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Learning while walking

Thursday, September 24, 2020

I had a thought on my walk this morning. More than one.
The first was that my neighborhood has the not-so-rare yellow bellied squirrels.
Walnut painted squirrels, that is.
The walnuts have been bountiful this year and I find chewed husks everywhere. I've had whole unhusked walnuts hidden in my BBQ grill, my hose-holding pots and in the gutters!

Next thought:
Walk like a I'm marionette.
Between PT, exercise and discussions with my Pilates instructing DD1 I've been prodded to think I'm attached to strings. It makes sense.
PT says imagine there is a string through your spine up to the top of your head. I should reach up like that string is slightly tightened. This keeps me from slouching, my neck is straight but relaxed and my shoulders are back. Use this in all my exercises. DD1 uses this "String Theory" as well when she trains me in Pilates. I'm using it when I walk. I imagine there are strings attached to my knees and I must lift using my quads, not kicking my legs forward using my glutes. This also keeps me from scuffing my feet on the sidewalk; something I did this morning and almost fell on my face because I was not paying attention!

Do it when no one is looking.
I observed a gentleman my age riding his bike toward me on our main road. He signaled to make a right turn and there was no one around to see his proper signal.
It got me thinking.
If I do something every time, even when no one is looking, I'll benefit from having that "thing" become routine, automatic. Like my walks. I've walked almost every day for the past 4 months. Sometimes twice a day.
That something can be NOT doing something, too. Not going into the refrigerator when I'm stressed.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for the reminder of imagining a string pulling up to improve posture!
    Doing it right now!
    31 days ago
    Our squirrels have turned our yard into a total mess with nut shells. Looks like a big year for nuts and the squirrel nests are HUGE!! Bad winter???? Hope not. Chipster, one of our chipmunks, has torn up my sweet woodruff bed. Looks like it was bombed.

    I need to work on posture and exercise but Hubby had his first radiation treatment today and will have one M-F for 6 weeks or more plus an MRI and a chemo consult squeezed in. So no personal time now but we are happy to be on the way.
    31 days ago
    Sometimes I pretend I have a string pulling me straighter. My sister pointed out that I have a tendency to lean forward so I need that string to keep me up. I think it was one of my exercise leaders who made that suggestion to us. (Maybe yours and mine were in the same class. emoticon )
    31 days ago
    Walking really stimulates thinking . . . for me to!! My posture "signal" (borrowed from a Sparkie) is "north/south and east/west". I'm aiming north with the top of my head and east west with my shoulders!!
    31 days ago
    WOW ... walking around with proper posture even when no one is lookin'. LOVE it.

    And "pretending" everyone is looking while you cruise the fridge.
    31 days ago
    I like the string theory! Am going to try that one for myself to improve my posture!
    31 days ago
    This reminds me - I want to check out a Pilates class. The closest ones seem to be about 30 miles away but what the hell! I know it would be good for me, my posture gets real sloppy at times.
    (I need to get back to my no snacks after 8 PM rule also, can’t imagine why my scales are stalled out?)
    31 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    31 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon
    31 days ago
    I’m going to keep this in mind during my walk (soon, I swear!)
    I have been concentrating on keeping my abs engaged and monitoring my foot pain (almost none) but I can do more than one thing at once, I think/hope.
    31 days ago
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