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Dog days of August

Friday, August 14, 2020

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u.nu/8o2pv Linda writes: "...overeating numbs your feelings and you can stop noticing what’s missing in your life. Food simply provides a legal, socially acceptable way to escape from reality. Although eating may temporarily soothe an emotional need, unfortunately, the end result never matches your dream. Food becomes the consolation prize emoticon It’s better than nothing, but not even close to what you really wanted—to be loved, appreciated, or comforted. Whenever you reach for something to eat but know you aren’t hungry, stop and ask...What do I really want?"
emoticon Thirsty instead of hungry? Perhaps a hug. Rest my eyes, Deep Breathe.
Reaching for food prize when I come home tired/upset/bored. I can change my routine: retreat to dark cool basement, meditate, create distractions.
emoticon Gill, "It is not a quick fix - we're human, and we live in a world that encourages us to do all the things we're trying not to do!"

Day 55 Food is the consolation prize
u.nu/zzrqf Food as instant gratification
6 Ways to Break the Habit

1. Awareness is the first step. Many of us become so habituated to reaching for the candy or chips that we don’t even realize we are doing it.

2. Identify the emotion before you take that bite, close your eyes, take a few breaths and tune into what you are truly feeling. Fatigue? Frustration? Disappointment? Don’t be surprised if it takes a while to figure out the emotion. You may be feeling more than one. Many times simply feeling your feelings will dramatically diminish your craving for a treat.

3. Shift your focus to long-term gratification - health and new jeans

4. Reframe your idea of control
- When you use instant gratification to satisfy your urge for control, it’s an illusion. You are really out of control in that moment. Recognize that what you really want is to change your state of mind. What other ways besides food can you do that? Learning to make healthier choices is true control. Celebrate your ability to take good care of yourself as a moment of self-empowerment.

5. Find non-food ways to treat yourself
- Make a list of simple pleasures that substitute for food whenever you need to soothing.

6. Choose quality instead of quantity
- Finally, if you’re going to treat yourself, really treat yourself! Don’t stand in front of the fridge mindlessly spooning ice cream out of the box. Choose powerfully and with awareness. Savor your treat mindfully. Choose quality instead of quantity and do it with flair. Pick one day of the week. Choose a luxury brand of your favorite treat and serve it on a beautiful plate, perhaps garnished with a sprig of mint. Set the table, put on some jazz or Mozart, light a candle and for heaven’s sake, sit down and relish the moment!

Wow I was writing my post for the Spark book club "100 Bays of Weight Loss" and it really "clicked" that I'm using food for comfort. I'll be eating right and tracking for a few days then if one more thing happens I give-in to cravings. Past month it's Buddy getting sick from running around and barking like a puppy. Buddy has this cough and we don't know why, still testing. Vet says to keep him quiet but it's not easy. I have to train him to slow down while I train myself to " stop, think and choose" wisely.
emoticonWe can go for a walk as a treat instead of eating.

emoticon for stopping by my long blog emoticon

Heart emoticon happy with Buddy.

"The power of emoticon community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital." - Mark Hyman
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