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Saturday, May 30, 2020

What a roller coaster we have been on! 2020 has started out with a whole new way of living, if you can call it that, that No One in my generation, or a bit older, has ever seen. The bottom line, is this is not something to ignore, or take lightly. I personally have lost a first cousin, a young, healthy and vibrant wife, mother, and friend to many. Then you can add in a few very close friends, and those not with COVID-19, passed way to soon from what we believe related issues. But let's not talk about the current situation. Let's look forward to more POSITIVE Ways, Lifestyles and ways to make things better.

Well, March 15 right after my last surgery, March 4, we decided to put our house "back on the market." Mind you, this was well before all "Officially Known!" Even an Open House was tentatively scheduled for March 22, well that all went to Hell in a Hand basket! Everything was placed on HOLD! Ugh!

April 20, & 21, Two separate couples came to look at our home, "A Showing" which normally lasts 15-20 minutes! Both families took over an hour! WooHoo! In which we had to drive around and wait until they were done! How exciting, but NO! Both thought they could LOW BALL an offer and we would jump through hoops for it! NO WAY! Nada! Ain't Gonna Happen!

April 27 they came back, both with valid offers. Well not a bidding war, but we accepted the best offer, where they stepped up to the plate, with no real contingencies. They actually wanted to close May 31!!!! Are you kidding? We hadn't even looked for a place.

We started, on line with our friend and realtor in a state approximately 1600 miles from here, but in the state we lived in from 1998-2005. We do not have family there, but we LOVED the area, the weather is milder, and so much better for us. I put it all in GOD's Hands, I had to believe, have faith, trust, and hope things worked out. Ironically, with photos of houses that "fit our budget, and check off list" we searched. Our Realtor provided us with "Zoom Walk Throughs" and we worked up our yeahs, and nays.

Through all of this, I found a home, that not only checked off ALL The Boxes on our Wish List, but it had so much more, that would truly make things better for us. Next, inspections done on both houses, DONE! Pre-Approvals for both our Buyers, and Us. DONE! Appraisals DONE! So packing we started, and packed, and packed! Phew!!! Why I haven't been able to join in with team challenges. Bottom line, June 8th our contracted moving company will be here to take our "precious cargo" to our new home, across state lines. We will also leave that same day, and while on the road, our OLD, or current home, will close on June 10th, and later that same day, our NEW HOME will also close!!!! Phew!

This happened all so quickly, we have not had time to tell most people, so I am sharing all this news today! Our daughter, son-in-law, and three grandkiddos do know and knew a long time ago, it was on our plans, it is bittersweet. They know we had to move, and now they will be able to visit us and stay for awhile. Plus, it is a COLLEGE AREA!!!! WooHoo! Three kids are already looking at the University .....I sure am a happy Mimi!!! Love those kids, with all our hearts!
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