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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Will fill this in day by day!

9/30 Wed-Last Day 90 day exercise challenge, made it 89 of 90 days! Glad its over though!
Walking, ST, Yoga, Cardio-total of -120 minutes today! Dinner-Quinoa, faux chicken, vegetables!

10/1 Thur-Day off work 10am eye exam! Needed new prescription so already picked out new frames for reading and regular glasses! Should come in the week of 10/12. Hiked today and did Yoga, ST and stretching. Just a bit of a Billy Blanks video for Cardio.-240 minutes. Will take rest day when I feel its needed or on football Sunday!!! Dinner-Tofu bowl w/vegs!

10/2 Fri-Going to Red Rocks Hiking about 8am-11am likely! No TnT today. Yoga and Cardio!
Hike at RR! Did TnT actually for the CC TT! WEC Tasks on point also. Dinner-Red beans and brown rice with 1 piece Tilapia! Tried out vehicle with SO, he loves it! Lakers won,YaY, up 2-0. Went to store for a few fresh foods. Had an hour or two just for me in the afternoon finally. Exercise-240 minutes!

10/3-Sat-Trainer coming about 4pm! Trying to do 120 min exercise today! Exercise-Well 180 minutes is 3 hours anyhow! Went on a 2 hour hike and did one hour of personal training. Had me time today,listening to music, watch a bit of football, studied chapter on digestive system for work next week.

In regard for food prep for this upcoming week, I made a pot of brown rice with chicken broth and seasonings in the rice cooker, let that steam with vegetables in the steamer while the rice was cooking. I had brown rice, vegetables and tofu for dinner. Made a pot of seasoned red quinoa also, I cooked that one with an orange tea blend. I add the rice or quinoa to my lunches or dinners during the week so I don't have to bother during the work week. (Mon-Thurs) The YL eats quinoa or brown rice with me, everyone else is pasta noodles or white rice. I have soba or UDON noodles if I want noodles. I usually just make those noodles as I go because they cook fast. If I am going to eat noodles for lunch I'll cook them the night before. I like to cook tofu, fish or chicken right before dinner, its defrosted and ready for me. I usually season it and have the sauce ready if I am going to stir-fry or bake etc...I am a cook who likes minimal preparation and cooking time so when I can, I use the slow cooker, Insta-Pot, rice cooker etc.

10/4-Sun-Try to take rest day, we'll see! 120 min exercise- beans and rice-dinner, kick back and rest! Beans & Rice for dinner. Exercise pretty light today!

10/5-Mon-Trainer today instead of Tuesday! 120 minutes of exercise and BBQ, salad, beans and a small piece of chicken for dinner. Work very busy today and watch some football while training. Did Battle Ropes, Kettlebells and Upper Body!

10/6-Tue-May take a rest day of exercise minus yoga, brief walks and a cardio video. Leftovers for dinner and giving the cats a bath! Lakers playing game #4! Lakers won,up 3-1 so I am pleased. Cats got the baths, they like water so no problems. Dinner was leftovers and exercise at 120 minutes!
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