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Devastation in the Pacific Northwest!

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

This is us right now! Over 100 wildfires rage throughout Oregon, California, and Washington. We live in Eugene, Oregon where the fires are close! (two children and their families live in California).

Fires started on Monday here in Oregon and continue. A state of emergency should have been called immediately rather than waiting, but that did not occur. Now the planes and helicopters are unable to dump water from above. They must wait for a lot more smoke to clear first.

This is Oregon and Washington, (Called God's country) is on fire too! So far 36 lives have been claimed including 2 young children. I was born and raised in California, had two of my children there, and lived in Washington. The Pacific Northwest truly is a beautiful part of our America and it breaks my heart to watch things to burn to the ground!

This year alone, my husband lost his job due to Covid 19 and now the fires and skies are filled with smoke! I do not usually write blogs unless they are inspiring and uplifting. However, i am breaking my own rules and am sure people would understand. I know spark community is one of caring people.

We are told to stay indoors and do not venture outside unless absolutely necessary as the air is considered 'hazardous'!

This is the first day smoke has not come into our house, and we are thankful our two little parakeets have not been harmed, as their system is not at all like humans.

Not much to say--other than, appreciate each day and each other, as we never know what tomorrow brings!

Thank you for reading today, and i do sincerely hope things are well with you!

NEWS Flash.....Rain was predicted Monday--but we are still waiting!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHARON10002
    This is just so sad. I hope that things have improved for you, but I'm sure the devastation is heart-breaking. I hope you and your family are now safe. Take care of yourself, Jan. Glad your little birdies were not harmed by the smoke and poor air quality.
    26 days ago
    I am so sorry you have to go through this!! So sorry your husband lost his job. Now I hope that it is over wiht the fires and they can react FASTER the next time, that this was a lesson to be learned. I am prying for all the affected people, too.. HUGS Ivana
    30 days ago
    We can't even imagine what it is like for you. Hope the rain comes your way emoticon emoticon
    We have heavy smoke and hazardous air due to the smoke from CA and Oregon in NW Nevada.
    41 days ago
    Praying for you and everyone. Stay Safe!
    42 days ago
    Ya way too much smoke here in Southern Idaho as well... so scary that so many fires are burning...
    43 days ago
    emoticon I am praying for you Jan and your family and all effected by this horrific fire. emoticon emoticon
    44 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2020 7:48:09 AM
  • JUDITH316
    I am so sorry to hear this update, so sad, so much devastation. I am praying for everyones safety including the many firefighters who are battling these wildfires.

    I'm also praying for your safety Jan and your family! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    44 days ago
    praying for you this AM
    46 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    This is terrible! Our daughter in Seattle area isn't near fires, but the smoke is choking them. So sad! Praying for your safety!

    46 days ago
  • CURIOUS2020
    So sorry to see all this. Our very good friends live in Eugene. Many prayers.
    46 days ago
    Pray is our only hope.
    46 days ago
    I "liked" this blog because it is my home, too. I am in northern CA and hosted 7 grandchildren who were evacuated from their homes while their parents stayed behind to secure animals and buildings. All are safe and the evacuation order has been lifted, as the winds have died down and are no longer pushing the fire toward them as fast as before. I will remain on standby to take the children again if it comes to that.
    46 days ago
    My heart goes out to you. Praying for you all. emoticon
    46 days ago
  • DEE797
    Sending thoughts and prayers for all those on the West Coast affected by the fires. Hoping rain comes your way and quickly. emoticon
    47 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    Rain .... emoticon ... emoticon ... emoticon Pour on our lands!!
    47 days ago
    The winds are dictating who gets smoked out next. It is devastating to our beautiful western states. Praying for rain. emoticon
    47 days ago
    It was amazing to see the map yesterday of where all the wildfires are across the USA.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    47 days ago
    Holding you & all those affected by the fires in my prayers.
    emoticon emoticon
    47 days ago
    Continued prayer to you and your family.
    47 days ago
    Smoke continues to be bad, ash everywhere, praying for safety of people evacuating.
    47 days ago
    My heart just breaks knowing that beautiful places are devistated stay safe
    47 days ago
  • CATE195
    Prayers for you and your family and all that are in the path of these deadly fires. emoticon emoticon
    47 days ago
    It is a terrible thing.
    47 days ago
    The situation must be so scary for you! Living in fear can be devastating. Prayers are being sent your way!
    47 days ago
  • BONNIE1552
    My sister-in-law lives in Eugene. Glad you've been spared so far and prayers for continued safety.
    47 days ago
  • MAREE1953
    Praying for calm winds, rain, cooler temperatures and peace and safety
    47 days ago
    We retired to Oregon, northwest of Portland, 6 years ago. Our air has been orange for four days and we stay in the house as much as possible. These are scary times that we never thought we would see. Deepest sympathies to you and your family for the medical issues and other complications from this ugly situation. I am sending good thoughts that things settle down and you and your family do not suffer any losses.
    47 days ago
    I was born and raised in Southern California and lived in WA for over 12 years. It seems like September-October are the most dangerous months of the year for fires. Last Monday, our air quality where I live, it was awful and we had no sun because of the fires surrounding us in NV. It's heartbreaking and to have a President who is willfully ignorant is harmful. Hoping things get better soon for all of us and the air quality improves. emoticon
    47 days ago
  • no profile photo LAH1222
    We live south of Tacoma, WA and today our air quality was unhealthy. The wind changed yesterday evening and brought all of the smoke that was over the ocean back onto land. I have been in the house all day with our fans running to keep the air in the house moving since we can't open windows. It is so sad to see all the pictures of the fires and the houses and whole towns that have been burned down. All I can do is pray for safety of everyone in WA, OR and CA that are affected by all of the wildfires.
    47 days ago
    Praying for you and yours! emoticon
    47 days ago
    I can only imagine the devastation. We are here in Vancouver, B.C. and are even having a hard time breathing! The smoke is blowing up this way from the fires.

    the news was that we had the 5th worst air quality in the world this morning, right behind Portland and Seattle.
    Praying that we don't have any fires also which would make it even worse.
    Take care and we will keep praying for you all.
    47 days ago
  • DBEAU57
    I've been glued to the news when they talk about the fires in the northwest. So sad and so scary. Breaks my heart to think of all the families without homes now. Please stay safe!
    47 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    This is so tragic! My prayers are with you and all affected by this devastation. Please be safe!
    47 days ago
    I live in the province of Quebec Canada. A week ago, 60 firefighters were sent to California to help fight the fires. I know it's only a drop in the bucket. I keep watching the news every day and my heart hurts for the people in those states. I pray that rain comes soon. Please stay safe. Prayers for you! emoticon emoticon

    47 days ago
    Oh how very sad. Praying for all those affected by the fires. May God provide peace and comfort as you go through this disaster.


    47 days ago
    Hi Jan,
    I hope things are better for you. I see the destruction from the news and it just looks devasting. The death toll keeps going up. It must be very scary. Please take care. I am praying for you, all the people that have lost their homes and lives and for the people who are fighting these fires. emoticon emoticon
    47 days ago
    I am there with you. My brother and his family had to evacuate their home two days ago. Not easy with 6 animals. The smoke here makes it a major struggle for anyone to breathe. I hope they get these put out soon! I'm sorry to hear about your husbands job. emoticon
    47 days ago
  • VICKI27655
    My nephew and his family live in Eugene along with my husband’s cousin. I an praying for you all.
    47 days ago
  • LSIG14
    We are in NY now but my prayers are with so many friends and family living out West. My heart is breaking when hearing of all the destruction of forests that will never come back in our lifetimes, and all the wildlife whose habitat is gone. (Not to mention the loss of human life!, of course.) I do pray for the firefighters who are working so hard to save what they can - their job is so overwhelming right now. Stay safe, my friend - my prayers join with yours!

    47 days ago
    I am praying for safety for all involved. Our wildfire in Colorado near our house is finally 92% contained but it has taken a while. We also had to stay in our house and not use the swamp cooler because it brought in smoke. I hope containment occurs soon and you have some relief.
    47 days ago
  • THINCPL2004
    Ooh wow, that is shocking to see all that devastation. Please be safe! Glad you are ok!
    47 days ago
    I hear you! San Francisco Bay Area resident and been contending with smoke since the mid-August lightening storms moved through the region. This Sunday will mark 4 weeks since several large fire complexes erupted. To date: 396624 + 363220 + 86509 = 846,353 acres burned in the San Francisco Bay Area and that ONLY includes fires assigned to Cal Fire. There are additional fires burning in the SF Bay Area that are smaller.

    {{{hugs}}} to you and your family. We feel you!!!

    We've had extended family evacuated (Oregon) and have others packed, ready to go and on stand by here in California.

    It is a surreal scene and situation ... signs of improvement here too. I see shadows! The sun is breaking through the smoke!!!
    47 days ago
    Wow! I live in Utah and there are wild fires going on here too. The sky here is smoky from the California fires and sometimes we can't see the mountains although today has been a beautiful day. I am praying for you and your husband that your home is safe from the fires. I will also pray that the firefighters are able to put the fires out soon .
    48 days ago
    Prayers for safety and endurance in the face of such tragedy. God bless and protect you all
    48 days ago
    many many prayers for all the land and the people!

    48 days ago
    Prayers for you and for the firefighters
    48 days ago
    Praying! We have families in Montana that have lost everything to wildfires this month too.
    48 days ago
    Praying for you and your family as you are so close to the fires its scary . stay safe emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon .
    Monday we had a wild fire destroy two small towns about 50 miles from Spokane so sad for both our states . emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    48 days ago
    We have had bad fires here in Colorado with as many as 900 firefighters working on the one near us that started July 31. We had many days with bad smoke but an air filter helped with the air in the house. We finally got rain and our fires are over 90% contained.
    I will be praying for your safety and for all the people fighting the fires.
    48 days ago
    I live in Chehalis, WA across the river from you and have lived in Washington all but five years of my life. I live in low income senior housing. This is my 10th year living here. We have 40 apartments and our building is halfway up a steep hill with a forest behind us. There are homes up there too. We can see clear across the Valley to the other side towards the ocean. We can go down highway 6 and two hours later we are at the ocean. Going the other way on I-5 we are two hours from Oregon.

    I pray the fires don't reach us. I do have a car but many here don't. I would not know where to go if we have to evacuate.

    It's all gray skies, not a cloud in sight. Hopefully we will get the predicted rain by Monday to clear the air.

    Our community room. and library are locked tight. Only two chairs are left in the lobby. We have to stay in our apartments and not gather inside. We have a patio outside where we can visit We have to wear a mask when we leave our apartments. I spend my day here on my laptop chatting with friends or playing games and watching TV. I am well stocked with food. The fire department and police department are just down the street.

    I hope you and your family and everyone else stay safe.

    48 days ago
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