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Remember! Don't Let Go Of God's Hand!

Saturday, September 05, 2020

MamaDee's Blog ~ SP Day 5252

No Matter What
You Face In Life
don't let go of

This is a message I needed to hear today!
I came across this in the SP Community Feed and it just struck a chord in me!
So THANK YOU to whoever posted it (I didn't take note at the time, and now I can't find it)
(maybe they will see this blog)

Anyway, it's been a rough week!

3 weeks ago today I helped get my BFF moved up here to Wausau; with her 16-years-old, special needs daughter AND their 3 emotional support animals. The move went well. They were beginning to really enjoy the new surroundings.

Monday morning my BFF stepped out into the light rain to walk her dog. As they came back in her wet foot slid unexpectedly as she entered the doorway - suddenly she's doing the splits... one leg inside, one leg outside, and senses excrutiating pain! Unable to get up, she soldier-crawls her way inside as she yells for her daughter (who was still sleeping). No way to get up without increasing pain - 9-1-1 is called. Then she calls me - most of what I heard made no sense, except "9-1-1" and "can't move" and she was bawling! I shouted "I'm on my way!" and woke up MY daughter!
After hours of tests & imaging --- it's determined she's got a broken hip; she's fractured her femur just below the neck (intertrochanteric region) and will need surgery as soon as they can get a surgeon free to do it!
They released her to home Thursday afternoon.
IMHO - somewhere, someone dropped the ball in making sure home was properly prepared.
We had a horrible night - nothing was working to keep her comfortable and she was expending so much energy just in getting up to a standing position every time she needed that by morning she was completely exhausted (we all were), physically weaker than I've ever seen her, and in pain that was beyond a 10 & none of the meds we had even took the edge off it!
I had to call 9-1-1 again so we could get her to the ED for stronger pain meds. It was impossible to expect her to take even one step on her own. EMTs found the slightest move caused intensified pain (and she'd scream) so they had to put in an IV and give her pain med and wait for it to begin to take effect before they could even put her on their cot and take her to their ambulance. She got readmitted less than 24 hours after being discharged!
Today she's doing better.
Discharge this time will be to a rehab center - they are searching for one now. Being a holiday weekend, it's unlikely they will move her before Monday, more likely to be Tuesday (since Monday is Labor Day Holiday). COVID-19 restrictions keep her 16 year old daughter from visiting; keeps her emotional support dog from being with her; and makes it very challenging for me to visit her; but it's impossible for anyone else to visit her! There will be NO VISITS from anyone while she's in rehab!
Meanwhile - her daughter is trying to manage her first week of virtual school, without Mom to guide her. She's missed a few live zoom classes for various reasons (all considered part of the process, but still a bit upsetting). She's used to turning to Mom when homework stumps her & it just feels weird turning to others (besides teachers). One of the cats was running about near her school chromebook (sitting on the coffee table) and quick as lightning the cat zips by causing the device to tip over and fall to the floor (not far - 12 - 14 inches, tile floor) and the mousepad has been acting "wonky" since then, and a few other keys too. (I still haven't had time to really check it out). Plus she is now fully responsible for all the pet care - keeping their feeding schedule, taking them for walks, tending to cat litter boxes, etc.

If you're familiar with me here at SP you know I do everything in 10-minute spurts, resting as much as an hour before doing another 10-minute 'thing' - all this week I've been forced to combine some of those 10-minute walks to 20-30-minutes of constant activity. I way-over-extended myself this week. Trust me when I say there were no other options! But it is catching up with me. Even my BFF has noticed. We are both doing what we can to find more support & help with getting what she will need to function at home as soon as possible.
And, NO, there is no other parent, no other family (no matter how extended you go) to help her or her daughter. Me & my girls are it! There are others that we have come to know here (we moved to this area 3 years ago), people we trust, people that want to help (within the confines of COVID-19 restrictions), but it's really hard for my BFF & her daughter to put so much trust in people they have never met.

So getting that message to not let go of God's Hand today was just so perfect!

We will get through this and be totally fine on the other side of it!
God willing, it will all be fine!

Till Next Time,
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