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Enough! -----ENOUGH of all of it!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What can I say?
I must believe in myself--- that I know right from wrong---
I can try to be healthy--- happy--- live a good life--be kind to others-----
I enjoy Sparking --VERY MUCH! --There are good people who Spark!

I never get Political--- Canadians don't do that--
Last night was very sad--Nothing else can be said!
--upsetting that it has been allowed to go on--and on--- and on--
ENOUGH! ---ENOUGH of all this!
I pray that good people will step forward---
We are all living in this world--- We must try harder!
I have so many tears-

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have a beautiful heart and I appreciate all you do to think of others, care for others, and remain you. You being you is a superfine thing. Thank you!!
    21 days ago
    I see this was posted Sept 30, so not sure, must of missed the one everyone is talking about.

    I'm sorry that someone or possibly others got were seemingly debating you for you stating a bit of your impression what is going on in the USA. Because of the COVID and other factors ( such as financial woes/and some losing employment ), it seems as if people are grouchy and often unkind.

    Maybe I will find the original conversation, but since it is a blog, I should think we would go for freedom of speech, and if someone doesn't agree... they can state so in a considerate manner or shut up. It's not we have to comment on every blog.

    I think your a lovely lady, and it does not matter if we think alike on every single point.

    Sorry emoticon emoticon , that you were hurt.
    21 days ago
    Odd that this stirred up the responses it did, when you so carefully avoided specifics...... I guess pugnacious people are going to pugnate (if that’s a word)
    21 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    If someone doesn’t like your comments, they can keep scrolling. It’s your blog.
    22 days ago
  • no profile photo KRIS-2
    I’m not hiding my head in the sand, but realize I have no control over meanness going around me. I turned it on & when it started to stress me out, I turned it off. Be kind to yourselves out there & limit your exposure to whatever stresses you out! Hugs!
    23 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, which are pretty much what any sane and thinking and compassionate person would be thinking.

    And for all the commenters who think politics don't belong on a Spark blog: not only is a Spark blog personal and the thoughts of the person writing it, but keep in mind that none of us lives in a vacuum. Our world is interconnected, and the politics of one nation affects us all in numerous ways. How we as individuals are feeling affects our health, our eating, all that. How many of us a emotional eaters? You seriously don't think the stress of the political situation in the US doesn't make some people stress eat????? You really can't see that????

    So leave this popular blogger alone. Please. She shared her thoughts and reactions without really saying anything overtly pro or con for either candidate. A truly apolitical post!!!!

    And hugs to you, LeanJean!!!
    23 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    emoticon It is so hard right now
    23 days ago
    I didn't watch it and I'm glad. I knew pretty much what to expect from either side and decided to go work in my garden instead. It sounds like I made a wise choice.
    23 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    23 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    At this point I wish I lived in Canada... May the Good Lord bless this country! May I be inspired to vote wisely. At this point, most of us don't even want to vote...but that would be un-American!
    23 days ago
    Please believe in the good in people. I know you do! Hugs, my SPFriend
    23 days ago
    Lynda, I could not agree more. This debate was a disgrace. I am praying for a change in November.
    23 days ago
    As the wise Erma Bombeck once said, "Life is tough and then you die." We are definitely going through tough times. There has been a lot of dirty politics since our president was elected. While he has a very caustic personality he has still done a good job. Most of what you hear on the network stations is against him, most people do not understand that all of the networks are run/owned by liberals who have been putting forth a lot of lies and half truths. I no longer watch the network stations, they create just create more problems and division.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    23 days ago
    Oh, goodness, people. This is a blog and a blog contents belong to the person who writes it. No one needs to read OR negatively comment to not write “those political things.” Those who are bothered need only close their browser window.
    23 days ago
    The first thing I have to say to all the people who criticized you, Lynda, is that no one made them read your blog. I, for one, appreciate what you said here. The debate was disgusting and it was absolutely one person's fault. The press counted 89 separate interruptions during that debate. Vice President Biden interrupted 19 times. The current occupant of our White House interrupted 70 times. This is NOT about politics. This is about character.

    I completely agree with you. It's horrible. The top lawmaker in our country doesn't care about laws, rules, or any sort of decorum.

    Additionally, regarding the economy, you are a voice of reason. There is no economy if everyone is dead.

    It WILL all be over soon. We will be taking out the trash on 11/3.

    Sorry to you and all Lynda but I can't read this foolishness and not say something. Praying for everyone's safety, compassion, and level heads.
    23 days ago
    I do my best to stay away from the negativity myself. emoticon emoticon
    23 days ago
  • SWILSON2347
    I use a new address book for all my passwords....and it is nice because it keeps everything alphabetical! And there is room enough to even write down the security questions and their answers! Works well for me! emoticon

    Oh - and I only use a pencil - so when I am forced to change a password, I can easily erase it and write in my new one! emoticon

    23 days ago
    It was so sad to see o& read about what happened on Tuesday. Just to post so glad I come from a so called 3rd world country. Never heard of anything like this. Pray it all works out & people use their brains
    23 days ago
    So sorry you have so many tears, Lynda. I agree that the world is in a terrible state, but we must trudge on, spreading kindness and peace and love to those we meet. The world needs us more than ever right now. Sending you love and hugs, dear one.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    23 days ago
    I was very disappointed to find our Canadian neighbor blogging about political issues that have no place on Spark. I hope this doesn’t happen again regardless of how popular this blog is as it was in my opinion totally inappropriate to Spark.
    23 days ago
    I agree that the “debate” was a disgrace. I also do not understand how anyone who watched it or has been alive the past 3 years in the US cannot see how nastiness, lies and name-calling has become so much a part of our country. It comes from the top and it is now how other countries view us.

    Most countries shut down to save lives. It’s terrible what the shutdown has done to our economy, but it saved lives. Just look at the states that opened too soon. Here in Michigan, our governor is doing it right and we have some of the lowest growth in cases. The Federal government could have sent more stimulus money, but they could not stop arguing about it.

    It is past time for truth, honesty, kindness and equality to return. Please vote!
    23 days ago
    Keep your eyes on the prize and not down where some people are dragging us all!
    23 days ago
    I watched this morning the sun shining thru my window. Earlier I heard the yipes of coyotes and hooting of the owls. Then the birds welcoming the day. In my devotions I pray for Him to , also, give me armor to withstand this world. Mostly all we can do upon facing the day, is deal with living and making choices on how to do so. I have hope for I have God. I tend to my space accordingly to what comes and goes within it. Remember the Serenity Prayer. Make your choices accordingly. Politics is of the world . There is no one guiltless among them. If cant change things, find what you can change. Unfortunately in this world, sometimes what you change is just being able to adjust.
    23 days ago
  • DM2020
    Based on our research, the claim that Kamala Harris said riots will not and should not stop is PARTLY FALSE. It's true that Harris told Stephen Colbert that she believes protests against racism are "not gonna stop," and said that she supports protesters. But that exchange does not discuss riots, and she has condemned the acts of violence and looting that turned some protests into riots.

    Our fact-check sources:
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, June 18, Sen. Kamala Harris: The Nationwide Protests Are A Movement. They're Not Going To Stop
    CBS News, Aug. 28, Staring down Trump, Kamala Harris says she stands with protesters on racial equality
    USA TODAY, Aug. 31, Biden condemns violence 'on the left or the right' and challenges Trump 'to do the same'
    23 days ago
    I too, was saddened by the debate. However, we have to realize all we hear is not truthful information. Read the senate reports and info that has been uncovered regarding Russia investigation. Camilla Harris says the violence in our cities shouldn’t stop, on tape. Read her voting record. Read the unity agreement that Biden signed with Sanders, all 110 pages of it. I did. Research Trump’s policy record and what he has done while in office. Look at multiple websites and ones you don’t normally view. Look outside the box. I will continue to do my homework and not listen to any news station. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Our future depends on all of us knowing what we are voting for.
    23 days ago
    Hopefully on January 21, the world will start being governed normally again.
    23 days ago
    24 days ago
    We tell our Children and Grandchildren (in my case Great Grandchildren) to fight with their words not their fists. While at the same time we make false heroes of the likes of Jerry Springer and Dr. Phil. And results is the disgrace of the U.S., U.K., Israeli, Russian, and numerous countries demagoguery.
    Like you I make it a point to halt the Political Battlegrounds from entering my Spark Joy & Health. But all we can do when hatemongery looms its ugly head is review comments on our post and "Report Inappropriate Comment".
    Maybe Chris and company can quiet it from there?
    emoticon 'A' emoticon
    24 days ago
    I am surprised you used your blog to open a political venue. As with family and friends my policy is do not talk politics. THIS, especially from someone who does not live in the USA, and has no idea what is happening, REALLY???
    24 days ago
    I'm sick of it all too! Ridiculous behavior by both sides! Stupid behavior by the moderator. It reminds me of fights on the playground when and aid would clap her hands and say children, children and nothing happened! Hopefully the next time they will all stick to the issues and have a different, unbiased moderator!
    24 days ago
    Sadly, whatever happens in November..things are really messy in America and won't be fixed for a very long time...I must continue to work on me and the little space I can control in my world.
    24 days ago
    Sorry you are feeling it - many of us are even us here in Canada. Am praying a lot over what is happening because what happens in the US is going to greatly affect Canada. People need to wake up and take notice and do their own research on who is the best to run the country - there are only 2 options and neither seem very strong but everyone needs to vote.

    24 days ago
    less tv....more exercise! Does a body and mind good!
    24 days ago
  • THINCPL2004
    No more tears, among the evil we must stay positive and continue to have hope!
    24 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    24 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    Evil doesn't help evil!! Very SAD!! emoticon Let's be POSITIVE!! emoticon
    24 days ago
    And I join you in the prayer and hope that good people will step forward ...

    24 days ago
    That wasn't a debate but a display of what a horrible subhuman Donald trump is. He is a bully and has all the tools of evil in his arsenal. On a more positive note, there's much hope here that he and his ilk will be gone. At this point, I am eyeballing the northern border!

    emoticon Love to you guys, pray for USA
    24 days ago
    Nothing said by me, the world is run by evil and we just have to make the best of it.
    Keep our heart free of hate, do not be sucked into the Evil
    24 days ago
    Each of us must move on and educate ourselves to vote wisely wherever we live. Knowledge, kindness, and respect can go a long way. Let's emoticon
    24 days ago
    I didnt click like other than to agree that we can make today an awesome day. To try to put our trouble off to the side as much as possible. Find the rainbow they the rain. And to learn to smile no matter what is going on around us.
    24 days ago
    Despicable. Neither one of them deserves to be our president.
    24 days ago
  • no profile photo BRENDAJACKSON2
    I agree on the debate. Couldn’t stomach even 10 minutes. That goodness I live in Canada. Keep smiling! emoticon emoticon
    24 days ago
    well said. enough emoticon
    24 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    24 days ago
    After watching, I thought it couldn't be more obvious to America that a change is the only possibility for sanity, but after reading all the comments I fear the ignorance is overwhelming. 1939 - here we go again.
    24 days ago
    Sad to see the comments today. I have turned off most of the political comments. The disrespect for others is sad. The real life accomplishments have not been printed
    Please let us get back to Sparking.
    24 days ago
    I watched 15 minutes and said same old DT
    24 days ago
    I didn't watch it but was not surprised by what happened. I pray for all our American friends. Hope you have a great Thursday!
    24 days ago
    I absolutely love reading your daily thoughts but SparkPeople is one place that I can get away from politics. We all have our opinions but PLEASE keep them off of here.
    24 days ago
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