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Life Update

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Where to begin?

On Friday, my parents and I moved my "big stuff" (office chair and its floor mat, standing fan, printer, etc.) into my friend's new house.

On Saturday, I officially moved out!!! :D I brought the last of my stuff to my friend's house by myself, and my dresser and nightstand were delivered that day. I'm in love with my new furniture!!! I've never had a real dresser and nightstand before. :')

My friend and I are getting along splendidly!! :) On Sunday, we went grocery shopping together. I'm letting myself spend $350 per month for groceries for myself since I'm starting out, and can't cook (check out the USDA's food plan). I only bought half a cart's worth of food, but it was over $100! :(

Yesterday, I bought a new car!!! :D My parents and I went to 2 Toyota dealerships. The first one didn't have a silver LE Corolla, so we went to the other one. The second dealership did have a silver LE Corolla, but it came with 3 "extras". I asked if they could remove the extras, but the salesman said that that wasn't physically possible. Then I asked if they had another silver LE Corolla without extras? And the salesman said that all of their cars had the extras. He asked me what my budget was, and I said $20,000. He basically laughed in my face, and said how about $25,000? Then I said how about $22,500? He spoke to his manager, and said they could do $22,900, because they had no customers (due to COVID?), and I accepted. I love my new car, especially because it has Apple CarPlay, and a backup camera! I don't really like how the rear of the car looks, but it's fine. Then I went to AAA, and got my own car insurance policy. It's extremely expensive (well over $200 per month, and I have a perfect driving record!). My parents knew that I spent almost $3,000 more than I had planned for my car, so my mom offered to give me $3,000, which touched me. :') I couldn't accept, and said that I'd rather that my parents keep that money, so I won't have to worry about them as much, so she said okay. I really appreciate their kindness, though! I remember when my friend bought a new car in cash a few years ago, and although I was definitely happy for her, I felt depressed, because I thought I could never do that...but I just did!!! :') This is the first car I bought with my own money, and it's all mine (no more sharing a car with my parents)!!! I thank God for blessing me! Today, I called Geico, and took my name off my parents' car insurance policy (we had a family plan). Now I'm completely financially independent!!!

That said, I am learning to cook. Today, I tried using the new small rice cooker my mom bought me, but I kept thinking it wasn't cooking when it actually was, so I unfortunately kept canceling the cooking process like 10 times. :P I finally figured out (I think?), and the rice turned out okay. :)

The only issue I have with my friend's house is how my shower head leaks even when it's turned off, and how my bathroom sink doesn't drain water as quickly as it should. I did let my friend know about the leak, and her dad is going to check it out soon. I don't want to complain about my bathroom sink's drain (at least not right now), because I just moved in, and my friend is giving me such a good deal for rent and utilities.

I'm (literally) in a good place, SparkFriends. :') My liquid funds have been drastically reduced, but it's well worth it. Now I just need to select and pay for an online dating site!

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