking a muscle relaxer in the evening. I hid the pills in my sock drawer. I kept a bottle of aspirin in my desk.
emoticon emoticon
My school was among the few schools that had 100% pass the 2 day State Board of Nursing exam. So all four of this tight group of friends made it. Unfortunately, I lost track of these three women.

I had my struggles with back pain. New medications became available. Ibuprofen was my miracle drug for a while. Eventually, VIOXX. But, then it was pulled from the market.
I had married. Had two babies. God blessed me with one labor and delivery that was easier than cramps. No drugs. No epidural.
Two years later, I was blessed with a pain free labor. No drugs. No epidural. No kidding. The only reason I knew I might be in labor was that the baby had “dropped “ really low. The nurse rushed me from an ER exam room to L&D because I was suddenly considered the type to have a baby on the elevator.
emoticon That was my ROSE GARDEN Experience. emoticon
I have been reminding myself for the past two months that not all of my life has been a thistle patch.

I reached the worse depression I have ever experienced this November. When I realized I had to go home about 30” after I arrived at my daughter’s home on Thanksgiving Day, I was crushed. The next day I had an MRI. I thought it was a waste of time and money. On the following Tuesday, the Nurse Practitioner (who partners with my Pain Management Physician) begged me to see a Spine Deformity Surgeon who is the latest addition to my doctor’s group practice. I told her I would go and listen to what he had to say. The appointment was December 23rd. This doctor has offered me a bouquet of Roses with Thorns.

I have Hope again. Yes, there will be thorns. But they are my first Roses in a long time. The surgery will be in February. I may not be home until March. There will be 11 more months of difficult recovery. I am going to do this.

emoticon Prayers accepted.
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