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New Year Adjustments-Article from SparkCoach

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Today's Program from Your Coach - Fine-Tuning & Finessing Your Program

In a recent coaching session, we talked about ways you can set new goals to keep yourself motivated. Today, we'll go over some of the ways you can take your program to the next level. You don't necessarily have to set new or harder goals in order to do this; instead, it's about tweaking, tuning, and finessing your program and habits in small ways to help you get consistent results.

In our experience, we see a natural progression in a lot of our members. They start out just needing to learn the very basics about healthy eating. Next, they count calories and make lighter food choices in order to lose weight. From there, people often get more interested in making food choices that aren't just low in calories, but more nutritious and wholesome. Another step beyond that often involves cooking even more foods from scratch and avoiding some of the processed foods they used to rely so heavily on. All of these are great steps that will help you reach many health and weight-loss goals. But what's next? Perhaps it's digging deeper into where your food comes from, shopping locally, growing some of your own produce in your backyard, or maybe even splurging on a few organic items. Although none of these habits are required to live a healthy life, continuing to deepen your knowledge about your diet and food sources gives you new ways to think about what you eat beyond calories or dieting. What might be the next logical step for you?

When it comes to fitness, most people start out with the basic: just getting moving. It starts with 10-minute workouts, and maybe even a few good streaks of daily exercise. From there, we see members start to up the ante in their workouts--they may start training for a race, or adding in more strength training, for example. As they continue getting fitter, their workouts change with them--getting longer, more intense and even more enjoyable. Over time, they learn to make small tweaks to get even better results, from experimenting with new exercises, to adding complexity to their workouts, challenging their bodies in new ways. All of this progression and variety makes for a well-trained body and helps prevent plateaus. How can you tweak or tune up your workouts so that they evolve as you do?

Think about how you've evolved in your diet, workouts, and even in your attitude about healthy living these past few months. Where do you envision yourself in the future? What steps can you take today to make more small changes so that your healthy lifestyle is a constant evolution that keeps you excited?

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