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A Sad Story With a Happy Ending

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Once upon a time there lived a fair maiden who became a bit plumpish from eating her grandmothers dainties and delectable carbs. Little did she know, they would bring her many barbs! They were so yummy, but of course they went right to her tummy!

She tried to hide her burgeoning figure beneath her flowing cape, but found there was no escape!

Then one day, she went to Grandma's house and there gathered a crowd. Mean Madalyn, who fancied herself the 'fairest of them all' laughed aloud! The more she mocked, the more that people flocked!

My oh my! If it isn't Little Red and look how chubby you have become! Look everyone!! To sugary dainties, Red has succumbed!

Little Red was humiliated and did not know what to do, so she ran into the thick of the forest, hoping never to be seen again! There the forest creatures alerted her grandmother who came running.

"Why Red, what can the matter be?"
Red poured out her story and the grandmother listened and patted her back.

"My dear Red, you must not let the harsh words of anyone destroy you! Let me show you how you need not accept blame or hide your face in shame!

And so it was, it took time but Red began to eat from the nature's bounty--such as berries and nuts.

It didn't happen overnight, but Little Red was astonished to see her once trim figure back again and the next time a crowd gathered, Mean Madalyn showed up and looking at Red, she grimaced and fled! This time she was not laughing!

Little Red lived happily ever after--skipping and frolicking about, never again to be scorned or laughed at!

Ok---this is a fable--kind of-sort-of. It is actually a version of my own story, where i was mocked at a family gathering. It was not Mean Madalyn, but someone just like her. That day i chose to turn my life around. Months later, I sat beside a swimming pool in my trim body, wearing a bathing suit. When the person saw me who laughed, she grimaced and quickly turned away.

As the saying goes, "The best revenge is Success!" However, i did not change for her or for anyone else---I did it for me and for my health sake. I am still living happily ever after! And always remember--anything you wish to change--you can! you can have the last word!

Hope you enjoyed--and thanks for reading!.... emoticon
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