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We did it!

Monday, June 29, 2020

What an amazing month, or slightly longer, we have been in! March 4th, as I as mentioned before, I had my last "major surgery" which I was literally cut from breastbone to naval. We, my husband and I, talked about this "over and over again," but we decided to AGAIN, place our house on the market.

The reason for AGAIN, was July 28, 2018, we had placed our house on the market, the for sale "on the market" sign was placed on our lawn, and then I went to get my annual mammogram. BAM!!! Within 48 hours, we had a buyer, and at the same time, I found out I had cancer! Moving forward, the buyer was a Jerk, backed out at less than 2 weeks prior to closing, so I continued with my two surgeries for the cancer, and continued with radiation treatments, in our Massachusetts location. Needless to say, we were bummed, but GOD had the plan, not us! So with faith, and trust in HIM, we continued with life, as it was known then.

Now, of course, after our March 4th decision, house back on the market, and BAM! Covid 19 hit us all! So no "Open houses" limited buyers willing to venture out of their current residence, and so on. But, luckily for us, April 20, and April 21, we had TWO separate couples to see our home. We did not believe their offers, but ONE WEEK later, they both came back. So we had offer in hand, movers came June 8th, and when they left, so did us. June 10th our Massachusetts home was SOLD, closed with our attorney representing us, as we drove the nearly 1500 miles to "see for the first official time, our new home, which we were under contract." We closed, June 12, our movers arrived, June 16, and we are just about settled, after opening 130 boxes, and the count for pieces, furniture, etc was also 130 pieces....yes, 260 items in all! Our home, even though the movers, in THIS AREA, were excellent, placed all the boxes in the rooms I had listed on the boxes, yes, I am very organized. All the furniture placed as wanted...it is starting to look like our HOME, not a warehouse!

Only ONE thing has been crazy....our Internet and TV installation! It was scheduled for June 19th, they came, NOT DONE! June 20 - 22, NADA! They never showed up! June 24 the original TECH came back, he really was great, not his fault, but snags from people, and other people, "it's not my job" attitude! Grrrrrr! He installed the wiring, and equipment, and tried to see it running! Well it did, for about 2-3 hours! We never had a day, that everything worked. One thing worked, other not, and vice versa! Yesterday, June 28th, another tech came out, and I think we finally have a winner! But shhhhh, I am not admitting to anything, until after approximately one week of working without all those snags!

As for photos, well you would have to wait for that update....I will post them, but for now, this is why I was away, and unable to post, log my stuff, etc. But I am getting there! I promise!
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